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15 Clothing Color Combos You'll Love

By Staff Writer
Share to Pinterest15 Clothing Color Combos You'll Love

You know the feeling—you fall in love with an outfit at the store, but when you get it home, it just doesn't work for you. Maybe the colors don't go together as nicely as they did at the store, the lighting changes the shade, or it clashes with your skin tone. You're not alone! We're here to help you find pairings that are not only flattering and versatile, but that make your clothes look great on you, too.


Saffron and navy blue

Saffron is a warm, vibrant color that can brighten up any outfit. Navy blue is an understated neutral that can be paired with other colors to create interesting contrasts. Put them together and you've got a look that's just right for fall—a little bit of spice and a little bit of elegance, all in one package!


Chestnut and dark purple

The chestnut shade is an ideal complement to deep purples, and it looks terrific with any outfit. Try pairing chestnut and dark purple with jeans or a black dress for a sleek look that's sure to turn heads. Whether you're going for a bold style or something more subtle, these colors will help you pull together the perfect attire in no time flat.


Mustard and teal

The contrast between teal and mustard is strong enough to make a statement, but still subtle enough to play up their similarities. Teal is a light and cool color that beautifully enhances mustard's warm tone. If you want to add a little more fun to your outfits, try matching your teal top with mustard pants or shorts. If you want a more formal look, add a mustard jacket over your teal dress.


Olive green and black

Olive green and black are both relatively neutral colors that look lovely with a good deal of other tones. They're fantastic to wear together because olive green is often associated with nature, while black symbolizes sophistication. Jointly, they give off a very refined yet laid-back vibe.

This combination is perfect for nights when you don't want to dress up too much but still want to look trendy and put together.


Reds and beige

To add some boldness to your wardrobe, try combining red shades with beige. Beige is a great neutral color that goes with pretty much anything, so it's easy to play around with various shades of red. You can go with a deep burgundy or bright red, but make sure they are warm tones so they don't conflict with the beige.

If you're not sure where to start, try pairing a simple beige top with an elegant skirt in one of the bolder shades of red.


Mint and cream/off-white

Mint and cream are both very versatile colors. They're fantastic for pairing with other colors like red, orange, and blue. If you're seeking out something more muted, try matching them with black or gray. If you want something brighter, go for shades of purple or pink. The best part about sporting these colors is how easily they'll transition seamlessly from summer into fall and winter.


Khaki and black

You can never go wrong with khaki and black. They're a classic color combination, and they go with nearly any bold tone. You can wear khaki pants with a black shirt and a bright pair of shoes to make a statement, or you can wear khaki shorts with a black top and sandals for something more casual.


Blue and emerald green

Blue and emerald green are two colors that mimic the earthy tones of nature, making them perfect for fall and winter. In the summer, you can wear these colors with white or tan. If you're going for an evening look, try pairing them with black or navy blue instead.

Blue and emerald work well together because they both have a similar feel: light, airy, and fresh.


Pale pink and orange

Pale pink and orange complement each other well because they're both warm colors, but they are diverse enough that they make you look radiant. This color combination is wonderful for summer because it reflects the sun's warm light while also being bright enough to give you a dose of energy.

Try pairing a pale pink tank top with an orange floral skirt or dress. Or wear a pale pink cardigan over an orange shirt with white jeans.


Yellow and green

Yellow is the color of the sun and spring, so it's no surprise that this color makes you feel warm and happy. Green is also associated with spring, but it's more connected to nature—think of all the plants that sprout up in the spring! Don some yellow and green clothes, sit outside in your backyard, and soak up some of that springtime sunshine.


Cobalt blue and turquoise

Cobalt blue is a bright, bold shade that's perfect for mixing with other colors to create a classy effect. Turquoise is another vivid shade that can be mixed with numerous tones—and it's just as good at making your outfits stand out as it is at making them blend in.

Put these two together, and you've got something that will make your friends jealous: a combination so powerful and bright that even Audrey Hepburn would approve!


Tan and maroon

Tan and maroon are warm and inviting, and they're great for any occasion. Whether you're heading to a fancy dinner or just hanging out with friends, these colors are sure to make you feel comfortable and confident.

These colors are flattering on everyone, and they're perfect for fall. You can wear them with jeans or a dress, depending on how formal you want to be.


Periwinkle and gray

When you're looking for an outfit that's stylish and comfortable, you can't go wrong with soft gray and periwinkle. The trick is to start with a base layer of periwinkle: a skirt or a pair of jeans, for instance. Then add in a few pieces of gray clothing—a top or t-shirt paired with some nice bottoms will do! Top it off with one more piece in periwinkle, such as a nice scarf or hat.


Coral and purple tones

Purple and coral are two colors that supplement each other magnificently. Purple is bold, while coral is calming and relaxing. If you combine the two, you have an outfit that's both eye-catching and soothing. Try wearing a purple top with a coral skirt for a look that's daring but still comfortable, or go for a purple dress with a pair of coral earrings.


Navy blue and brown

Navy blue and brown are a great combination for professional outfits. Navy blue is the best shade of blue for a business suit, and it looks fantastic paired with brown shoes, belts, and accessories. It's also an easy duo to match with other outfits (like shirts or ties), which makes it an outstanding choice if you're trying to build your wardrobe from scratch.



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