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Share to Pinterest10 2022 Wedding Songs For a Unique Reception Dance

10 2022 Wedding Songs For a Unique Reception Dance

By Staff Writer
Share to Pinterest10 2022 Wedding Songs For a Unique Reception Dance

If you've been to more than a couple of weddings, you've probably heard the same songs at the reception, over and over. Take pity on the wedding party though: finding the right kind of music to keep your guests dancing is not an easy task! It can't be so out there that no one knows how to dance to it, but it's also good to avoid something people have danced to a thousand times already (except for that handful of must-have classics, of course). Thankfully, this list of 2022 wedding songs has some magically marriage-y tunes!


“Walk Through the Fire” by Yung Bleu feat. Ne-Yo

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After the success of their first collab ("Stay Down"), the two artists have teamed up again to make a song that's all about trying to win back someone you could possibly lose for good. The lyrics are catchy and relatable. The chorus repeats "walk through the fire," a time-honored reference to pushing through the tough to get to the other side.


"All of It" by Lukas Graham

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Lukas Graham's song "All of It" is a sweet love ballad that embraces both the good and bad in relationships. "All of It" is an ode to a long-term relationship, with lyrics like "I'm yours, you're mine." The song is about being together through thick and thin, even when things are so hard that it hurts.


"The Joker and the Queen" by Ed Sheeran feat. Taylor Swift

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When Ed Sheeran released the remix of "The Joker and the Queen" in 2022, it was an instant hit. It's got all the elements of a classic ballad—a catchy melody, a dynamic duet between Ed and Taylor Swift, and a storyline that feels like it was written just for you.


"Angels" by Thomas Rhett

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Thomas Rhett is back with a new album, and "Angels" details a love he feels he doesn't deserve. The lyrics are honest, raw, and vulnerable—and they're exactly what fans have come to expect from the singer-songwriter who often speaks about his life experiences through composition. The tune is a perfect blend of emotion and pop sensibility.


"My Valentine" by Michael Buble

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Michael Bublé's gorgeous cover of "My Valentine" is a gift for lovers everywhere. It's an updated version of the classic song written and recorded by Sir Paul McCartney. The song has been covered by many artists, including Elvis Presley, but this one is definitely our favorite. The new version features Michael's smooth vocals and his band's lush accompaniment. The result is a love song that will make you swoon.


"Light Switch" by Charlie Puth

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Whether you're a wedding DJ or just a music lover, you've probably heard "Light Switch" by Charlie Puth. The melodic beat and uptempo style make it an excellent choice for the dance portion of any wedding. The lyrics are lighthearted enough to get people moving, but they also have a playful element that makes them perfect for the occasion.


"Let Somebody" by Coldplay X Selena Gomez

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Coldplay and Selena's "Let Somebody" is a terrific wedding song because it is dreamy and romantic. The song starts out slow and quiet, with a soft piano melody and just a hint of guitar. It builds up over time into something more grandiose, but it still stays true to its fanciful beginnings. The lyrics are romantic and hopeful—the perfect soundtrack for your big day.


"Dancing Feet" by Kygo feat. DNCE

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"Dancing Feet" is another great example of a song that will appeal to a wide variety of musical tastes; the lyrics are simple enough that even people who aren't familiar with Kygo can still enjoy it and have fun singing along with the chorus. The song is sure to get your wedding guests dancing, and it's perfect for a party with a wide age range.


"When You're Gone" by Shawn Mendes

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The song "When You're Gone" by Shawn Mendes is about a man realizing he could lose his lover if he doesn't change. Mendes sings about being afraid for his relationship because of how much time they spend apart. He wants them to come back so they can be joined again and enjoy life as a team. In the sweet chorus, the singer says that he'll hold onto every moment of their time together because he knows that she could be gone tomorrow.


"Perfect Day" by The Sand

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We all want to be in love and be with someone who makes us feel like we're on top of the world. The song "Perfect Day" by The Sand describes what every couple wishes for on their wedding day: to have a perfect day and be happy together forever. The lyrics are simple, but that's what makes them so beautiful and easy to remember.



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