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Share to PinterestYour Spring Cleaning Home Revival Checklist

Your Spring Cleaning Home Revival Checklist

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestYour Spring Cleaning Home Revival Checklist

After a long winter hibernating at home, you probably feel the need to shake out your mats — not to mention your body and your home as a whole — to get ready for the unfolding warmer months.

The transition from winter to spring is an excellent time to breathe new life into your space with a thorough spring clean. Getting rid of old or unnecessary items is so refreshing and creates the space for change, as well; something we could certainly use after the last few years.


Bust the dust

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The amount of dust that can build up in a home can be quite alarming when suddenly discovered in a lesser-used corner or on a hard-to-reach top shelf! Dust also builds up around lightbulbs, lampshades, picture frames, and ceiling fans. Shake the dust from your home by tackling these areas, giving them a good wipe with a cloth that has been dipped into a vinegar and warm water solution.

Dry dusting with a duster is useful for areas that are tricky to reach, like the ceiling fan. This is a great first step on your spring cleaning checklist — get rid of all that dust so it can't just float around and resettle as you tackle the bigger jobs.


Curb clutter

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Like dust, clutter is something that seems to collect without you realizing, and before you know it there is a strange collection of assorted odds on every surface area in the home. Clutter can be an eyesore and detract from the functionality and aesthetics of the room, so make a plan to rid yourself of it this spring.

Tackle clutter by separating your items into boxes for throwing away, donating, and the things you would like to keep. Once the clutter is gone you will be left with shiny new surface areas and gleaming shelf space throughout your home.


Out with the old

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Part of a proper spring clean also involves throwing out old items you never use or that have expired, creating more space in your home and letting go of what is unnecessary.

Start with your bathroom cupboards, throwing away the products and medications that have gone off or that you no longer use. The pantry is also an excellent place to pare down. Throw away spices and cooking items that have expired. Kitchen appliances that you rarely use or no longer have a need for can be re-homed, too.


Deep clean

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This part of your spring cleaning journey can be thought of as "fun" as it requires some muscle and could definitely be considered a workout. In order to deep clean your home, you will need to move larger items like sofas and shelves, and even the refrigerator, and sweep up or vacuum the dust and dirt that has collected under these items.

The feeling of having even the usually unseen layers of dust removed from your home is worth the elbow grease!


Wipe down

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For a home that sparkles, your spring cleaning task list has to include wiping down walls, ceiling cornices, and baseboards. Sticky hands can leave grubby marks, and general wear and tear encourages grime around door handles and light switches.

Wipe these unsightly marks away with a hot water and dishwashing liquid solution, and watch your home take on a fresh new personality.


Take a load off

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Your linens need renewing too! Spring cleaning time is the perfect time to wash throws, cushion cases, and rugs — all the fabrics that don't get a weekly or biweekly launder. You might want to have the carpets professionally cleaned as well, or you can tackle them yourself with a rental.

Run the suction head of your vacuum over the curtains, or take them down and wash them with the rest.


Freshen your facade

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Give the outside of your home some attention. After all, it is the first impression of the home that visitors and neighbors get. Enlist a power hose to spray off grime and debris from the outside grooves and corners. Wipe down any shutters or window surrounds and trim back encroaching trees and bushes.

If you really want to highlight all the exterior cleaning you did and make a bold but relatively simple change at the same time, consider painting your front door — or even just the panes of the windows in the door — a fun, bright color to welcome in the spring.


Let the sunshine in

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After a rainy season, your windows need a good clean, to ensure you can watch the changing spring landscape without dirt and streaks marring your view. For this task, chose a day that isn't too sunny, so the soap doesn't dry too fast and leave streaky marks.

Use your own concoction of vinegar, warm water, and rubbing alcohol to get the job done.


Closet perfection

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Time to pack away thick coats, boots, scarfs, and gloves! Move your lighter items to the front of your cupboard where they are easily accessible and showcased.

Donate any winter items you never or barely used during the previous season. Label all the boxes of remaining items so you know exactly where your winter necessities are when it comes time to pull them out again next year.


Ready your outdoor spaces

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As spring approaches, we get closer to warm nights spent outdoors entertaining family and friends. Be ready for those times and pep up your outdoor areas by wiping down your patio furniture. Sweep away any leaves and debris that have collected on the deck or patio over winter, and consider using the power washer here, too.

Voila! Now that your living spaces are sparkling clean, you're ready to tackle the yard and garden and really ring in the season!



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