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Dos and Don'ts for Managing Frizzy Hair

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestDos and Don'ts for Managing Frizzy Hair

We've all lived through the disappointment. You peek in the mirror and see that your perfectly styled hair, mere hours after manipulating it exactly how you wanted, has morphed into a sad, puffy version of its former glory. Those of us with frizz-prone hair know this disappointment all too well.

If you have frizzy hair, life would be far easier if '80s perms were back in style. Alas. Luckily, with some excellent hair advice, you can learn styling tricks to curate manageable, frizz-free hair. Say goodbye to everyday frizz and save it for the next '80s-theme party.


Do use a leave-in conditioner

Curly, wavy, and frizz-prone hair tends to be drier than other hair textures and needs a lot of moisture to keep it in check. A great leave-in conditioner can make all the difference in your #hairgoals. Apply your leave-in conditioner from mid-length to tips to avoid weighing the roots down. Experiment with different products and application amounts to figure out what works best for your hair.

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Don't dry-brush your hair

Unless you're going for the Mia Thermopolis pre-makeover look, put the hairbrush down, my friend. Save the brush for pre-styled damp hair only. Start with a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle, then use a paddle brush or boar-bristle brush to smooth the cuticles. For those of us with frizz-prone hair, post-styling dry-brushing creates frizz, especially with naturally curly hair.

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Do use gel or mousse

Whether styling your natural waves or straightening with heat tools, a product with hold, such as gel or mousse, will help lock out frizz. Apply gel or mousse while your hair is still damp, and don't be afraid to brush the product through for even distribution. Style as usual, and the gel will help keep your frizz-free look set for longer.

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Don't skip the heat-protectant spray

Most of us embrace heat styling to manage our hair. Whether you're using a straightener, curling iron, or even just a blow dryer on warm, don't skip the heat-protectant. Heat tools can damage hair over time, leaving your already frizz-prone strands even more dry and brittle. To avoid a frizz frenzy, protect your hair from all the damage you can.

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Do use humidity-fighting products

When selecting your gel, leave-in conditioner, and even your shampoo and conditioner, take a look at the ingredients. Choose humidity-fighting ingredients for humid, hot, or rainy days. Ingredients like Polyquaternium-4 or -10, affectionately known as "Polyquats" to curly girls, help block humidity from taking its toll.

On the other hand, humectants such as glycerin pull moisture into the hair, which could benefit folks with extremely dry hair or people living in drier climates. Read your product labels and let your frizz level guide your product selection.

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Don't feel like you have to follow specific rules

You'll find many a hair influencer insisting that you avoid sulfate in shampoo or silicone in conditioner, only wash your hair a certain number of times, or use a "miracle" hair product. Remember that your hair is unique, and there is no one-process-fits-all for the frizz-free hair of your dreams.

Along with learning which ingredients your hair responds to, you'll find along the way that one influencer's holy-grail hair product is too heavy for your fine hair or vice versa. Remember that you make the rules.

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Do sleep on a silk pillowcase

As frizz-prone hair is often drier than others, many of us can go a few days without washing. A silk pillowcase cuts down on frizz created as you sleep and can make a big difference in your frizz level between washes. It's great for your skin as well!

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Don't skip trims

Split, dry ends are a recipe for frizz disasters. Get regular trims at the salon to keep your hair healthy and smooth. While there, pick your stylist's brain for their expert, personalized tips on managing your specific hair texture.

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Do use deep treatments regularly

Regularly give your dry locks a spa treatment with deep conditioner and bond-repair treatments. Deep conditioners give your hair much-needed moisture to fight frizz. Bond-building treatments and protein treatments repair damage and give your hair strength.

For maximum results, apply your treatment to damp hair and let it sit with a shower cap over it.

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Don't overprocess your hair

Before you go all-in with the platinum blonde look, consider whether your hair can handle the inevitable damage bleach and other chemical processing can cause to your already frizz-prone locks. Consult a professional stylist before attempting any at-home coloring, and never try to bleach your hair at home.

A color-correction service after an at-home coloring mishap can take hours and can be just as damaging as bleach. Leave the coloring to the pros, and be proactive in asking your stylist about ways to repair any damage after any chemical processing.

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