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Share to PinterestCat Lovers Celebrate on National Cat Day

Cat Lovers Celebrate on National Cat Day

By Adam Morris
Share to PinterestCat Lovers Celebrate on National Cat Day

National Cat Day was created to celebrate the love and companionship between people and their cats, while also spreading awareness about cat adoption. A cat enthusiast started the holiday, choosing October 29th to educate the public about how they can rescue a cat of their own. Though there is no shortage of cat pictures on the internet any day of the year, on National Cat Day, be prepared to see even more sweet, fluffy felines flooding your feed.


The benefits of cat ownership

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There are many benefits to owning a cat. Studies show they relieve stress and improve sleep. They give affection and love attention. Cats are intelligent, relatively low-maintenance companions who make pet ownership fun. With today's endless digital distractions, caring for a cat can be a welcome reason to unplug and spend time playing, cuddling, and generally doing something good for your head, heart, and feline friend.


Are you a cat person?

There are lots of stereotypes about "cat people," but you don't have to fit in that old fashioned box to own a cat. A cat person treats their cat as an integral part of their life. They understand that their cat has an emotional attachment to them, and they treat that attachment with love and respect. Cat people know and understand that their pets are complicated, and they work to create comfortable boundaries. Anybody that takes in a cat and gives it the care and attention that it needs can be considered a cat person.

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Celebrity cats

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Many famous people own cats. Celebrity cat lovers probably blowing up their social media on National Cat Day with their furry companions include Taylor Swift, Morgan Freeman, and Drew Barrymore. Looking back, well-known figures such as Ernest Hemingway, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe were recognized cat lovers, as well. But you don't need diamond-encrusted cat trees or alpaca cat beds to give a feline friend a loving home.


Cat ownership around the world

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People own cats the world over. In the United States, a quarter of households are home to a cat, or more than one. This percentages is only slightly lower for the world at large. Out of the 57 percent of people who own pets globally, around 23 percent have at least one cat. As the number of pet owners continues to rise, cat adoption will become even more common.


How to adopt a cat

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In most places, it isn't hard to find a cat that needs a home. The best place to look for a new family pet is at the local animal shelter, where many cats, and other animals are waiting to have a new home. Rescue shelters are often over-capacity for cats, so most people try to take in an abandoned animal rather than finding a breeder. This helps reduce the number of homeless cats in the world, which is always a good thing! Single people, couples, and families with young children can all reap the benefits of giving a kitten or adult cat in need a safe, loving new home.


Caring for cats

Cats don’t require much care beyond food, water, love, and attention. They need regular meals, with considerations of nutrition and weight also taken into account, and they need a litter box for their bathroom. Keeping this box clean is perhaps the least fun part of owning a cat, but it's a tiny requirement compared to the decade or more of love you get in return. Most people agree that cats are happy to spend their lives indoors, but if you want to let your cat outside, make sure it is micro-chipped and, preferably, prevent it from roaming. This can be dangerous for both your cat and the bird species in your neighborhood.

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Living with cats

Cats are complicated creatures that have their own unique habits. From climbing on, and bouncing off of, the walls, to giving dead gifts and taking naps in strange places, their quirks can be fun to watch. However, some of these behaviors require patience and understanding. Owners must be patient with their cats, and work to ensure that they are given outlets for their excess energy. Cats can go from napping in the corner to chasing a shadow around the room in an instant. When living with a feline companion, it’s important to consider these behaviors, and to be patient in dealing with natural cat behaviors.

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What cats do in their free time

Cats have a lot of free time, and it is important to make sure that they have a constructive environment to grow and learn in. While they will probably spend a lot of their time sleeping and lazing about, they are inquisitive creatures who like to be engaged. When those bursts of energy hit, owners should spend time interacting with their cats, giving them attention, and showing them new and interesting ways to play.

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Cat psychology

Cats have emotional needs that owners should strive to meet. Promoting specific behaviors through regular repetition can help keep cats happy and healthy throughout their lives. Giving their innate biological behaviors outlets for release is the most important part of this process. Creating fun activities, such as having toys, string, or other things for them to play with, can help to ensure that your cat remains lithe and limber into her twilight years. Playing with your cat can also help socialize them so that they will be more comfortable around strangers.

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A cat's lifespan

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Owning a cat will enrich your life in many ways, and it's important to take into consideration just how long this shared relationship might last. Unlike a hamster or a large dog, cats can live 20 years or longer, which means, if you got him or her as a kitten, you have more than two decades of cuddles, playtime, and responsibility ahead of you. Keep this in mind when considering a kitten for your teenage child or even just for yourself. Are you willing to be responsible for this sweet bundle of fur for the next 20 years? If you're unsure you can devote this much time, there are countless adult cats in need of loving homes, too.



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