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30th Birthday Ideas That'll Blow Your 20s Away

By Paula Ramirez
Share to Pinterest30th Birthday Ideas That'll Blow Your 20s Away

You've officially survived your 20s, and that's definitely something worth celebrating. Over the past decade, you've experienced one wild ride, from love to loss, tears to triumph, and every emotion in between. Now, it's time to jumpstart your "Dirty 30s" in a truly one-of-a-kind way. You've learned a lot about what you want in life, and now you're ready for the road ahead. Prepare for this major milestone with a creative birthday celebration to really kick the decade off right.


Cross something off your bucket list

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Whether you've always wanted to try skydiving, swim with the dolphins, or take that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cancun, now's the time to make it happen. Choose a bucket list item you've been dying to experience and use it to ring in the new decade. It's an excellent way to start crossing more goals off your list and to feel like anything can happen — and that's the right mindset to ring in your thirties.


Go on a road trip

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Take a few days off, choose a destination, and just drive. Whether you prefer small towns or big cities, there's always something new to see, which makes exploration an excellent way to celebrate. Whether you're headed an hour away or traversing the country, good friends, good snacks, and quality tunes make for one memorable ride. Don't forget the classics, like belting "Life is a Highway" with the top down.


One-of-a-kind karaoke

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You've probably spent a few wild nights whaling away at the bar, but make this one a more upscale affair by renting a private karaoke room, ordering some fruits and fine wine, and catering the night specifically to the needs of the Birthday Girl or Guy. That means no more genres you don't like, and an ample sampling of tunes from the year you were born, obviously. Screeching the classics with the ones you love most is a wonderful way to ring in the big 3-0, and sneak in some laughs while you're at it.


Visit a national park

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No matter what the season, national parks are brimming with natural beauty, and they're always open for business. Connect with nature by exploring the mountains and trails, get lost amongst the trees, or take a boat ride. There's always something new to explore, so why not give it a shot? Make the trip totally doable by divvying up costs with friends; rent a cabin or pitch tents to really connect with the environment and feel at peace as you start your thirties.


Casino night

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You don't have to be in Vegas to make your 30th a night to remember; even the smallest local casinos offer something for everyone. From one-of-a-kind shows to big buffets and countless slots, gather the crew and head to the nearest hot spot for a night to remember. Play games, take chances, or just enjoy a few laughs over drinks; you'll feel like Bond on your big night.


Try a trampoline park

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What better way to ring in your thirties than by re-enacting your favorite childhood memories? Trampoline parks are an easy, affordable way to gather your group and have an entire day filled with fun. Bring your own cake, grab some drinks, and spend hours bouncing away bad memories from your twenties. Not into trampolines? Try other childhood favorites like the skating rink or skateboarding park, or really wander down memory lane and pack the whole day with a variety of child-like activities.


Visit the amusement park

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Transform your thirtieth birthday into the ride of your life with a day at your favorite amusement park. Grab day passes and enjoy fair foods while attempting that ride you were too scared — or too short — to try. From go-cart races to over-the-top rollercoasters and water rides, the amusement park is the perfect place to enjoy a truly carefree thirtieth, and there are always fun photos to share.


Get a massage

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Anxious about starting this next decade? Ease the tension with a much-needed spa day. You deserve a little treat, so go all out with facials, mani-pedis, and, of course, that ultra-relaxing massage. Your 30th birthday is the perfect time to prep and pamper for what's ahead while wiping away excess stress from your twenties. Chocolates, flowers, and other treats are must-have additions to a relaxing day in.


Go on a bar crawl

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The classic way most twenty-one-year-olds celebrate isn't limited to just the youngsters. Hearken back to the good old days with this classic birthday activity, and visit the most memorable spots from the past decade. Remember where you enjoyed that first legal drink? Scored that promotion? Had a hair-raising fight or a post-breakup cry? Many of your most dramatic moments will seem hilarious in hindsight, so stop by those must-see spots with the friends who spent the memorable moments right by your side. It's time to relive it all, but no's only for one night.


Try a theme party

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There's nothing quite like dressing up and decorating around a theme, and this isn't just reserved for the Halloween babies. Mystery parties, board game-themed bashes, luaus, fifties nights, and toga events are just a few ideas to make your 30th birthday special. Have friends or family across the country who can't make it? Include them through Skype or Zoom so everyone can get in on the action. With today's technology-linked world, everyone can help you celebrate your incoming thirties in style.



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