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How to Post Pictures on Instagram from Your Computer

By Chris Jones
Share to PinterestHow to Post Pictures on Instagram from Your Computer

Instagram is a great tool for posting pictures and videos to your followers. Instagram is meant to focus on pictures, and that's what it does.

Business owners and individuals alike enjoy uploading pictures to Instagram to share with their adoring audience. But Instagram is made for mobile devices, so you have to use a workaround to post from your desktop.



How to Post a Photo Using Chrome from your desktop

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Tarık Kızılkaya / Getty Images

Instagram is made for the mobile platform, so it's easy to upload photos you took on your phone. But what about uploading from your desktop? To do this, you have to use web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, or other tools as a middleman.

To use Chrome, go to Instagram to sign into your account. Right-click the page and choose "Inspect" and click the tablet icon. This will allow you to switch to mobile view and you can now upload a photo from your desktop computer.

What this does is that it tricks Instagram into thinking you're on a mobile device. Neat, huh?


How to Upload Using Safari

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Tarık Kızılkaya / Getty Images

If you are an Apple user and you are using Safari, follow these steps:

  • Go to Safari, then Preferences, then Advanced.
  • Check the box at the bottom that says, "show the develop menu in menu bar."
  • Open a private browsing window.
  • Go to the Develop section, then click User Agent, then the Safari and iOS options.
  • Now go to Instagram and sign in to upload photos from your desktop.

Just like in the tutorial on uploading using Chrome, the actions trick the Instagram platform into thinking you are on your mobile device, allowing you to upload photos straight from your desktop.


What does the Instagram help section say?

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oneinchpunch / Getty Images

If you go to Instagram support to try to solve this problem, you'll get a different answer. In fact, they explain how to take and upload a photo from a mobile device. But they make no mention of how to upload one from your desktop. In fact, they say it can't be done.

But like in the movie, Apollo 13, we don't want to know what something was designed to do. We want to know what it can do. That's why we are providing this tutorial on how to get around the usual obstacles and accomplish the task.


An Alternate Method to Upload from Desktop (Steps 1-3)

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stock-eye / Getty Images

We like being able to think outside the box to bring you the answers you need to do what you want. So below, we have provided yet another solution to upload photos from your desktop if you don't want to use the above platforms and follow our other instructions.

  1. First, take any photos from your phone that you want to upload and save them to Google Drive, DropBox, or any other application that allows you to save files to the cloud.
  2. Go to your cloud drive and download the photos to your desktop. However, this step is not necessary if you are using your mobile phone to upload the pictures to Instagram.
  3. Using your mobile device, go to your Google Drive or DropBox app to make sure the photos got uploaded.


Alternate Method (Steps 4-6)

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villagemoon / Getty Images

4. Log into your Instagram account on your mobile device and select "upload a photo."

5. Search for the photo in your phone or device, under your Google Drive or DropBox directory. If you have downloaded the picture to your device, you can find it in the folder you saved it in, as well.

6. Choose the photo you want from your phone in the protected location or from your sky drive such as Google Drive to post to Instagram.


How to Make Your Photos Look Their Best

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filadendron / Getty Images

Another tip we'd like to offer is how to make your Instagram photos shine. After all, you want your pictures you are sharing with the world to be the best they can be, right?

In case you don't know, Adobe now offers several of their photo editing apps and other creative applications all in one low monthly package.

You'll have access to all of the significant Adobe creative tools to create, edit, and improve the appearance of your photos, videos, and much more. And it's all offered at one low price per month with that offer.


How to Get Your Instagram Photos to Go Viral

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scyther5 / Getty Images

Instagram is an excellent platform on which to share your photographic work. It allows you to share anything you post for your followers and encourage engagement and interaction among your most loyal fans.

But how do you get your Instagram photos to go viral? Below are a few ideas:

  1. Make it something unique, funny, or adorable. People like the bizarre, they like to laugh, and they love cute things like animals and babies. If you think along these lines, you might have a viral photo.
  2. Create professional-looking photos with editing. The better your photos look, the more likely they are to get attention. So make them the best they can be.


Upload frequently for continued engagement.

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gradyreese / Getty Images

If you want to get and keep the attention of your target audience and followers on Instagram, you need to upload and post photos frequently. This means posting perhaps as many as 3-5 times per week to keep the level of interest and engagement going.

You can also add excellent captions and titles that draw attention to your photos and videos for an added touch.


Upload from mobile for fastest responses.

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thomas-bethge / Getty Images

Although we have shown you how to upload photos from your desktop to Instagram in this post, we also want to emphasize that Instagram is a mobile platform, so you should take advantage of this fact by uploading from your mobile device when you can.

If you have a nice cell phone with high resolution, you should be able to present your Instagram followers with nice pictures on-the-go that they will appreciate and follow. Always be on the lookout for photo opportunities from nature, people, and events that others might not think of. Photography is an art form to make it artistic and creative.


The Legal Stuff

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franckreporter / Getty Images

One other thing we wanted to share with you is the legal issues in taking photos of people. The law states that you may take pictures of people from behind or in such a way that does not reveal their face or any of their property without permission.

But if you show their face and they or their property are recognizable, you must get written permission to use the photos. If you are a professional photographer, you'll want to have a release form handy when you take pictures you want to share. If you get permission, you won't have a problem.



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