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How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

By Chris Jones
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If you use the Google Chrome browser, you may find that you need to export your bookmarks from Chrome to another browser or another device. For example, you may want your Google Chrome browser's bookmarks on your mobile device, such as your smartphone or tablet.

Some tablets, such as Kindle Fire only allow you to use their browser, which means if you want your bookmarks from your Chrome browser, you must export them and import them into whichever device you're using.

Luckily, it's easy to import your Chrome bookmarks.


Open Your Google Chrome Browser

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The first thing you must do is open your Chrome browser. You'll need to go to the device you wish to import your bookmarks from. If your bookmarks are associated with a particular Google login, you'll have to log in to that account as well. Make sure you are in the correct account and that the bookmarks you wish to transfer are there.


Go into Your Bookmark Manager

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Once Google Chrome is open, you'll need to go into your bookmark manager. To do this, you'll need to find the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. Click on then, and you'll see a menu. Select Bookmarks and that will take you to the Bookmark Manager.

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Other Ways to Go to the Bookmarks Manager

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You can also enter the Bookmarks Manager using keystrokes. On a PC running Windows, you need to press Ctrl - Shift - O (the letter O, not the number zero) at the same time. On a Mac, you need to press Option - Command - B at the same time to bring up the Bookmarks Manager.


Select the Organize Menu

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Once you are in the Bookmarks Manager, you need to select the Organize drop-down menu. The Organize menu button is in the top center portion of the screen and has a black triangle pointing downward, similar to an arrow. When you select it, you will have a choice of options on the menu.


Export Your Bookmarks

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Within the Organize menu is a series of different actions you can perform. Select the menu item that says Export bookmarks to HTML file. After you select it, you should be asked where you want to save the HTML file. You'll need to decide on a location where you want the file saved so you can remember to retrieve it when you need it.

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Name Your Bookmarks File

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Now that you're exporting your bookmarks, you need to give it a name that will remind you what it is. You will also have to save your bookmarks to a place where your other devices can import them. If you decide to go with the default name, it will save the bookmarks to a file called bookmarks and the date they were exported.

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Save Your Bookmarks File

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Select Save and Chrome will begin exporting your bookmarks. If you decide on the default location for your save, it will save it in your Downloads folder. Otherwise, if you specify a different folder, it will save it into that. After the export, you should go to the directory where you saved your bookmarks file and ensure it is there.

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Where Can You Use Your Bookmarks?

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Now that you have your exported bookmarks, you can import them into any Internet browser -- even a different browser from Google Chrome. The exported bookmarks are in an HTML language that all browsers can read and import, making it ideal to import to places such as your smartphone, tablet, or other computers.

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Importing Your Bookmarks Into Other Browsers

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Importing your bookmarks into other browsers is easy. Because most browsers handle bookmark files in HTML, you simply have to look for the import bookmarks in HTML format to import them into your new device. Each browser is different for importing, so be sure to look up how to do it for each device on the Internet.

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Testing Your Imported Bookmarks

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Once you have your bookmarks imported, you'll want to test them to be sure that all your bookmarks were copied correctly. Do this by opening your browser, opening a tab, going to your bookmarks, and selecting each of your bookmarks to make certain the links transferred over correctly. If they did not, you might have to export and import the bookmarks again.



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