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Share to PinterestCould These 90's Party Outfit Ideas Be More Bangin'?

Could These 90's Party Outfit Ideas Be More Bangin'?

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestCould These 90's Party Outfit Ideas Be More Bangin'?

The 1990s brought us Nirvana, Beanie Babies, Friends, and the Y2K scare. It was the decade that boy- and girl-bands made comebacks in a huge way, and style ran the gamut from grungy hoodies to tons of bling. Clueless' Cher made preppy fashion chic, while Sex and the City's Carrie properly introduced Manolo Blahniks to the world. If you're attending a '90s party, here's how you can steal the scene with your style.


Plaid Flannel Top and Ripped Jeans

Grunge was one of the defining cultural movements in the early part of the decade. No one did it better than the grunge bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana, with artists showing up on stage looking like they rolled out of bed.

Opt for something from the thrift store, because a too-new flannel shirt or strategically ripped jeans gives the appearance of corporate-sponsored grunge fashion, which is a huge '90s no-no.


Preppy Chic

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Whether you're channeling Cher from Clueless or Britney Spears from her steamy "One More Time" video, the '90s was all about preppy chic. A short, sexy plaid skirt and simple white baby tee will do the trick here. If you want to throw in a bolero jacket, you can, but it's optional.



Plain overalls will do for a '90s party, but if you really want to channel the flavor of the decade, get creative. The funkiest overalls of the decade had loud graffiti prints; you can also do big, bold colors.

Don't forget to droop one side down for a more authentic look.


Combat Boots

Share to Pinterest90s grunge combat boots

If you're going to a '90s party, then you can get away with just about any look as long as it's paired with combat boots. The secret to achieving that oh-so-carefree 1990s effect is leaving them mostly untied and slightly scuffed.

This goes along with the grunge style trends that marked the early part of the decade.


Chokers and Ankle-Length Dresses

This is a very '90s Olsen twins look, but it worked then and it works now. Avoid busy dress patterns and look for something that skims the contours of your body rather than a flowy hippie look or anything too clingy.

Wear a thin and simple choker; after all, the original look was one of minimalism and not style overkill.

Pair it with a middle-parted bob for maximum effect.



This is another '90s hip-hop throwback and is great for parties where you'll be showing off your vintage dance moves. Matchign tracksuits are a classic '90s look. The guys would wear the jacket zipped up, while the ladies would pair it with a baby tea or bra top underneath. Think No Doubt and Gwen Stefani if you need some inspo.

Amp up the '90s appeal with a belly chain and a clean pair of kicks.


Belly-Baring Tops and High-Slit Skirts

If you're heading to a '90s-themed adult affair, this is a sexy style choice. The bare belly was a big thing in the '90s, as was showing off a bit of thigh.

A super cute '90s look is a belly-baring crop top with a long skirt with an equally long slit up the side. Both are best done in solid colors, with minimal make-up and jewelry.


Tucked In Button-Up Shirts

The tuck was so real in the '90s. If yours a more casual shindig, this is a good look. The bottoms don't matter as much with this look as long as you have a button-up shirt, tucked in and pulled out ever so slightly in both front and back.

If you really want to amp up the '90s appeal, make sure the shirt is super oversized.


Babydoll Dresses

This look should always, always be worn with boots to ensure an authentic '90s appeal. The key with the babydoll dress is that it should hug your body close and then flare out around the hips. Prints are best with this look. It's a cute party dress look and very '90s retro.


Slip Dresses

This is a less overt '90s trend, but still totally representative of the era. Slip dresses were seemingly everywhere during the '90s. No patterns here; solid colors were best.

The key to wearing a slip dress effectively is a sweet '90s updo and no neck jewelry. Again, the look was one of simplicity.



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