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Share to PinterestUnlock Jars with These 15 Simple Hacks

Unlock Jars with These 15 Simple Hacks

Sean Martin
Share to PinterestUnlock Jars with These 15 Simple Hacks

When you're on the verge of a snack attack, there's little more frustrating than when the lid is too tight and a quick treat becomes a challenge. Luckily, smart people across the internet (and long before) have come up with many ways to break into stubborn jars without accidentally shattering the glass or leaving your hand with a nasty road rash. Don't let a stuck lid foil your snacking!


Get a grip

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It's not always the airtight seal stopping you from cracking open the jar. Sometimes, you just can't get a good enough grip on that shiny, slippery lid. Luckily, items around your kitchen can probably help! If nothing else is available, try wrapping a towel or rag around the lid to give you some traction. Sometimes, dampening the cloth slightly will help it grip better.


Tap it

Share to Pinteresttap jar to open lid

A bubble of air at the top of the lid is part of the airtight vacuum seal in most glass jars. If you tap the bubble hard enough, you'll be able to break the seal. Use a wooden spoon or the flat edge of a butter knife to firmly tap on the center of the lid several times. When you grab the jar again, you should be able to easily pry it open.


Use the "water hammer" method

Share to Pinteresthit bottom of jar to open lid

Hold the jar in your non-dominant hand at a 45-degree angle or upside-down, then use your dominant hand to firmly slap the base of the jar. You will hear a small pop when you've successfully broken the seal. The lid should turn more easily now!


Go with metal

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You'd be surprised at how little effort it takes at just the right spot to pry open your jar lid with a poke. Using a metal spoon or butter knife, insert the tip between the lid and the jar. You will hear a hissing noise or a small pop when you've broken the seal.


Heat it up

Share to Pinterestrun jar lid under water

There are many ways to heat up the top of the jar to make the metal in the lid expand. Hot water is the most common. Simply run the top of the jar under hot water for about a minute, or use a hair dryer to heat up the area between the lid and the jar for a few minutes. Open the lid with a dishcloth to avoid getting burned.


Bang the lid

Share to Pinteresttap jar lid to break seal

Another way of disrupting the air seal is to increase the pressure inside by giving the jar a few good knocks. Bang the side of the lid against a hard surface, preferably wood, without striking the glass of the jar itself. Rotate the lid while doing so to disrupt the pressure from different sides. Be very careful, and consider wrapping the jar in a towel before you do this, just in case it cracks.


Use rubber

Share to Pinterestrubber to open lid

Rubber is great for giving you a more solid grip on jars. You can put on a pair of rubber gloves or put a thick rubber band around the lid. Silicone mats work just as well. The goal is to have something that is rough or thick and tacky between your hand and the jar lid.


Wrap it

Share to Pinterestplastic wrap lid opener

If you don't have any rubber, wrap plastic wrap around a jar lid and secure it in place with a rubber band. Use your self-made grip to twist open the lid. You might have to add a second layer of plastic wrap or wrap the rubber band around a few times to make it secure enough.


Duct tape it

Share to Pinterestuse duct tape to open jar lid

Duct tape lends its strength to create a sort of handle for your jar lid. Wrap duct tape around the lid, leaving about two inches on both sides. Press these sticky flaps together to make a handle. Holding the jar with your non-dominant hand, use your dominant one to tug the duct tape handle and pull open the lid.


Get a jar opener

Share to Pinterestjar opener

When all else fails, you simply can't make the same method work to open jars every time, or you just love gadgets, get a jar-opening device. These dedicated tools are also very useful for people who have hand or physical strength issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or injuries. Manual ones provide the solid grip you need, while others offer hands-free jar openings.


Using a bottle opener to break the seal

Share to Pinterestmetal bottle opener

In the world of kitchen hacks, sometimes the most straightforward tools prove to be heroes. Take the humble bottle opener, for instance. While it's typically reserved for popping open a cold beverage, it can be a game-changer for stubborn jars. By gently wedging it under the lid's edge and applying a slight upward push, you can break the vacuum seal. This simple action often makes the difference between a jar that won't budge and one that opens with ease. So, next time you're faced with a defiant jar, remember this trick. Your bottle opener is waiting in the wings.


Using silicone for grip

Share to Pinterestbaking mat

Silicone baking mats have revolutionized the baking world, ensuring cookies slide off without a hitch. But their magic isn't limited to the oven. When faced with a jar that refuses to cooperate, wrap a silicone mat around its lid. The non-slip nature of silicone provides an unparalleled grip, turning what could be a battle with a jar into a swift victory. It's a testament to the versatility of kitchen tools and a reminder that sometimes, the solution is right in front of us, waiting to be discovered.


Soap dispenser

Share to Pinterestmason jar

Elevate your kitchen or bathroom aesthetics with a touch of DIY charm. Transforming a Mason jar into a soap dispenser is more than a functional hack; it's a statement. By replacing the standard lid with a pump insert, you create a rustic yet chic dispenser. It's a nod to farmhouse style, blending functionality with design. Every time you reach for soap, you'll be reminded of the beauty in repurposing and the joy of small, creative touches that make a house feel like a home.


Twine dispenser

Share to Pinteresttwine in jar

For those who love crafting, organization is key. Enter the Mason jar twine dispenser. By fashioning a small hole in the jar's lid and threading your twine or yarn through, you've got an elegant solution to tangled threads. Whether you're wrapping a heartfelt gift or diving into a DIY project, this hack ensures your twine is always ready for action. It's a blend of form and function, proving that sometimes, the best solutions are also the most beautiful.


Pour-spout pantry container

Share to Pinterestmason jars filled with grain

A well-organized pantry is a joy to behold, and with this Mason jar hack, you're one step closer. By ingeniously repurposing a milk carton's screw cap, your Mason jar becomes a pour-spout container. Ideal for storing grains, cereals, or any bulk item, it offers both convenience and style. Each time you pour, you'll appreciate the blend of innovation and design. It's a reminder that with a touch of creativity, everyday items can be transformed into something special.



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