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10 Original and Classic Retirement Gifts

By Chris Jones
Share to Pinterest10 Original and Classic Retirement Gifts

Retirement is an important milestone. It can be an exciting and stressful time for the retiree that leaves them wondering, "what on earth am I going to do with all this free time?" The perfect send-off gift for your coworker or congratulate your loved one can help them approach this new phase of their life with a positive outlook. Whether you're looking for a sentimental gift or something more practical, check out our retirement gift guide for some great ideas.


A Hammock

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Retirement is all about relaxation, and nothing says relaxation like a comfy hammock in your own backyard. A hammock is a perfect place to unwind and dive into a favorite book or simply take a peaceful nap while enjoying some time outdoors. For the ultimate luxury, spring for an extra large size that lets that special retiree lounge with their partner or grandchildren.

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Travel Voucher or Gift Card

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Gift cards have a bad reputation for being impersonal; however, if you put some thought into the type of gift card you give, it can actually be a meaningful gift the receiver will love. Retirees who are looking for ways to fill the abundance of free time they're about to have will love the opportunity to travel to new and exciting places on someone else's dime. A gift card for a travel agency, hotel chain, or Airbnb is a thoughtful gift that won't be forgotten.

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A Fitbit

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Retirement can get a little dull and retirees can fall into a routine that involves a lot of couch-sitting. Congratulating your retiree with a Fitbit or other fitness tracker might encourage them to keep moving and use their extra time to explore new or previously abandoned health goals. The Fitbit also works as a watch which is a classic retirement gift that never gets old.

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Monthly Box Subscription

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Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, and as a result, there's a box for everything. Find out what some of the retiree's favorite past-times are and get them started with a few months or a year's worth of a related subscription box. Whether they're into fishing, sports, makeup, or even craft beer, there's a subscription box that will pique their interest.

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An Experience

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If your retiree is known for their sense of adventure and passion for adrenaline, why not gift them an experience package such as skydiving or zip lining. For those who might prefer something slightly less adrenaline-inducing, a helicopter tour or a hot air balloon ride is a fun option as well. Those who prefer to pass on adrenaline altogether may enjoy tickets to a local sporting event or a concert.

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A Day at the Spa

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Nothing reduces stress quite like a relaxing spa treatment, and with the stress and anxiety that comes along with retiring, a whole day of pampering may be the perfect gift for someone entering the next stage of their life. An all-inclusive package at a full-service spa or even just a therapeutic massage will help the retiree unwind and start their new chapter off on the right foot.

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A Round of Golf

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If you're searching for a gift for a putting green enthusiast, there's nothing they'll love more than a free round (or two) of golf. Ask around to see if you can find out where they like to play, or surprise them with a round at a course they have not tried yet. If the retiree you're shopping for isn't into golf, pay for them to partake in whichever activity they do enjoy, such as yoga or racquet sports. Gifts like this are sometimes the most meaningful, as it helps to keep a newly retired individual busy as they ease into their retirement years.

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Charitable Donations

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By the time a person retires, they often have everything they need or want, which is what makes finding the right retirement gift for some people so difficult. If the retiree is passionate about a certain cause or is planning to donate some of their time volunteering for a certain charity then perhaps the best gift of all is a donation in their name to the charity of their choosing.

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A Social Invitation

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A social invitation to dinner, the theatre, or another event is a great gift idea. Many find that retirement is a lonely time, so the idea of building meaningful friendships outside of the office is usually an exciting idea.

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Something Sentimental

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Some people appreciate sentimental gifts more than anything else, so for some retirees, a scrapbook, photo album, or video tribute may be the best gift of all. Gather photos and keepsakes that represent their career to pay tribute to the success they've experienced throughout. A gift this thoughtful is sure to hold a special place in any person's heart.

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