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Share to PinterestGet Inspired By These Unique Pocket Square Folds

Get Inspired By These Unique Pocket Square Folds

By Paula Ramirez
Share to PinterestGet Inspired By These Unique Pocket Square Folds

Using a variety of pocket square folds is a simple but powerful way to add style to your look. The pocket square first entered men's fashion in the 19th century, as a descendant of the handkerchief, along with the two-piece suit. While the outfit became a mainstay, the pocket square hit a few setbacks. Now, the accessory is having a comeback as people seek out various ways to add a unique flair and depth to business or dress outfits. Several casual and formal pocket square folds can take your suit jacket to the next level.


Reverse Puff

Share to Pinterestreverse puff pocket square

The loose peaks of this pocket square fold give a spontaneous-yet-relaxed flair to your outfit that is great for blazers and casual suits. Although it's suitable for any material, it's perfect for silk, which works best with loose folds. Show off patterns and contrasting borders with a single-shade topper or bring a pop of solid color to a patterned suit jacket.


Single Peak

Share to Pinterestsingle peak pocket fold

This versatile pocket square fold, also called Single Point Up, goes well with both business and casual. It also goes well with the most formal of suits, its sharpness making it a popular go-to for black-tie events, dates, and weddings. Use cotton or linen. While solid colors always work, you can emphasize its shape with patterns, especially contrasting borders.


Two Peaks

Share to Pinterestdouble peak pocket square

The Two Peaks fold, also called Two Points Up or Pyramid is slightly stronger and more refined than the Single Peak. It is traditionally for formal and business outfits but also goes well with sports jackets. The slightly off-center fold follows the same rules as the Single Peak, with one big difference: you can show off contrasting colors or patterns on both the front and back.


Three Peaks

Share to Pinterestthree peaks pocket square

Also called Three Tips Up or Crown fold, this pocket square fold is traditional for formal outfits. It makes a vivid statement. The confident person who wants to express his or herself can choose cotton or linen and combine the square with a blazer jacket, sportcoat, or suit jacket. If you want to be even bolder, use strong colors and patterns.


Four Peaks

Share to Pinterestfour peak pocket square fold

One of the most common pocket square folds around, this one is also called the Crown or Cagney fold. It's a fun accent that is both formal and flashy. The moderately complex fold is equally good for business and casual outfits. Although you can use cotton or linen with colors or patterns, it works best with thin, stiff fabrics. Starched linen is one example that holds the fold without adding bulk.


Winged Peak

Share to Pinterestwinged peak pocket square

The Winged Peak or Winged Puff fold has much the same effect as the Single Peak but with soft curves. It's perfect for silk because not only does this pocket square fold reflect the light with its curves, it takes to fabrics that don't hold crisp creases. You can use it for undersized pocket squares, thanks to its compact size. If you fold it right, you can show off a contrasting front and back.


Angled Peaks

Share to Pinterestangled peaks pocket square

Neater and sharper than the Reverse Puff, and more compact than the Four Peaks, this pocket square fold has more vigor and flair than either. It's a welcome alternative for those who want something different for formal events. The peaks face the same direction to create movement, upping the visual interest of tailored suits. This more complex fold is best in silk. Pair a pocket square that has a contrasting border with a plain necktie or vice-versa to catch everyone's eye.



Share to Pinterestfancy rose pocket square

The Rose or Scallop pocket square fold needs practice and is somewhat challenging to pull off. There are a couple of different ways to create the same fold, but when you form it correctly, it resembles a rose in bloom. It is best for silk and other glossy, rich fabrics in solid white, red or pink shades, which show off this fold's curves. Use in business or casual outfits for weddings and other celebrations when you want to be fashion-forward without being overly formal.



Share to Pintereststairs pocket square

This pocket square fold strays a little off the beaten path while remaining classy in silk. Careful folds form a three-tiered edge that draws attention and creates movement, so you'll need a little practice to capture the effect. It's best for black-tie or black-tie optional events. Solid colors and polka-dot patterns are the most popular choices for this formal fold.



Share to Pinterestfolding croissant pocket square

Just like the pastry, this intricate pocket square fold has several layers. Use it best to your advantage by bringing out solid colors or turn contrasting borders into a more complex, interesting pattern. Its many folds make it great for casual events. You can use any material for this sharp, fun accent.



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