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How to Delete an Instagram Account

By Chris Jones
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Instagram can be a lot of fun until it is not. A lot of people worry about their privacy when using the popular social media network. Others worry that things they posted previously will be used against them. Whatever your situation is, you can always delete an Instagram account if you have significant concerns. Deleting an account only takes a few minutes of your time, and can save you a lot of heartache in certain situations. There are also a few steps you may want to take before deleting your account to ensure you are making the right decision.


Make Sure You Really Want to Delete Your Account

Before you delete your Instagram account, make sure you understand the repercussions if you do. Deleting your account is a final step, and you will not be able to access anything you posted again if you do. Any photos, messages, or responses you received will be gone. Thus, you want to make sure you save any photos you may no longer have on your phone or computer and review your page to look for any contact information you may need. You will also lose your followers list and any personal messages once you delete your account.

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Review Your Data on Instagram

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Before deleting your account, consider the fact that Instagram allows you to control all of your data that is posted on the site. You may want to review your data and assess if better privacy controls would meet your needs better than deleting your entire account.

To do this, access Instagram on the web or your phone and click on the settings icon which looks like the sun. Click ‘Privacy & Security’ and then scroll down to ‘Account Data’ and choose to ‘View Account Data.’


Download A Full Copy of Your Data on Instagram

If you want to seriously review all the data you have posted on the social media website, you may want to consider downloading your entire data history. You can do this by opening the settings icon and then choosing ‘Privacy and Security.’ Scroll down until you see ‘Data Download’ and then choose ‘Request Download.’ You will be asked for your email and Instagram password. Be aware that it may take up to 48 hours before you receive the download link from Instagram.


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Review Your Privacy Settings

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  Instagram by default will make your profile and posts public, but you can choose to change your privacy settings and restrict who can view your information. This may be enough to protect you against someone getting ahold of your information that you do not want too. Before deleting your account, consider opening your privacy settings and reviewing your settings. To do this, Open the person icon at the top of your screen next to your username and then choose ‘Account Privacy,’ Change your setting to ‘Private Account’ and review what will be available to others.


Consider Disabling Your Account

If you are not completely sure whether you want to delete your Instagram account, you may want to consider temporarily disabling your account. When you disable your account, all of your photos, comments, your profile, and likes are hidden from public view. To do this, log into your account from a computer and then click the profile icon on the top right. Choose ‘Edit Profile’ and scroll down until you see ‘Temporarily Disable My Account.’ Renter your password and select a reason why. Then simply choose ‘Temporarily Disable Account’ again, and your account will remain disabled until you log back in.

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Delete Your Own Account by Opening a Browser

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If you have decided to delete your account, log into Instagram from the web. You cannot use the Instagram app to delete your app. Therefore, you will have to open a mobile browser or get on a computer to do so. If you do not have a computer, you can always go to a public place such as a library to do so. It only will take you a few minutes to complete the process.


Open Delete Your Account Page

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Once you are signed into Instagram's website, head to the page titled ‘Delete Your Account.’ Select it, and you will be asked to re-enter your password. You will also be asked ‘Why Are You Deleting Your Account?’ To proceed, you need to choose a reason from the menu. After you choose one, you will be asked to put your password in again, and then you can choose the final option, ‘Permanently Delete My Account.’ After clicking this your account will be gone.

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Can I Delete Another Account?

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If you have a second account, then you will need to lot back out before doing so. Choose the sun icon located next to the username and choose ‘Log Out.’ Then log back in using the account details that you want to delete next. Simply follow the same directions listed in the previous step, and you can delete the second account in just minutes as well.

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Can Instagram Delete My Account?

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It may seem easier to have Instagram delete your account for you, but the company is unable to do so due to security reasons. This is true for parents that want to delete a child’s account or adults that want to disable the account of someone that has passed away. The only way to delete an account is by logging into the account with the proper username and password and choosing to delete it. If you do not know the password or username, there are steps you can take to obtain these.

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Can I Reactivate a Deleted Account?

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Once you delete an account, you can’t reactivate it again. It is gone forever. You also are not able to sign up for an Instagram with the same username or use that username to create a new account. The only way to open up an Instagram again will be to open it with a brand-new username and account.

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