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Deciphering Her Feelings: 10 Subtle Indicators She's Into You

By Sara Anderson
Share to Pinterest20 Hidden Signs That She Likes You

Dating is a nerve-wracking business, especially as it often involves putting yourself out there without being sure whether your interest is reciprocated or not. You might be looking for clues that a special someone feels the same way you do. Luckily, a lot of psychological research has come to prove that reading someone else's feelings is not as difficult as we might think. Conversation patterns and social cues can help you decipher the object of your affection's feelings and remove some of the mystery and nerves.


She finds excuses to communicate with you

If it feels like she's reaching out even though there doesn't seem to be any pressing reason to do so, it probably means you're popping into her mind unexpectedly. If you share the same workplace and she keeps singling you out to ask for assistance or seek information over other similarly qualified colleagues, it could well mean that she is finding reasons to be around you.

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She asks lots of questions

Does it seem like she wants to find out as much as she can about you, from trivial things like your favorite type of pizza to the intimate details of your life? If she likes you, she will want to discover more and more, to find common ground or things to discuss. Quizzing you about every aspect of your childhood and your passing interests also suggests she's open to questions about her own life, too.

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She remembers everything you tell her

It will be clear when you speak to her that she's really been paying attention to things you've mentioned. A woman who's interested might repeat things that you've shared, even seemingly insignificant things like your favorite childhood food. She will be aware of what is happening in your life and will be considerate if, for instance, she knows you have a particularly busy day or just dealt with a tricky situation you brought up earlier.

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You have her undivided attention

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When she is busy and only has limited time available, you will probably get most of her free time, during which you'll get her undivided attention. Chances are, she'll ignore her phone while you're together -- a great way to show you you're exactly where she wants to be. If she can't spend time with you, she's probably going to make sure you understand the situation, so you don't misinterpret busyness as disinterest.

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She keeps very regular contact

If there is never a lag in her responding to your messages and she tends to answer promptly, it's a very good sign that she places a high priority on your communications. We are generally more confident online than in real life, so regular and constant engagement with your messages, posts, and photos is a glowing indicator of her affection.

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She mirrors you

She might not even notice it, but she will subconsciously adopt your mannerisms and begin to use turns of phrase that you often use or physical gestures that you often make. Imitation is a form of flattery, and experts agree that mirroring is one of the most obvious signs that someone likes you. It is usually not a deliberate thing but a result of someone paying very close attention to you and absorbing everything you do.

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She’s nervous around you

Someone that is very interested in you will find it hard to be casual when they're around you. If she laughs too much at something you've said that wasn't particularly funny, seems to have lost her stride, or shows signs of awkwardness, she might be overthinking how to impress you and therefore coming off a bit unnatural. This is common when you start to develop feelings for someone and want to get closer to them but are equally afraid of making mistakes.

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She has open body language

Does she consciously position her body towards you? Psychologists agree that watching a woman's stance is a sure way of detecting her interest. She will face you with an open posture and uncrossed arms and legs. She may also stand taller, with her stomach pulled in and her shoulders back. A lot of these postures are subconscious and are an attempt to impress the onlooker with a proud and confident stature.

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She uses “we”

There are few signs of interest as meaningful as the use of the word ''we." If she speaks of the two of you as a unit rather than as two individuals, it's a pretty clear sign of the way she hopes things will go. This is a significant signal, but you need to pay close attention to catch this particular pronoun choice.

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She eats less around you

Not all women are self-conscious about the amount they eat, but if you notice your date picking at the food on her plate or shifting it around more than she is actually consuming it, it might suggest she is attracted to you. Sometimes, women eat less in front of men that they're attracted to because they are worried they will be judged as less attractive or desirable based on their display of appetite. Although the amount that she eats is probably of little interest to you, it can be a sign she likes you.

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She blushes a lot

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Blushing is one of those involuntary reactions that can betray our innermost feelings. When a girl's cheeks take on a rosy hue, especially in your presence, it's often a sign of attraction.

Blushing is a genuine physiological response to being around someone she finds appealing. If you catch her blushing during seemingly mundane conversations or when you pay her a compliment, it might be her body's way of revealing a secret her words haven't yet confessed.


She laughs at your jokes

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Laughter is a universal sign of enjoyment, and when she finds humor in even your most mediocre jokes, it clearly indicates her fondness for you. Genuine laughter, the kind that lights up her eyes and makes her momentarily forget about her surroundings, is a testament to the comfort and joy she derives from your company.

For her, it's not just about humor; it's about the connection she feels. Every chuckle and every giggle is her way of letting you know she genuinely enjoys the moments you share.


Replying to your social media accounts

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Social media interactions can be as telling as face-to-face ones. If she's consistently engaging with your posts, it's more than just casual scrolling. It indicates she's keenly interested in your life's snippets you choose to share online.

Whether she's dropping a thoughtful comment, sharing your posts, or simply reacting to your updates, she's making a digital statement. It's her way of subtly weaving herself into your narrative, showing you that she's present and attentive to the stories you tell.


Her friends hint it to you

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Friendships are sacred confidantes of our deepest feelings and secrets. If her friends seem to drop hints or share knowing glances when you're around, that's a good sign that you've been a topic of their conversations.

Friends can often be the mirror reflecting emotions she might be trying to hide or hasn't yet acknowledged. Their playful teasing or subtle nudges can be the breadcrumbs leading you to understand her true feelings. After all, friends have a unique way of spilling the beans without saying a word.


She seems interested in the things you like

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Shared interests can be the foundation of deep connections. When she takes the time to delve into the bands, books, or hobbies you're passionate about, it shows her genuine interest in your world.

Chances are that she likes understanding what makes you tick. Her questions, her eagerness to learn, and her excitement in discovering mutual interests are her way of bridging the gap between your worlds. It's about finding common ground, building shared memories, and forging a bond based on mutual appreciation.


Initiates light, casual physical contact

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There's a certain electricity in the air when she finds reasons to touch your arm during a laugh or gently brushes against your shoulder while passing by. These fleeting moments of contact might not seem like much on their own, but they're her way of breaking the physical barrier and expressing a desire to be closer to you.


Displays subtle signs of jealousy

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You mention a night out with friends or a conversation with a colleague, and her response is slightly off-key. Maybe it's a change in tone, a fleeting look, or a quick, probing question about who you were with. These are her subtle ways of showing that the thought of your attention being elsewhere sparks a hint of jealousy.


Utilizes emojis and digital expressions in messages

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Her texts are never dry; instead, they're sprinkled with emojis that convey warmth, humor, or affection. These digital expressions add a layer of emotion to her messages, suggesting she's investing more than just words in your conversations. The right emoji can say a lot about her feelings without spelling them out.


Her friends are aware of you

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When you bump into her friends, they seem to know who you are, often throwing in a "We've heard so much about you!" This isn't just politeness; it's a clear sign she's been talking about you. The fact that her inner circle is on a first-name basis with you indicates you're more than just a passing thought in her life.


Makes an effort to impress you through achievements or talents

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She doesn't just share random bits of her day but makes it a point to tell you about her successes, be it a work achievement or a new skill she's acquired. It's as if she wants you to see her in the best light, hoping her accomplishments will make you see her as the remarkable person she strives to be in your eyes.



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