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Share to PinterestStylish Napkin Folding for Your Next Dinner Party

Stylish Napkin Folding for Your Next Dinner Party

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestStylish Napkin Folding for Your Next Dinner Party

Transform your dinner table into a showcase of elegance with the art of napkin folding. Far from being outdated, these easy yet impressive designs add a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Be it a family gathering with your in-laws, a festive Thanksgiving feast, or a cozy dinner party with friends, these napkin folds will elevate your table setting and showcase your attention to detail. Get ready to impress your guests with your flair for style and make your next dinner party a memorable one!


Place card napkin fold

Share to Pinterestpocket place card napkin fold

The place card napkin fold isn't just for family gatherings. It's a simple and inexpensive way to dress up place settings at larger gatherings such as a wedding or formal dinner. It is also ideal when seating arrangement is key for avoiding those awkward combinations. These folds are simple and quick, while practical and attractive — though you can increase their elaborateness, too. As an alternative, the pocket in this fold can hold sweet-smelling herbs or cutlery.


Lotus napkin fold

Share to Pinterestlotus flower napkin fold

This beautiful fold looks elaborate and difficult, making it an instantly Instagram-worthy accomplishment. It will also impress the heck out of your guests. While it can be time-consuming, the lotus fold is not as hard as it looks. Ensure your folds are crisp, though. A bone folder or iron can help.


Christmas tree napkin fold

Feeling festive? A Christmas tree fold is a great way to add some whimsy and cheer to your holiday table. This simple style can be done quickly and will leave your guests feeling all the holiday joy. Add a dash of colour to the table with red, green, or silver napkins.

Share to PinterestA napkin in a whimsical Christmas tree fold
Redphotographer / Getty Images


Bow tie napkin fold

There are multiple ways to master this simple yet classy napkin fold. The easiest is to wrap a napkin ring at the center and flare the ends out. But, if you want to really impress your guests, a properly folded napkin bow, complete with a ribbon at its center, will complete your table setting with almost no effort.

Share to PinterestA festive bow tie napkin fold
anyaivanova / Getty Images


Tuxedo napkin fold

Share to Pinteresttuxedo style napkin fold

What's a bow tie without a tuxedo? This fun fold is one of the simpler ones, requiring minimal folding and no pressing. It is a great decoration for dad's birthday, Father's Day, or even a formal dinner. For holiday gatherings, place a holiday cracker or sprig of holly in the "neck hole."


Bread basket napkin fold

Get fancy with your breads and buns by opting for a unique napkin bread basket over the ordinary bread bowl. Not only will this fancy folding impress your guests; it will keep your rolls warm, too. This simple design only takes a moment and a few basic folds to perfect. As an added bonus, that's one less dish you'll have to wash when the party is over.

Share to PinterestA loaf of bread wrapped in a cloth napkin
TorriPhoto / Getty Images


Flower napkin folds

Share to Pinterestnapkin folded like a flower

This gorgeous napkin fold will brighten any table setting. Creating pretty and colorful flowers in wine, champagne, or juice glasses will take your Sunday brunch to the next level. Get extra fancy by adding real leaves or multicolored napkins. With just a few simple folds and rolls, your floral setting will be well in bloom.


Bunny napkin fold

Everyone will love these adorable bunny napkin folds. With a little extra time and effort, you can master this style for your next Easter dinner or spring brunch. Use a variety of spring colors to add flair and cheer to your table setting. These sweet little bunnies are their own centerpieces.

Share to PinterestA simple bunny napkin fold
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Peacock napkin fold

Share to Pinterestpeacock fan napkin fold

This style is another great way to incorporate glassware into the napkin design. Peacocks have long been a sign of sophistication and beauty. Who wouldn't want that on their table for their next fancy dinner party? To amplify the elegance of this look, use richly colored napkins. For crisp tail folds, have your iron handy.


Holiday crown napkin fold

This classic design gives you the opportunity to showcase ornaments, small gifts, notes, or even photos in the fold. Since it sits proudly on top of the plate, it acts as the perfect display case. With a sprig of holly, this napkin style will beautify your Christmas table. For other holidays, such as Easter, place colored eggs in the pocket. Your guests will love the extra surprise.

Share to PinterestA fancy crown napkin fold
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