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Share to PinterestDIY Wall Decor Ideas You're Going to Love

DIY Wall Decor Ideas You're Going to Love

Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestDIY Wall Decor Ideas You're Going to Love

Think of that blank, dull wall in your living room or kitchen as an opportunity for you to experiment with your own wall decor ideas and learn more about your creativity and tastes. How you decorate your living room and bedroom depends on what you want to feel or what message you want to send. There are plenty of ideas, but the best ones are often the simplest. The best thing about these ideas is that you can use items you already have and add a few sprinkles of imagination without coming close to busting your budget. There is something inherently satisfying about having that spark of an idea become a stunning reality.


3-D Metallic naturals

Share to Pinterestsynthetic leaves branches metallic paint
jchizhe / Getty Images

Buy synthetic tropical leaves and branches from your favorite craft store, as well as brown craft paper, colored paper, metallic spray and a couple of picture frames. Spray the top side of the leaf or branch on top of the taped brown paper and let it dry. Create eye-popping contrast by adding the colored paper to the back of the frame. When you’re ready, use your glue the tips of the branches or leaves and put them in the frames.


Hearts and flowers

Share to PinterestMaking pressed flowers frames

This is great as a special addition to your bedroom or living room walls. You can either make your own paper-shaped roses, or you can get some synthetic ones from the craft store and cut them to fit. Using thick poster board paper, cut out a few heart-shaped pieces to use as your base. Glue the roses, so that the flowers completely cover the paper. Create a loop on the back of the paper with some glue and a strip of ribbon for handing.


Sunburst frame

Share to PinterestDecorative wall round mirror in the shape of the sun, a golden cooper mirror, modern shape in the Scandinavian style.

A simple sunburst frame adds brightness to any bedroom. Get a pack or two of long straws. Take some and cut them in half, then grab the half of those and cut them in half again, so that you have three different lengths. Cut a piece of cardboard into a donut shape with an inner diameter of about 3 or 4 inches. Create the first burst layer with the longest straws, gluing them to the inner edge of the circle. Glue the shorter straws between those, and repeat until you feel you have it nicely layered. Finally, spray it with your favorite metallic color.


Old shutters

Share to Pinterestold wooden shutters
Turnervisual / Getty Images

One of the quickest ways to spice up a dull wall is to add old wooden shutters. Their natural rustic look adds texture to the room, and you can easily play around with the layout by using a larger shutter in the middle with smaller ones on each side. To add an extra pop of color, hang a simple wreath in the middle of the main shutter.


Repurpose calendar pictures

Share to Pinterestpainting frames

If you’ve ever had a calendar with some beautiful pictures that you hated to throw away, here’s a way to keep them. Create simple wooden frames with four or six compartments each. Paint or spray on your desired color and just add the pictures in each compartment. You can hang all of them in one room in different sequences or separately in different rooms.


Twine design

Share to PinterestVarious decorative ropes - knolling

Having mixed media on your wall is a great conversation piece. One way to accomplish this is to use jute twine, nails, a framed canvas, and your imagination. First, decide on the design you want to create. The intricate designs are more beautiful but do take some time to complete. Plan your design by placing nails in strategic spots and wrap the twine around the nails in sequence. Once you’re done, hang it up, and enjoy it.


Layered heart frames

Share to Pinterestpopsicle sticks layers
David Malan / Getty Images

Using popsicle sticks and your glue gun, create the first layer in the shape of a heart. Add three or four more layers in the same fashion. When complete, you can paint this frame with a contrasting color and hang using a couple of nails or a sawtooth hanger. To make this wall accent even more special, add some favorite pictures of loved ones in the middle.


Go halfsies

Share to Pinteresthalf-dipped painting acrylic
valentinrussanov / Getty Images

This is one of the more fun ways to make those cheap framed paintings in the craft store more exciting. You’ll need three, preferably with different orientations, some acrylic paints, painter’s tape, and brown craft paper. With the brown paper and tape, cover half the painting, horizontally or vertically. Then paint the other half, frame included, with your acrylic paints to make it look like it was dipped in paint.


Lantern walls

Share to Pinteresthandmade paper lanterns on orange background

One simple, elegant DIY wall decor idea is to create a lantern wall. Using a leveler to create straight rows, mark the spots to hang the lanterns. Whatever pattern you choose, the neatness of the design makes it outstanding, especially when they are lit. For safety, opt for battery-operated lanterns or use simple LED lights that impart a nice twinkle.


Treasure tubes

Share to PinterestA bunch of brown industrial paper core. A lot of paper cores or paper tubes. Brown paper rolls.

To make your own multi-colored set, you need cardboard shipping tubes of various sizes, a utility knife, acrylic craft paint with a brush, a couple of nails, and sandpaper. Cut the tubes in 6-inch lengths and sandpaper the rim to remove any extra fibers. Paint the inside, outside, and rims and let them dry. Finally, glue the tubes together in whatever formation you want and hang them with the nails. These treasure tubes are great for holding keys, phones, kitchen utensils, or office supplies.



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