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Share to PinterestGlue Slime Recipe and Activities

Glue Slime Recipe and Activities

By Max Day
Share to PinterestGlue Slime Recipe and Activities

Making and playing with slime is a favorite with kids, and it's a great way to keep them busy! Slime can be made several ways and consistencies. One of the popular ways to make it is by using simple glue products. There are many recipes available on the internet, using all sorts of products. We have narrowed it down to the easiest recipe, additions, and ways to use this fun substance. Grab the kids and make some today!


What You Need

Share to PinterestWhat You Need

The easiest glue slime recipe uses just three ingredients to make. You probably already have them in your home. First up is basic white school glue, brand name or not doesn't matter. The second is good old baking soda, you know, that box at the back of your fridge! The last ingredient is contact solution used for contact lenses. You may not have this one, but smaller bottles can be found at your nearest store.


How to Make Basic Glue Slime

Share to PinterestHow to Make Basic Glue Slime

Making the slime is very simple. If you have a large bowl that you already use for crafts, that's great. The bowl can be washed, and none of the ingredients are toxic, so it's really up to you. Empty an entire bottle (4 oz) of glue into the bowl. Next, add 1/2 tbsp of baking soda and 1/4 tbsp of contact lens solution. Stir all of the ingredients together until the magical slime is formed. The kids will love helping mix the ingredients, and it helps teach them how to make things.


Add Color

Share to PinterestAdd Color

Plain white slime is okay, but adding some color or sparkle is better! Adding color to slime is super easy! Again, an ingredient you probably already have is food coloring. Yes, it is that simple! Just add a couple of drops of food coloring with the rest of the ingredients to make colored slime. Making color variations is easy by adding more and fewer drops.


Add Glitter

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Does that princess want her slime to shine? Making glue slime sparkle is another easy thing to do. Just add any kind of craft glitter and stir it in with the rest of the ingredients. Colored glues and glues with different colored sparkles in it are also available. Use these glues in place of the plain white glue and follow the same recipe.


Science Experiments with Slime

Share to PinterestScience Experiments with Slime

Glue slime is a lot of fun to make, but more fun to play with! Most kids enjoy handling the slime and playing with its quirky texture. Did you know you can also use slime to get your kids learning? Several science projects can be made using slime. These simple activities are fun and a great way to get your kids thinking while playing.


Make Slime Glow in the Dark

Share to PinterestMake Slime Glow in the Dark

Things that glow in the dark are mesmerizing to children. Glue slime can be made using glow in the dark glue instead of plain white. The slime can be used to have fun in the dark making shapes, hide and seek, or use it to teach about the wonders of bioluminescence. Use the slime to teach kids about the animals and plants that have their own glow!


Constellations with Slime

Share to PinterestConstellations with Slime

Using the same glow in the dark slime that you already made, another fun project is in the stars. A simple way to teach your kids about constellations is to make this fun slime project! Using black construction paper, use the slime to place dots (stars) and connect them using glow in the dark glue. The papers can be hung on the wall for a fun nighttime experience in their rooms!


Use Slime to Teach Gravity

Share to PinterestUse Slime to Teach Gravity

Part of the fun of playing with slime is making it morph into all sorts of shapes and sizes. Another teachable moment arises! Glue slime is a great way to teach your little ones about the fundamentals of gravity. Once a basic lesson on gravity has been given, have your kids do simple tests with the slime. Use different sized balls to throw at the wall or ceiling and see which one hits the ground first. Kids can also hold the slime and have it hit the floor and challenge which ones reach first.



Share to PinterestTips

Slime is a pretty basic item, but there are some tips to prolong the life of your slime and to play safely. Some slime recipes will call for the use of borax, which is a toxic ingredient. It is not necessary to use this product as there are plenty of recipes that do not use it. Another great tip is if you find your slime to be too sticky all you do is add a bit more contact lens solution. Lastly, unless you have put protection on the wall for a specific project, slime should never be used on walls or furniture!


Glue Slime Storage

Share to PinterestGlue Slime Storage

Slime on average will last about a week or possibly even less. You probably don't want to keep it any longer since you cannot disinfect it. Slime can be kept fresh by using a ziplock bag just make sure to squeeze the air from the bag once the slimes inside. An airtight container with a lid is also a good option. Make sure to wash hands before using the slime to keep it clean. If it becomes too dirty, dispose of it early and make a new batch.



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