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Bold Boy Names for Your Little Country Cowboy

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestBold Boy Names for Your Little Country Cowboy

Choosing the right name for your special baby boy can be a bit intimidating. You want to pick something that he can be proud of throughout his life. What choice could be better than one that shows your love for the great rustic expanses of the countryside? Embrace a unique name that will tell the world your son is a true child of the open field. Choose a traditional handle or one with a modern twist that will serve him well by exploring your country roots.


Classic Country Music Stars

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A great resource for your name search is classic country music. Country musicians have long ruled the Grand Old Opry stage, giving us heartfelt songs and compelling harmonies. When you hear names like Porter, Cash, Waylon, Hank, Carter, and Buck, you can almost hear the sweet acoustic guitars in the background.


Historical Names

If you want a name with strong roots, consider one from our great nation's history. Search your own family genealogy for a moniker with personal significance or pick one of the many names that built America. Our nation's pioneer history is full of catchy handles like Wyatt, Levi, Travis, Beau, Jebidiah, Wade, Tex, and Zeke. These are the men who braved the wilderness and turned it into the land we love today.

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Literary Favorites

Southern and Western literature offers a fount of naming options for your little cowboy. Whether you opt for a favorite character or author, you can find a perfect representation of rural strength and determination. A strong name like Huck, Sawyer, William, Percy, Carson, and Hunter will serve your son well and display your love for classic stories.

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Rural Television and Movie Favorites

Many Americans grew up watching rural television shows and movies full of colorful, and very memorable, characters. Let the world know how much you love being transported to your favorite make-believe country town by choosing a name from your favorite movie or TV classic, like Bo, Jeb, Duke, Jessie, Rhett, Maverick, or Ashley. It just might turn out to be your son's favorite show, too.

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Charming Southern Double Names

One of the most endearing Southern traditions is the double name. Basically, you shorten both the first and middle name and always say them together, creating a melodic moniker. Shorten William Robert, for example, and you get the nickname Billy Bob. Other traditional double names include Bobby Joe, Jimmy Dean, Tommy Lee, Jim Bob, Johnny Ray, and Billy Joe.

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Biblical Figures

Another tradition in Southern culture is naming your child after someone from the bible. Since the guiding principles for moral country living are found there, it makes perfect sense to show your respect this way. Naming your son James, Jubal, Luke, Noah, Abraham, Samuel, or Thaddeus tells the world that you and your family honor biblical teachings.

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War Heroes

It has become a long-standing tradition in many families to honor those who have died in the many wars America has fought in its short history. You could name your little patriot after a family member who was wounded or lost in action in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Perhaps a renowned hero like John, Pat, Wesley, Wayne, Colin, or Fitzgerald is more to your liking.

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Modern Country Music Stars

If you just can't get enough of today's new country music, pledge your devotion by opting for a trendy name from one of its most popular performers. Catchy labels like Corbin, Easton, Clay, Chase, Colton, Kane, and Morgan will set your son apart from the crowd in a good way.

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Inspired by Nature

Country living is based on a love for the natural world. Whether you are working the land or just enjoying its bountiful glory, giving your boy a name rooted in nature is a wonderful way to pass this tradition to the next generation. Try something like Cliff, Ridge, Canyon, Woody, Colt, or Walker to highlight the strong connection to the rural lifestyle you plan to foster.

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Famous American Cities

Modern rural life is about more than simply living off the land. If you love the excitement of the metropolitan lifestyle, incorporate this into your naming process. Let famous city names like Dallas, Houston, Austin, Denver, Montgomery, and Shiloh tell the world that though you might make your home on the farm, you love the whole of this great country.

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