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Creative and Fun Baby Shower Games

By Paula Ramirez
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Celebrating your baby's arrival is the perfect time to assemble family and friends for a heartwarming day filled with memories, laughter, and fun. Games are a staple at any shower, and they're great for getting those creative juices flowing. Whether you have a theme mapped out or are just getting started, these baby shower games will provide newfound inspiration. From classic favorites to energy-driven adventures, make your impending arrival's party a day you and your guests will never forget.


Don't say baby

This challenging game will last the entire shower, so prepare for some fun. As guests arrive, greet each of them with a set of five pink or blue strips, which they'll attach to their lapels. The challenge lies in not saying "baby" the entire shower. Every time a guest disobeys, tear off one of the strips, until there is only one winner remaining. The guest who has collected the most strips from others can take home a prize, too, and you can always switch up the word or add another as the day goes on, for an even greater challenge.

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Guess the baby

Ask each guest to bring a baby photo to the shower, and throw in some silly celebrity classics. Collect the photos, mixing them in with the famous pics, and provide each with a number. Then, lay out the pics and have the guests guess who's who. Mix it up by adding multiple rounds: one for silly faces, a second for school photos, and another for holiday memories, for example. No matter what the season, that time you cried on Santa's lap is bound to win a few laughs. The guest with the most correct guesses can take home a treat.

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The egg baby relay

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Nothing spices up a baby shower quite like a good laugh, so get guests involved with a decorating station to paint their own hardboiled "egg babies." Line up, place each egg on a spoon, and have them make their way through a relay race. Whether it's just around the room or you want to create a more extravagant outdoor adventure (think moving through obstacles, around trees, or over childhood staples like a slide and swingset), watch as your guests scramble to make it to the finish. Just not literally; go with hardboiled for a reason.


The bedtime baby challenge

This challenge is a taste of real life. Gather your guests into teams and set a timer. Each team will utilize every member to successfully change a baby doll's diaper and prepare it for bed. After the first member finishes changing and wraps up the doll for bedtime, the next team member will race to do the same. Whichever team manages to change the diaper first and get the doll settled wins. Make it more difficult by adding additional steps. Who can fill that bedtime bottle and get it to the baby fastest? Who can collect the most toys? How about a bedtime story? The more rounds, the merrier.

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Balloon baby race

Get ready to wail with this one. Have each guest blow up a balloon and hide it under their shirt to form a "baby." After, have the guests participate in any of the above challenges, or just set up a short race (indoors or outdoors). Whoever makes it the longest without popping or ejecting their baby balloon wins the prize. Make the game more interesting by incorporating creative twists and turns — just like what real expectant moms have to deal with! Having guests work through this challenge to an exercise video or an online dance game is even more hilarious, so don't hesitate to switch it up!

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Baby bingo

You can center this baby shower favorite around any subject, from gifts to popular baby shower events (did someone already ask when the next one is coming? Did anyone say baby five times already?) Prep the cards pre-party, hand them out at the beginning, and have every guest check off the boxes as they occur. First one to finish a row, column, or diagonal wins. Incorporate first, second, and third prizes so guests are encouraged to keep going.

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Mommy trivia

How much do you really know about the mom-to-be? Find out with a few rounds of questions. Assemble a list of fun facts, from her birthday to what college she attended to where she met her partner. The better the group knows her, the more creative these questions can get. Have one guest read them out loud, and tally up how many people know the guest of honor the best. The person with the most correct choices wins.

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Nursery rhyme 101

This one brings back so many memories. Search well-known nursery rhymes online, then print them out and snip them into thirds (or fourths, depending on length). Select some lesser-known rhymes from around the globe to up the challenge, and mix up the strips of paper. Have guests compete on their own or join into groups to see who can assemble the most nursery rhymes. The guest who makes the most matches wins. You might want to throw in a prize for the most entertaining wrong result, too!

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Guess the price

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A Price is Right-style game for your baby registry, this classic involves selecting images for an assortment of baby items: onesies, booties, toys, blankets...pick as many as you wish. Pin the images onto a board or spread them across the table, and have the guests write down both the item and its estimated price. The guest who scores the most correct (or close) answers, wins. Add higher difficulty levels by selecting items from celebrity registries or designer labels. That Chanel baby coat costs how much?!

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When's baby due?

This baby shower staple never goes out of style. Ask the mom-to-be when her expected due date is, and have each guest predict the day and time the baby will be born. Only a small percentage of babies are born on their due date, and the time is anyone's guess! Mark them all on a calendar, and when the big day arrives, reward the guest who came closest. This is a fun way to keep guests involved post-party, and that calendar can provide lifelong memories for the mom-to-be. Make the calendar more sentimental by adding notes or well wishes that she and baby can treasure forever.

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