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Update Your Home Safety With Technology

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestUpdate Your Home Safety With Technology

Home safety is a top priority, from keeping your loved ones out of danger to protecting your property and belongings. Security systems are becoming more technologically advanced each year, but with so many new functions and innovations, the basic features we're looking for can get lost in the noise.

You can find what you need online at affordable prices and with user-friendly features to keep your home secure and your peace of mind intact.


Smart lamps

Whether you are caring for a senior relative, young children, or a loved one with special needs, a smart lamp can be your trusted ally when you aren't in the room. One of the most advanced versions is a sleek hanging fixture that detects falls, alerting emergency contacts when assistance is necessary.

The device also monitors air quality and calls emergency services in the event of an intruder.

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Driveway sensors

Relax at home without worrying about unexpected arrivals or kids wandering off the property with a driveway motion sensor. The affordable gadgets mount easily to a tree or structure in your front yard, and they're solar-powered, so you won't have to hassle with replacement batteries.

The motion sensors also trigger an LED light at night to illuminate your pathway and dark spots on the property.

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A super smart deadbolt

Protect your front door with next-level security that fits almost every budget. Wi-Fi-accessible smart locks open with your fingerprint, a remote control, or a mobile app, freeing up your hands for carrying groceries or wrangling the kids. The app also allows you the option of giving temporary remote access to family and houseguests.

Some versions connect to smart home devices so you can tell the door to unlock for visitors from anywhere inside the house.

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Peel-and-stick solutions

Doorway entry sensors and motion detectors are some of the latest high-tech gadgets to become more widely available at affordable prices. The simplest designs are peel-and-stick, so they install in seconds and operate with an on-and-off switch.

While these devices don't connect to a security service, the loud alarm might be enough to scare away any would-be intruders. Some motion sensors notify you via an app if a door opens while you aren't home or if you forgot to close up after yourself before leaving.

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Electronic doorstops

Even with a high-tech alarm or motion sensor, you might still want an extra layer of protection inside your home or room. Electronic doorstops are affordable and portable, sounding an alarm if the door is opened.

If you're willing to pay a little more for peace of mind, invest in a more sturdy floor lock. Attaching to the threshold, the device has a wedge mechanism that pops up to prevent the door from opening. Activate the lock with the app, a key fob, or a manual pedal.

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Wireless cameras

Wireless security cameras have come a long way in recent years. Newer models are more powerful and have better image resolution and longer battery life. Some security cameras come with infrared night vision, while others can identify the difference between people, packages, vehicles, and animals.

Because you aren't signing up for monthly services, you also don't have to budget for recurring fees.

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Smart stoves

It's easy to get distracted while you're preparing a meal. Fortunately, stoves are getting smarter with technology designed to thwart kitchen fires. Some devices have motion sensors that automatically shut off the heat if it detects no one is in the kitchen. Others have heat sensors that reduce the heat when cooktop temperatures enter dangerous territory.

For appliances like coffee pots, curling irons, and portable heaters, consider smart power outlets that connect to Wi-Fi so you'll never forget to turn them off again.

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Mail lockbox

Outsmart porch pirates once and for all with a high-tech parcel lockbox. Unlike regular mailboxes, the new generation of smart lockers can connect to wi-fi to notify you of deliveries and lock and unlock remotely through an app.

Some models come with a camera and can record video and sound, or two-way speakers so you can communicate with delivery drivers or anyone tampering with the keypad. If you're a regular meal kit customer, look for the insulated models that keep your perishables cool until you get home.

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Double-duty smoke detectors

In addition to top-notch security mechanisms, some areas on your property might need constant surveillance. That includes home offices and workshops with valuable machinery. Smoke detector security cameras protect your assets by warning you of fire dangers while keeping a watchful eye on the room around the clock.

The discreet camera design doesn't attract attention or make visitors feel awkward—it's perfect for small business owners who meet with customers in their home studios.

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Home safety apps

Home safety is important to all of us, and some mobile apps literally put the power to keep our families safe in our hands. Silent alarm apps track your exact location with the push of a button and send emergency services if you don't respond to return calls.

Similar apps for adults who live alone check in on you at the same time every day. If you fail to check in, the app notifies your emergency contacts. Neighborhood watch apps aggregate local information to alert you if hazardous situations are happening near you.

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