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Share to PinterestCreating Order With a DIY Shoe Rack

Creating Order With a DIY Shoe Rack

By Sean Martin
Share to PinterestCreating Order With a DIY Shoe Rack

Go to the hallway, and look at how many of your shoes are scattered across the floor right now. Sure, shoe racks abound, but if you're looking for something you're going to use, that's going to add to your aesthetic rather than take away from it, you're probably going to want to go the DIY route. Luckily, there's no end to the internet inspiration for cool shoe storage ideas.


Work in an industrial theme

Working in a theme is a fun way to approach home decorating — and one that has tremendous payoff! An industrial theme is a fairly straightforward and undeniably popular example. Get your upcycle on using found objects such as metal piping and reclaimed wood. Industrial styles are very much in trend, have a brazen-yet-chic look, and are a DIYer’s dream! A little creativity, some pipe, and some wood is all it takes to have an urban and stylish home fit for an art gallery.


Make it a passion project

You may think it’s just shoe storage — how much can it really matter? But like anything in your home, storing your footwear is a chance to imprint your personality onto your living space, to really make a statement. That’s why people love projects that let them turn their passions into something creative and practical — like repurposing old skateboard decks as shelves.


Give something a new purpose

You don’t want to buy even more storage. You don’t want to build a piece of furniture. You do want something that is one of a kind. Good news: just about anything can be furniture! Repurposing the right objects can be a great way to make use of something that was only going to be thrown away, like paint cans, old crates — even an unused towel bar!


Get creative with your space

Share to Pinteresthidden shoe storage

When it comes to shoe storage, your hallway probably cannot contain every pair you own. Luckily, a DIY shoe rack allows you to get creative by using existing structures and hidden caches to hide away shoes, all without drawing attention to unseemly furniture, taking up precious space, or without compromising on style. A cleverly designed rolling bin — or even sliding — storage system, which can be hidden beneath a bench and brought out when needed, will help your out of sight out of mind approach to shoe storage. If you want to take it to the next level, create hinged doors that hide the clutter


When you need more space

Many of these solutions will work for people who own somewhere between a few and "quite a few" shoes. But what about the real fashionistas, the people with a shoe collection that would have been at home on the set of The Devil Wears Prada? This is where some of the more ingenious practical solutions come in, those that section of wall and dare to ask “just how many shoes can go here"? Have you ever considered using hangers to keep your floors clutter-free, and turning your walls into an extravagant shoe display?


Neat and tidy

Share to PinterestCreating Order With a DIY Shoe Rack

If you have children who need guiding hand for getting out the door, or if you're an extremely organized type A personality, a simple storage solution might not do the trick. Instead, opt for something that speaks to the scheduling side of your brain: post a chalkboard or other display above each shoe section and label footwear by day, weather, or occasion.


Seating and storage

Share to Pintereststorage bench for shoes

As anyone who’s ever tried putting shoes on standing up will attest, having a place to sit and squeeze your feet into your favorite sneakers is a must. When that’s the case, it just makes logical sense to incorporate shoe storage and bench seating into a chic 2-in-1 DIY storage solution. There are a number of creative ways you can do this, such as building day baskets beneath a pre-existing bench.


A ladder to shoe heaven

Ladder storage is a super hot trend in furniture these days. With a DIY ladder shoe rack, you can build something simple and striking by utilising an eye-catching angled design design that couldn’t be any simpler to build. With a ladder, it’s easy to cleverly arrange shoes by level, bringing some much needed order to things.


Tessellating patterns

Share to Pintereststacking triangle shoe shelf

Nothing screams style quite like funky shapes and patterns, but surely that can’t be achieved with some simple DIY shoe racks? Think again! No matter what medium you’re working with, whether it’s simple cardboard or a slightly more ambitious nested wood design, stacking matching shapes at various angles can give you something that catches the eye and holds all the shoes — and it doesn't have to break the bank or take too long!


A more decorative DIY shoe rack

Share to Pinterestmore than shoe storage

Despite the countless inspirations and examples of creative shoe racks, does everyone really need one? The beauty of a DIY footwear storage project is that it can be decorative and house other things in addition to your daily sneakers. Take a partitioned wood shelf design, which can be used for shoes alongside plants, art, books, anything that comes to mind really!



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