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15 Top 2023 Nail Design Trends

By Staff Writer
Share to Pinterest15 Top 2023 Nail Design Trends

2022 was quite the year, and it shows no sign of slowing down in 2023. The recently trending nail designs take that vibrant energy and bring it to life on your fingertips, transforming them from blank canvas to artistic achievement worthy of the Louvre.

From splashes of color to innovative, one-of-a-kind designs, these leading nail trends all celebrate creativity. Whether you want something simple for the morning commute or an elegant look for a night out, 2023's top nail designs do not disappoint.


Foil French

Create an eye-catching aesthetic by transforming the classic French manicure into an over-the-top concoction. To get the look, apply a thin layer of nail foil glue on your tips, waiting 5 minutes so it has a chance to dry fully. Gently press nail foil onto the glue, applying firmly so it stays in place.

For best results, try it in a bold hue, such as olive green, gold, or fuchsia. Can’t find foil strips at the beauty supply store? You can easily make them at home or paint them using foil-inspired polish. It’s a party for your fingers.


The ombré effect

Ombré is having another moment, from must-have hair to fancy fingers. Have old polishes taking up space at the back of your beauty drawer? Now’s the time to put them to use. Take 5 shades of the same color and paint one on each finger, starting with the lightest and gradually getting darker.

Don’t have that many bottles? No problem. Mix your base shade with varying amounts of white, and you’ll achieve the same fashion-forward aesthetic.


‘70s-inspired swirls

Vintage-inspired designs are making a comeback, and your nails are no exception. Enliven your look with a swirled design in earthy tones. These swirls vary in intensity, from thick at the edges to thin in between.

Grab an array of neutral, brown, and white polishes, then use a thin art brush to paint on those lively swirls. For a more feminine take, try the look with pastel hues in of-the-moment sage, yellow, and lavender.


Graphic hearts

Hearts are on fire for this charming, easy-to-achieve look. All you need is heart-shaped stickers, or an assortment of stickers in diverse sizes. Apply stickers to your fingers, paint over them in your preferred shade, and va-va-voom! You’ve got graphic hearts surrounded by lush color.

If you like, carefully paint the hearts with an opposing hue. We love this look in cheerful color combinations like blue and pink, purple and yellow, and sage and candy pink.


It's electric

Slime green? Canary yellow? You didn’t come across these hues much in 2021, but this year, they’re taking the world by storm. Bold, bright colors make your nails the star of the show, especially when they’ve got a glossy effect. Apply two coats of your fave shade, following it up with a shiny top coat to lock in the look.


Shimmering silver

You’ve seen them in gold for years, but silver’s finally having its moment in the spotlight. Easy to do at home, this look pops when you paint two layers of glittery silver polish over a solid white shade. You can also play up the silver aesthetic with gunmetal tips or sticker details; it's all up to you.


Doodling drama

Turn each nail into your own personal scrapbook with this on-trend aesthetic. For this look, you don’t even need polish! Get creative and think outside the box. Use an assortment of stickers to create a unique look on each nail; they can go together and tell a story or be completely eclectic.

If you want to practice your painting skills, however, this is the perfect time to get crafty. Mix in your own designs with the stickers for a look that’s completely one-of-a-kind.


Itty bitty florals

It’s all in the details, and dainty daisies are brought to life with lush leaves, sunny centers, and bold blooms. Select the flower of your choice, then use an art brush to carefully paint them onto the edges of each nail; switch it up as you go so some flowers border the sides, others go over the top, and so on.

If you're short on time, stickers achieve the same effect. What a chic way to brighten your day!


Colorful checkerboard

This trend is filling boutiques across the globe, and it’s finally migrated from the runway to your fingertips. A chic take on ‘90s-inspired checkerboard, colorful details give this super-chic inspiration.

Embrace the boldest colors you own, whether that’s playful pink or matte green, and use a toothpick to carefully align those dots at the tip. Switch it up from nail to nail for a unique look that’s easy to experiment with.


The 'ol mismatch

Can’t decide between your two favorite shades? In 2023, that’s not an issue. This year is all about embracing your must-haves, and that includes color. Pick two go-to hues and paint one hand with one, and the other hand with the other.

Use the latest on-trend shades for an eye-catching effect, and try it with square or oval nails for a striking and sizeable splash of color.


Velvet tips

Velvet isn’t reserved for special occasions anymore, and we’re loving its casual conversion. With long oval acrylics in a neutral hue, those transformed tips truly stand out. While green and pink sparkly numbers look lovely, for instance, this trend stands out in any shade.

It looks especially elegant in darker colors, such as forest green, navy, and burgundy, but spring’s pastel hues are another way to play up the look.


Polished pearls

Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but pearls are having a moment. Use a frosty white polish to achieve an effervescent effect, then use tweezers to carefully glue tiny pearls at the base of your nails.

If you have a Saturday afternoon to get crafty, create a unique design on each nail using these same pearls; use a super-thick top coat to lock in the look and you'll be wedding- or night out-ready.



Quick and easy, this is a wonderful look to experiment with on the go. Let go of your nail polish for the day and get creative with nail art. You'll be the star of the show when you dot your nails with tiny celestial stickers from base to tip for a playful look that's both simple and chic.

Don't limit yourself to stars if you don't want to; use the whole galaxy of stickers, and you'll literally have the universe at your fingertips.



Pick two bold hues, and paint each nail half of one shade, half of the other. Rather than limiting yourself to a two-color combo, however, vary the look from nail to nail, or break it up with solid colors in between.

Easy to achieve and fashion-forward, this is a look we love in moss green, candy pink, lavender, cornflower, and every shade of neon in your arsenal.


Cow print

If you haven't tried cow print, can you really say you've done the 2023 nail "thing"? This look is making an impact, and it's not nearly as hard as it looks. Use white or peach to create a neutral backdrop, then use an art brush to carefully paint on the blobby spots, locking it in with a glossy top coat. High-impact, easy, and totally trending.



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