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Share to PinterestChoosing the Perfect Housewarming Gift

Choosing the Perfect Housewarming Gift

By Paula Ramirez
Share to PinterestChoosing the Perfect Housewarming Gift

Moving into a new home is exciting, and a housewarming party is a great chance for the newly relocated to show off their novel space. Gift-giving is always a tricky process, but regardless of whose move you're celebrating, there's a perfect housewarming gift for everyone in your life.


Gifts for first-time homebuyers

Share to PinterestA door wreath welcomes guests
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Purchasing a home for the first time is a big deal. Mark the occasion with a traditional gift, such as a fashionable Welcome mat, or a colorful door wreath to dress up the front porch year-round. A corn husk barn broom is not only a beautiful and practical gift, but folklore suggests it prevents the transfer of negative energy from the homeowner's old house. If the new home is in an old building, you might want to pick up a home maintenance and repair book. With detailed instructions and illustrations on everyday projects, your gift is sure to come in handy.


Young ones leaving the nest

Share to PinterestA housewarming tool kit
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From college dorm rooms to quirky studio apartments, every young person's new digs will need some essentials. Set them up for success with a home repair tool kit full of screwdrivers, wrenches, a tape measure, and a hammer. It might seem boring, but they'll thank you when they don't have to borrow or beg for their first repair. If you're willing to splurge or can split the cost with someone else, consider an air fryer. Perfect for college students with little time for cooking, this gadget is a healthier alternative to fast food and microwave burritos.


Thoughtful presents for newlyweds

Share to PinterestExotic spices are great gifts
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Celebrate a new union with a fun gift that encourages spending time together. A cookbook is an excellent incentive to get the happy couple hanging out in the kitchen. For a more personalized approach, jot down your favorite recipes on some recipe cards, and include a few exotic spices in the gift box. Need ideas? Vanilla bean, cayenne pepper, cloves, and saffron are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.


Perfect buys for a growing family

Share to PinterestDon't forget about the kids
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Households with children are likely to have a bit of clutter lying around. Give a housewarming gift that won't add to the disorder, like a pint of chalkboard paint and a box of colored chalk. A gift basket of all-natural, non-toxic cleaning supplies is a smart option for families with small children. If there's a backyard or a balcony, consider a decorative bird feeder to attract some feathered friends. Add a birdwatching guide so the family can identify their favorite visitors on the weekends.


Welcoming someone to a new job

Share to PinterestGive the gift of home
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Moving to a new city for a new job is doubly stressful. Self-care often falls to the wayside while a person settles into their new place; a gentle reminder in the form of a few scented candles or some incense and a decorative holder, a foot bath, or a meditation pillow could all be appreciated, depending on their personality. If you think homesickness is a possibility, bring a gift that reminds the recipient of home. Mugs and a six-pack from the old craft brewery, a flowerpot with blooms from their former address, or a tea set that looks similar to Grandma's are excellent choices.


Gifts for the foodies in your life

Share to PinterestGlass storage containers are practical
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The foodies in your life are likely to have an impressive arsenal of kitchen gadgets on hand, so what could they possibly want for a housewarming gift? Consumables are an excellent option for the kitchen keener who has everything. Head for the nearest gourmet foods shop, deli, or ethnic food store, and make some bold choices. If you're looking for something a bit more practical, Pick up a quality set of airtight food containers -- you can never have too many, and everyone loses some eventually.


Housewarming greens for plant lovers

Share to PinterestHouseplants are a must
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Plant lovers can never have enough greenery, but they might run out of space to display their garden. Be a pal and help keep things organized with a shelf for potted plants. Holes in the surface cradle pots to keep them secure while adding a unique design element. If you're dealing with a smaller budget, head to the local thrift shop and pick up a variety of old vases and tall glasses for water-loving plants and cut flowers. Unless you know your friend's style inside and out, this might be one where you skip the surprise and ask for ideas.


Stylish and practical gifts for men

Share to PinterestMoscow mules are in style
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Whether you're buying for a bachelor or newlyweds, you can't go wrong with a stylish set of barware. Copper Moscow Mule mugs are back in style, and if you're on a budget, you can find copper-plated designs. Commonly sold in pairs, a set is perfect for late-night chats. If your housewarming gift recipient is a music lover, consider pitching in with friends for a portable turntable. Then, make it a yearly tradition to gift a new vinyl record for birthdays and holidays.


Essentials for small spaces

Share to PinterestMagnetic knife strips save space
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If you’re shopping for someone moving into a small space, don’t make the mistake of bringing clutter into their home. Opt for space-saving gifts that are both attractive and functional. A magnetic knife strip is a modern solution to the bulky kitchen knife block. A French press is a chic alternative to bulky countertop coffee machines, and the perfect size for one or two to enjoy a hot or cold brew. Hanging plants bring life into a small room without sacrificing floor space.


Gifts for people who love to entertain

Share to PinterestA turntable makes a party
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We all have that friend who loves to entertain, and a housewarming party is a perfect opportunity to gift them some luxury scented bath soaps. Choose a decorative bottle to complement the décor and add a fragrant lotion to complete the set. If your host is an amateur bartender, go with a trendy set of large ice cube trays. Silicone molds create blocks or spheres of ice up to 2” in diameter, a perfect fit for cocktail glasses. The over-sized cubes melt at a much slower pace than traditional ice, keeping drinks cool longer and less diluted.



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