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10 Tips For Choosing the Best Dress For You

By Staff Writer
Share to Pinterest10 Tips For Choosing the Best Dress For You

Whether our body shape is apple, hourglass, pear, or inverted triangle, we all have our own favorite features we want to flaunt. For any type of weather, season, or event, there's no better way to show off your stuff than with the perfect dress. This list looks at the best styles for what are generally considered the most standout features of different body types, but remember: wear what you love and what makes you feel good, whatever the internet says!


Embrace your curves with a figure-hugging fit

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Loose-fitting or oversized clothing isn't the only option for those of us with more curves. And when it comes to dresses, who says you can't wear bold and bright colors? If you have a rear that just won't quit, bold hips, or one heck of a waist-to-hip ratio, a figure-hugging dress is a perfect way to flaunt it. Wrap dresses have a cinched-in waist to highlight your best, shapely features at any age. While smoothing the hips and boosting that bottom, a classic wrap works for a night on the town, a wedding reception, or a casual brunch.


Emphasize your bust with empire dresses, wraps, and belts

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Empire waistlines are great for a fuller bust. The top and bottom seams on these dresses meet just below the bust. From there down, empire dresses flow elegantly without creating an awkward, angular shape. If this kind of dress isn't what you're looking for, there are other options: wrap dresses can be tied just below the bust, and shirt dresses can be cinched with a belt for a flattering statement for busty babes. Of course, anything with a v-neck will draw attention to your upper half too.

Woman wearing dress spinning while dancing in wardrobe at home


Celebrate your waistline with an A-line

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Dresses with an A-line fit have the top and bottom parts meet at the waistline, gently flaring into the skirt. These dresses are pretty flattering for any body shape, and they're a great option for your essential LBD. A-line dresses come in a variety of lengths with different necklines. So if you have a killer set of legs to flaunt, or love your bust too, there's something to suit every feature. Add a belt for a classic silhouette while emphasizing the waist.


Showcase your lengthy legs

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Whether you've been hitting the gym toning your bottom half or simply have legs that go on for days, a flirty mini-dress is a great way to show them off. The right mini can slay at any age, but if you're over the short skirt trend, a tailored dress with a pencil skirt will work just as well. Those looking for something more risque can take inspiration from actresses on the red carpet and opt for a side slit right up to the hip. This allows you to show off your long legs without leaving you worrying you might flash a stranger!


Accentuate your neckline with different collars

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A lot of people focus just on the length and fit of a dress when looking for the perfect piece. Very few think about just how important the right neckline can be. If you've got the perfect posture or love the way your collarbones pop, experiment with different collars, necklines, and shapes. An off-the-shoulder dress is the perfect flirty piece for a summer event, while a sweetheart neckline offers an elegantly structured style for any day of the year.


Highlight your arms by going sleeveless

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If you've been working hard on arms day, you're going to want to showcase those pipes wherever you go. A sleeveless dress is an obvious go-to for anyone who loves their arms, whether they're all tatted or perfectly curved, and the right one will offset and elongate them further. The length of the dress isn't as important for this feature, but a figure-hugging sleeveless maxi could be the sophisticated piece your wardrobe is missing.


Don't back down—go for a backless dress!

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The right backless dress will be a stunning choice for pretty much every body type. It's a great way to show a bit of skin without constant cleavage or thigh adjusting!  Some drape, others hug, and still others feature fascinating crisscrosses of fabric that will ensure every eye is on you. Some dresses come with a chain fastener that dangles down the back to draw even more attention and make you feel extra flirty.


Complement your figure with colors and patterns

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As you get older, it can feel easier to simply blend into the background with a neutral or grey wardrobe. But why? Sure, the taller among us know they can get away with a variety of patterns, but there's no rule saying they're the only ones who can enjoy some bright and bold color choices. There's no limit to the options; just look for something that makes you feel fancy. Small polka dots or bold, deep shades like forest green add dimension and let you stand out without the show-stopping spotlight, if that's your preference. If you'd rather be the center of attention, pattern layering can look funky and surprisingly stylish. Flaunt your upper half with horizontal stripes for a fuller look. A good vertical stripe will elongate everything.


Accessorize to enhance your favorite features

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Enhancing your features doesn't have to come solely from the perfect dress. Find a couple of long-lasting go-tos, and opt for accessories to draw that attention where you want it—it's a quick and less expensive way to highlight your best features. A necklace is perfect for drawing the eyes to great collarbones or a stellar decolletage, a pair of heels will elongate those pins, and a strategically placed belt can highlight those hips or that killer waistline.


Use confidence-boosting fabrics

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Soft, shiny satins and silks that cling to the figure are perfect for curvy body and create a fuller look. For a focus on the midline, choose structured and stiff materials such as denim, taffeta, and organza to create a puffed-out skirt that draws the eye inward. Flowy fabrics like chiffon or georgette are great for all, but especially suited to folks with wide shoulders and narrow hips.  Like we said, guidelines are great, but the real way to shine in your dress is to choose one that you feel absolutely fab in, rules be darned!



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