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Share to PinterestInspiration For A Homemade Spring Wreath

Inspiration For A Homemade Spring Wreath

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestInspiration For A Homemade Spring Wreath

As the seasons change and the weather gets a little warmer, there's no better time to spruce up the house—inside and out. A spring wreath is the perfect way to add a splash of color to your front door. Alternatively, these versatile decorations create a beautiful centerpiece for the dining table when guests come by. With so much to enjoy and celebrate this season, there is plenty of spring wreath inspiration out there.


Celebrate the newness of spring

As spring is the season of new beginnings, using fresh greenery in place of colorful flowers is a great idea for adding a twist to your seasonal wreath. Eucalyptus and ferns offer a refreshing look that will brighten the street while waiting for new buds to blossom. With foliage intertwined between twigs and sticks, the wreath will project those "first days of spring" vibes, where everything is starting to regain color and life after the long winter.


Embrace a bit of chaos

Even with the best of intentions for spring cleaning, life can quickly become chaotic. So why not embrace the chaos within the confines of your wreath? Mix and match organic elements like foliage and dried grasses with ornaments of various sizes. Who's to say your wreath has to be a perfect circle? Embrace the imperfections of nature! Adding pops of chaotic color to your wreath is bound to brighten a gray, rainy day. Without the pressure of trying to create a perfectly pristine wreath, you can have more fun experimenting!


Modernize your hoop

For a more minimalist aesthetic, try a hoop wreath instead. These stripped-back wreaths have become much more popular in recent years and work just as well hung on the wall by the door, tiered up the stairs, or even on the backs of dining chairs. Pampas grasses and single-flower stems twist together along one section of the hoop to create a stunning, versatile decoration. That being said, hoop wreaths can still be bold and bright if you prefer. Add vibrant florals and oversized ribbons to counteract the thin hoop framework.


Use a wheel instead

If you prefer a more shabby chic style, wheels are a great base alternative for your wreath. An old bicycle wheel decorated with flowers has a quirky, vintage feel that works perfectly for cottages and rural homes. They can even work well as DIY wedding decorations. Foliage, flowers, and ribbons can be twisted around all the spokes to create a fuller look, or around just a few for a more dainty style.


Pack it with wildness

For a budget-friendly spring wreath, use wildflowers rather than store-bought bouquets. Wildflowers tend to be more delicate and dainty, which creates a natural look that really captures the energy and free spirit of the season. Choose daisies, poppies, or bachelor's buttons, and fill the wreath out with plenty of foliage. You could even make a family day of it by heading into the countryside to pick your own stems.


Explode with bold color

The great thing about making your own wreath is that you can be as bold and eccentric as you like. Spring brings a whole lot of color with it, so your wreath should be no different. Mix pinks, purples, and yellows in between fresh green foliage for true spring style. Or, just go with flowers that match your existing decor. Pastel pieces can be replaced with bolder shades as the weather brightens and summer arrives. A wreath bursting with color is bound to put a spring in your step as you arrive home from a drab day at work.


Stick with sticks

A spring wreath made from only sticks will not only create a cool, rustic feel but will also give your wreath some longevity. With a stick wreath, you may find you can reuse it the following year. You could also add smaller flowers to the sticks to give the wreath a more delicate touch. Alternatively, use driftwood for a coastal feel.


Forgo the flowers

Pampas grass has become the go-to home accessory in recent years, and it makes a great material for your wreath. And why stop there? There's nothing to say wreaths have to include flowers and greenery. Instead, use feathers, pinecones, ribbons, or pom poms. You could even add colorful egg decorations for an Easter theme.


Keep it minimal

For a clean, modern look, keep things minimal. Sometimes a simple wreath with single sprigs of greenery is just as beautiful as a fuller piece. For a little color, you could also cluster flowers into small groups at different sections along the wreath hoop. As mentioned above, using sticks for the framework is a great way to strip things back for a simpler style.


Use a basket instead

Scrap the wreath altogether and create a table centerpiece with a basket. Fill the basket with potpourri, fresh flowers, and other greenery to create a whimsical decoration. Alternatively, find a basket that can be hung up with a belt or leather strap. A basket with a lid lets you hide the stems. You could even fill one side with styrofoam so that the open side is bursting with flowers.



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