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10 Reasons to Consider Moving to the Suburbs

By Chris Jones
Share to Pinterest10 Reasons to Consider Moving to the Suburbs

Choosing a new place to call home isn’t always easy. Often, people are torn between bustling metropolitan life or living far outside city limits in an isolated, rural area. Suburbs offer a happy medium: access to many of the convenient amenities found in the city with fewer headaches.

If you’re tired of the crowded big city life, moving to the suburbs may be the right decision for you.


It's more peaceful

Suburban environments are far less noisy than many modern cities. The quiet atmosphere of a neighborhood in the suburbs offers a welcome retreat for those accustomed to the constant commotion, honking, and construction.

Homes in the suburbs consist of single-family houses instead of large apartment buildings, which helps to spread out the population over a wider area. Suburban communities also tend to separate business districts and major highways from residential areas to further minimize noise.

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Connecting with neighbors is easy

People who live in suburban areas have an easy time forming friendships with their neighbors. The shared values of people living in the suburbs can create a more close-knit community. From neighborhood barbeques to garage sales and pool parties, there’s always something going on to bring people together.

While it’s easy to disappear into the crowd when living in the city, the suburbs create a small-town environment where people know and trust one another.

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Living in the suburbs is safer

The crime rates in suburban areas are usually much lower than in the cities. Aside from the added security of neighborhood watch programs, many suburbs have a dedicated police force to respond to emergencies right away.

Another thing that makes suburbs safer is their improved infrastructure. Suburban communities are more efficient at tackling road repairs, fixing stoplights, upgrading pedestrian crossings, and installing bike lanes to make travel safer.

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Convenient access to nearby businesses

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Another key advantage to living outside the city is the proximity to grocery stores, shopping outlets, and schools. With all the essentials nearby, you’ll spend less time stuck in traffic every day trying to get from one destination to another.

Shorter commutes to these essential services also mean less money spent on gasoline, new tires, or costly vehicle repairs from long hours on the road. For families with multiple vehicles, these savings can add up to a considerable sum every year.


You’ll have a front and back yard

Simply finding an apartment with a balcony in the city can be difficult. With a suburban home, you will have plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. Most houses in the suburbs come with a sizable front lawn and a fenced-in back yard. Increase your home’s curb appeal by planting a garden near the entryway or create some extra storage by installing a shed in the back. For the little ones, you can finally consider installing a swing set or above-ground pool.

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Suburban houses have more square footage

One of the most attractive features of suburban living is the square footage you get for the money. Space is a hot commodity in the city and even the smallest homes can cost a fortune on the open market. The availability of property may be much less of an issue in a suburban area, making homes not only larger but far less costly than in the city.

This can be a significant selling point for families who are living in cramped quarters with multiple kids and pets.

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Cleaner, more natural surroundings

The reduced traffic and lack of industrial activity in the suburbs help to minimize air pollution, creating a healthier environment for everyone. A short drive through a suburban community reveals green lawns, lush gardens, and plenty of natural scenery to enjoy.

To help reduce traffic noise, many suburban neighborhoods are lined with bushes and trees, a stark contrast to many cities today. You’ll also find more parks, outdoor recreational facilities, and golf courses in suburban areas.


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Enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle

Suburban life is far less busy and stressful than living in a major metropolitan city. While living in the suburbs, you won’t need to deal with long lines at the grocery store or worry about finding the only open parking space at the doctor’s office. Life takes on a less urgent pace, allowing you and your family to focus on the bigger picture instead of all the little daily details.

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Greater sense of privacy

Buying a home in the suburbs will give you and your family more elbow room. For the kids, this could mean finally having separate bedrooms for the first time or a private bathroom just for them.

Suburban homes also provide greater privacy from nosy neighbors. While city apartments often share all four walls with another tenant, you’ll have several feet of space separating your home from the neighbor’s in the suburbs. Many suburban neighborhoods also come with high privacy walls to keep your backyard safe from prying eyes.

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It’s more affordable

The cost of living in the city is almost always much higher than living in the suburbs. Even with HOA fees and property taxes, buying a one-story home in the suburbs can be easier on the savings account than signing a lease on a decent apartment in the middle of the city.

The prices of many goods and services in the suburbs are also cheaper, making it easier to save money for a vacation, retirement, or your children’s college fund.

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