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10 Androgynous Haircuts: Easy Styles to Try

By Sara Anderson
Share to Pinterest10 Androgynous Haircuts: Easy Styles to Try

Wherever you are on the style spectrum these days, there’s no denying that the androgynous aesthetic is one of the hottest hair trends right now. For a long time, these daring ‘dos were exclusively the domain of people with unconventional style preferences. These days, however, they have finally made their way into the mainstream and fit right in with any lifestyle. The main reason gender-neutral hairstyles have such widespread appeal is that anyone can rock them -- men, women, and everyone in between.


The long Ivy League

Share to PinterestThe Long Ivy League
visualspace / Getty Images

Tapered back and sides are coupled with combover in this androgynous take on the old school men’s haircut. The added length is what takes this dapper 'do to the next level, but it also means a little extra styling is required to keep the cut looking crisp. Use a volumizing mousse for height and a spritz of hairspray to keep your side-swept bangs in check.


The French crop

Share to PinterestThe French Crop
Robin Skjoldborg / Getty Images

This wash-and-go coiffure is minimalism at its most stylish. It features ultra-short hair around the head like a Caesar cut, but with slightly longer hair and bangs at the front. The length of hair on top, and whether you go for a smooth taper or a high-drama disconnected edge, is entirely up to you. While this ‘do is the definition of low-maintenance, you’ll still need a few styling products in your arsenal, like pomade, mousse, and gel, to keep the length on top looking fresh.


The tapered buzz

Share to PinterestThe Tapered Buzz
Adene Sanchez / Getty Images

Barely-there hair that’s slightly longer on top gives this butch cut its androgynous appeal. If you’re the type of person who likes to get up and go in the morning, this is a minimalist hairstyle that was pretty much made for you. The length allows you to play with bold colors without the commitment. You can even bleach your hair platinum without worrying about damage. If you ever get tired of your shade, it’s easy to shave it all off and start over with something new.


The shaggy bowl cut

Share to PinterestThe Shaggy Bowl Cut
Tadamasa Taniguchi / Getty Images

Eye-skimming bangs elevate the classic bowl cut from boring to badass. Razored-in layers add an edge to this chunky chop, but the thick fringe still frames and flatters your face -- a perfect blend of soft and strong. This is a great look if you want your style to stand out from all the other short haircuts out there.


The spiked-up undercut

Share to PinterestThe Spiked-up Undercut
Elisaveta Ivanova / Getty Images

This fearless, half-sheared-off hairstyle features a low fade at the back with plenty of volume at the top to spike and style as you see fit. Consider adding a cool crest at the front, or go full-on fauxhawk mode if you dare. A little styling gel and a lot of imagination are all it takes to create an awesomely androgynous look. For a real showstopper of a ‘do, add a contrasting shade or two to the hair at the top.


Undercut with rad razor lines

Share to PinterestUndercut with Soft Razor Lines
AmberLaneRoberts / Getty Images

Talk about edgy -- this playful take on a punk rock look is all about disconnected edges, drop fades, and high-drama line art. This coiffure is a chameleon when it comes to androgynous hairstyles, giving you plenty of room to play around with funky colors that contrast with the natural shade of your roots. You can also mix it up with different lines, angles, and levels of texture depending on your mood. Keep your hair stylin’ ‘til the sun goes down -- or up -- with a medium to strong hold mousse or gel.


Undercut with tousled curls

Share to PinterestUndercut with Tousled Curls
Daria Eponchintseva / Getty Images

If you have thick hair that’s naturally curly or wavy, shorter haircuts can be a real drag to manage and style. Instead of chopping off your covetable curls, why not play up the unique beauty of your hair texture? Keep your hair long on top, but raze the rest of it off at the sides for easier styling. To help your coils stay springy and not stringy, make sure you use styling products designed for curly hair and scrunch them with a styling mousse.


The pixie gone wild

Share to PinterestThe Pixie Gone Wild
Kiuikson / Getty Images

Been looking for a new way to express yourself lately? A short hairstyle with a gravity-defying quiff is an easy way to inject extra glamor and drama into your everyday image. On more casual days, you can sweep it on over to one side or brush it back. For maximum height, use a volumizing mousse, and then brush and blowdry your hair in an upward motion. Once your hair is standing tall, finish it off with a texturizing putty or gel and freeze it in place with hairspray. Although this style is perfect for a round face shape, anyone with a little attitude can rock it.


The shaggy pixie

Share to PinterestThe Shaggy Pixie
NoSystem images / Getty Images

Although androgynous hairstyles with strictly styled edges are on-trend right now, sometimes you just want to show off your softer side. A shaggy pixie cut that combines the easygoing shag with the prim pixie is ultra-flattering, especially to round or heart-shaped faces. The longer pieces around your ears will also give you some great styling options. To achieve the desired I-woke-up-like-this look, make sure you opt for a taper cut with wispy layers instead of a fade or undercut. This hairstyle is especially ideal if you’re trying to grow out a buzz cut. It’s also much lower maintenance than ‘dos that need to be sculpted to stay in place.


The side-swept undercut

Share to PinterestThe Side-swept Undercut
Leland Bobbe / Getty Images

The chin-length fringe of this playful pixie shows off your beautiful brows, and eyes, and jawline in one big, face-framing swoop. A feminine deep side part meets a masculine undercut, making it a uniquely unisex hairstyle that looks great on anyone. The attention-grabbing asymmetry of the cut makes a bold statement without overstating it.



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