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Share to PinterestTrends, Tips, and Facts About Wearing Jewelry

Trends, Tips, and Facts About Wearing Jewelry

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestTrends, Tips, and Facts About Wearing Jewelry

Like clothing, jewelry has its own set of trends and faux pas that emerge with each new season. Some pieces tend to be more of a fad, while others never seem to go out of style. Accessorizing can add dimension to an ensemble, whether you prefer fine or fashion, the single, unique, understated trinket or a bold, colorful collection. You have plenty of freedom to choose jewelry that suits you, but some "rules" can help you look your best if you're feeling uncertain.


Stacked and layered

Share to Pinterestwoman wearing multiple complementary necklaces

Good news for those who love wearing lots of jewelry. Keep it up. The trend of over-accessorizing that started last year is still going strong with few signs of diminishing any time soon. Check out the pages of your favorite online fashion magazine and you’ll see an array of metals, textures, and splashy, vibrant decor for the earlobes, down to the waist, and everywhere in between. Stacking your favorite pieces not only lets your creative side shine, but it gives off a playful, fun-loving vibe. Even if minimal comes back "in vogue," the right stack will always make a statement.


Retro is always cutting-edge

Share to Pinterestwoman wearing a vintage ring and earrings

Antique, vintage, and retro jewelry from any era maintains its favor with generations of jewelry lovers. Whether it’s a 1950s designer necklace that converts into a bracelet, an art deco piece from the 30s, or a glamorous brooch from Hollywood’s Golden Age, retro jewelry tends to pair well with modern fashion. Hook small brooches to the straps of your favorite slip dress, or add a pair of dangling vintage earrings to compliment a billowy sleeved blouse.


Embrace enamel jewelry

Share to Pinterestwoman removing an enamel pendant on a chain from a box

Studies show that bright colors can lift our mood. Few types of jewelry offer vibrant color combinations better than enamel. The techniques artisans use to create these unique pieces are centuries-old. Enamel is a mixture of metal and powder coating, which are fused in extremely high temperatures for lasting impact.

Look for bold, colorful pieces with excellent luster. Mix and match pieces to create a nostalgic, vintage look. Opt for a dainty necklace with enamel charms if you’re looking for a more subtle impression.


Anything goes with brooches and pins

Share to Pinterestwoman with contemporary brooch on dress

Brooches and pins have had a long-term love-hate relationship in fashion circles, often being shoved into the “matronly” category. But today, you see exceptional examples pinned to the lapels of trendsetters and jewelry lovers of all ages and genders.

Traditionally worn on the left lapel, there are no such rules in contemporary fashion circles. While vintage styles are super-popular, the most important thing to remember when adding a brooch or pin to your outfit is to avoid the expected. Instead of one brooch, add a cluster. Try using a larger one to cinch the waist of a skirt. Add them to a favorite hat or your hair.



Share to Pinterestwoman wearing single pearl on turquoise chain

Some fashionistas may claim the jewel is out of style, but the pearl continues to make its way back onto the list of trendy, fashion-forward add-ons season after season. If there was a “little black dress” in the jewelry world, it would be the pearl necklace. But instead of a sole strand, the latest incarnation features multiple rows in varying lengths and pearl sizes.

Pearls hanging from chains is a growing trend. The perfectly round pearl has stepped aside and made room for unique shapes, such as baroque and cornflake pearls in an array of shades from pink to silvery black.


Fashion and chains

Share to Pintereststylish woman wearing thick gold link chain

Chunky gold or silver chains transition easily from casual to dressed-up looks and are at the height of popularity. The thicker the link, the bolder the look, but you can also mix a variety of styles to create a one-of-a-kind, original arrangement. Choose those that feel weighty in the hand — they’re most likely of better quality.


Gemstones are attention-grabbers

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Eye-catching and colorful, precious and semi-precious gemstones are mesmerizing jewelry components. Available in a massive array of colors and textures, you don’t need to have a huge wallet to add some to your accessory collection. In the past, gemologists considered precious stones to be more valuable, but not anymore. They’ve found that some semi-precious stones are worth far more. Lab-grown diamonds are just as beautiful, and you’ll pay a fraction of the cost while avoiding the violence inherent to natural ones. Their availability has soared in recent years.


Create a halo with a headband

Share to Pinterestwoman wearing studded headband and sunglasses

Who says hair accessories can’t also be the perfect piece of jewelry to top off a look? The jeweled versions, complete with detailed embellishments, are the latest thing in accessories and can suit long, medium, or short hair with equal impact. Find versions with varying widths and decorated with your favorite color of crystals, rhinestones, beads, shells, pearls, or sequins.



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Over the past year or so, a focus on the area between the top of the head and the shoulders became the norm as more people communicated with friends, family, and co-workers via web conferencing platforms. Chokers and striking shorter-length necklaces between 14 and 16 inches in length jumped to the forefront of must-have jewelry pieces. Pearl, chain, ribbon, and leather chokes are versatile options to keep in your jewelry collection.


Recognizing and mixing metal types

Share to Pinterestwoman wearing gold and silver necklace

Throughout fashion history, there has been a rule against mixing metals when it comes to the jewelry you wear. But in recent years, jewelry designers have pushed aside those dated notions and embraced new mixed-metal designs. The results are more interesting, dynamic pieces in new shades that link silver and gold.

Bridge pieces are bracelets, rings, or necklaces, or other jewelry in various metal shades that connect white and yellow pieces. Wearing even a piece or two of another metal color alongside your silver or gold ensemble can create a more stylized, contemporary look.



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