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20 Beautiful Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Big Day

By Staff Writer
Share to Pinterest20 Beautiful Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Big Day

You've probably been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a kid—and now it's here! You want it to be perfect, and that includes the cake.

Fortunately, there are plenty of flavor and style options available. Traditional, modern, or totally out there, when you see your perfect wedding cake design, you'll know!


Dark cake

Dark-colored wedding cakes are a beautiful way to add some drama to your big day. The most popular color for dark wedding cakes is red, but black and purple are also common. When choosing a dark-colored cake, the main thing to keep in mind is that unless the design contrasts significantly, it will be tricky to spot from across the room. A gold accent can be a nice touch, as can other metallics like silver, or white.


Add texture

A textured wedding cake is a great way to add visual interest, and it can be used to mimic other materials or create a rustic feel. Cake decorators can create cakes that look like wood and dirt, cakes with granite-like textures, even cakes that have a bumpy, gnarled appearance. You can even add extra crunch by sprinkling some sanding sugar or coarse salt over the top layer before frosting.


Bedazzle it

If you're looking for a wedding cake that will look as good as you and your partner, we've got just the thing: sequin wedding cakes. Your cake can sparkle, just like your dress, and you can make sure that it matches the style of your wedding perfectly. The sequins are simple yet dazzling, and they come in a variety of colors so that you can get exactly what you want.


Make it artsy with watercolors

Watercolor cakes come in almost any combination you can imagine. With this type of cake, the colors are still bright and bold, but they're not so intense that they'll make your guests wonder whether the icing is safe to eat! The shades are also muted enough that they won't clash with any other elements of your wedding decor.


Add class with crystals and marble

Marble and crystal wedding cakes are the trendiest cakes to have on your wedding day. They are works of art and will be sure to make your guests gasp when they see them. These cakes come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. White marble or even black or pink marble wedding cakes are all the rage, lately.


Switch up the shape

Whether you're a traditionalist or a trendsetter, a hexagon wedding cake is a fun departure from the standard round shape. It's a terrific option if you want to get away from the traditional geometric forms but still want to serve a cake that people will remember.

The hexagon shape can be used to create different-sized tiers that fit together like puzzle pieces. This means that you can have more than one flavor on your cake!


Go rustic

Rustic wedding cakes are really popular right now, and we're not surprised! The look is perfect for a more traditional ceremony or event. A wood-wrapped texture created by minimal icing is not only beautiful but also lets the texture and flavor of the cake shine through, a change from the heavily iced versions of old.


Lighten with pastels

If you're going for a soft yet vibrant wedding cake, pastels are the way to go. Like watercolors, pastels are a fantastic option for weddings because they can easily be matched with any color scheme or theme. Pastel colors are the perfect balance of soft and bright, so they're excellent for adding a little color and vibrancy to your cake without going overboard.


Add flowers

Floating sugar flowers are made from sugar paste and come in a broad spectrum of shapes, colors, and sizes. They're sturdy enough to stand on their own for several days without breaking but delicate enough to look like they could wilt at any moment.

Because they're made from sugar paste instead of real flowers, they're also much less expensive than real blossoms and still look just as beautiful.


Use edible leaves

For a touch of nature, you can add edible leaves to your wedding cake, such as sweet options like mint, or less obvious options like thyme, rosemary, or olive. Whether you pair them with flowers or stick with the bold greens, using leaves introduces interesting flavors to the profile, or they can simply be used for decoration and removed before eating. The options are vast!


Add fresh fruit

Adding fruit to your wedding cake not only adds color and freshness, but it also increases the nutritional value of your dessert. That's right—you can finally eat that wedding cake for breakfast!

Think about how delicious a slice of strawberry-topped cake is when compared with a traditional buttercream frosting. The added sweetness of strawberries helps balance out the richness of buttercream, making it more palatable for most people.


Go for classic white

If you're looking for something classic, elegant, and beautiful, then an all-white wedding cake is definitely the way to go. This cake is perfect for outdoor weddings in the summer or winter months. It's also perfect for those who want a simple and elegant design on their cake. You can even add your own personal touches with flowers or other decorations.


Something blue

Incorporating something blue into your wedding is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. When it comes to your cake, you don't want just any old blue, though. It has to be the right blue: the kind of blue that's so deep and rich it could pass for black. The kind that makes you stop and stare and say, "Wow!" when it comes into view.


Mix colors via ombre

Ombre is a very common color style used in everything from fashion to home decor and beyond. It's basically the idea of having one color fade into another, creating a smooth gradient effect. An ombre wedding cake is an ideal way to bring this trend into your celebration. It'll match perfectly with any other ombre elements that you've chosen for your wedding day, and it can help tie everything together.


Surround it with a wreath

A wedding cake is the centerpiece of any wedding reception, and a wreath around your wedding cake can be included in various styles and colors to personalize your special day. Wreaths are typically made of fresh flowers or leaves, but you can also find artificial ones that are designed to look like real flowers. A wreath around your wedding cake will make it stand out from all other cakes at the reception.


Add ruffles

One of our favorite ways to save money on a wedding cake is by making it look like fabric with ruffles and folds. The effect is gorgeous and dramatic, but less is more when it comes to this technique. You don't want too many folds or ruffles because that would make the cake look too busy and distract from the overall design. Unless, of course, over-the-top is your style!


A dozen roses

Roses are a traditional choice for brides and grooms to present to each other on their wedding day; they signify love and beauty in all its forms, and they look lovely in arrangements on top of wedding cakes. Roses are an excellent way to add color and beauty; they're not too large or small, so they won't overwhelm the rest of your design or be overlooked.


Wide brushstroke patterns

If you want to add a pop of color to your wedding cake, the wide brushstroke technique is a great option! Bakers create this striking look by swiping on thinned-out colors with a large brush and then using a damp cloth to wipe away the excess. It creates a beautiful, classy pattern that's perfect on your wedding cake and can match any color palate.


Keep it bare

A nude wedding cake is one without any icing or fondant, so it's all about the delicious flavors of the cake itself. It's also usually smaller than a traditional wedding cake—so if you're looking for something with fewer calories and less sugar, this may be for you! It's the perfect option if you'd like to celebrate your special day without having to worry about getting messy.


Feeling peachy keen

Peach is the perfect color for a wedding cake. It's sweet, it's subtle, and it's feminine. You can use peach tones to create an inviting and warm atmosphere that your guests will love. Peach flavor and color also pairs wonderfully with different cake flavors, from white to chocolate. You can also use peach as an accent color on top of a darker-colored cake.



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