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Warm Up Your Home With These Fall Decor Ideas

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestWarm Up Your Home With These Fall Decor Ideas

Although summer is traditionally considered everyone's favorite season, many of us have a secret soft spot for fall. As the leaves start to turn gorgeous shades of red, copper, and russet, it's difficult not to get excited about Halloween and the many other perks this precious season has to offer. One of the best ways to celebrate fall from the comfort of your home is to decorate with an autumnal theme. You don't have to spend too much time or money — thick blankets, pretty wreaths, and oodles of plaid are very much the order of the day.


Get creative with pumpkins

Share to PinterestMini pumpkins
coldsnowstorm / Getty Images

Carving spooky Halloween pumpkins is a fantastic Halloween activity, particularly if you have kids. However, you probably don't want a grinning pumpkin sitting in your home for much more than a few days, as its exposed insides will start to rot. Instead, why not fill a big dish with mini pumpkins and other decorative items such as fairy lights or vine leaves to create a charming centerpiece for your dining room table. Untouched pumpkins stay fresh for up to three months, and maybe you can even make a delicious pie or soup once the fall is over!


Invest in knitted homewares

Share to PinterestWarm Up Your Home With These Fall Decor Ideas

Chunky knitted blankets and couch covers are simple items that can transform a living room into a haven of coziness. When the weather starts to turn frosty, snuggling up in knitted textiles is an unbeatable feeling. To ensure that your blankets look chic, choose ones that complement the color scheme of the room, and stick to high-quality blends.


Make the most of apples

Share to PinterestApples and plaid
skhoward / Getty Images

Apples start to ripen just as fall comes around, making them an emblem of the season. On top of being delicious, they're amazingly decorative and easy to incorporate into classy home displays. Place the fruit in a bowl lined with a plaid cloth for a traditional fall look, or spray the applies with metallic paint to achieve a trendy, modern, minimalist feel.


Source a few dark-colored candles

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delectus / Getty Images

If you're on the hunt for cheap yet classy new decorations for fall, look no further than the candle aisle. Seek out plum, navy, and red wine-colored tones to create a seductive and cozy environment that your visitors will love. Extra points if you can find candles boasting fall scents such as spiced pumpkin and cinnamon.


Display some fall flowers

Share to PinterestFall flower bouquet
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Fall flowers such as dahlias, pansies, chrysanthemums, and goldenrod are renowned for their deep colors and durability. If you're a keen gardener, simply pick a generous handful of specimens from your backyard and arrange them in a vase or another suitable vessel. If you're lacking in homegrown flowers, head to your local florist and ask for a selection of the season's best.


Make some wall art with pressed flowers

Share to PinterestFlower pressing
M_a_y_a / Getty Images

Make the most of your outdoor excursions by collecting colorful leaves and flowers and making them into wall art. These pretty pieces of nature can be preserved by pressing them between two pieces of absorbent paper for two to three weeks, preferably between heavy books to keep them flat. Arrange them in a plain picture frame with a white background — properly preserved flowers and leaves will last up to five years.


Make a fall wreath

Share to PinterestFall wreath
DNY59 / Getty Images

Who said wreaths are just for Christmas? To make a fall wreath, decorate a foam or tree bough base with attractive vines, mini pumpkins, seasonal fruit, and plenty of glitter. Once you have made your wreath — or purchased one, if it's not your kind of DIY — you can hang it outside your door or inside the home. When Christmas approaches, simply replace it with a more festive version.


Embrace wood

Share to PinterestWooden rustic chic
Pollyana Ventura / Getty Images

Wood decorative items are perfect for those delivering a rustic fall feel. From mahogany fruit bowls to carefully crafted wooden statuettes, there is an endless array of suitable products out there to make your home feel ready for the fall, and many of the options are available at thrift stores. If you're willing to spend a substantial amount of money, you could even use the season as an excuse to revamp your living room into a haven of wood — think paneled walls and live edge or rustic coffee tables.


Purchase a vibrant rug

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Bulgac / Getty Images

If you find the transition from summer to fall rather difficult, a vibrantly patterned rug is sure to lift your spirits and get you in the mood for the months ahead, not to mention keep your tootsies warm in the mornings. Deep reds and oranges are particularly appropriate for this special time of year and will look great with the aforementioned wood and foliage decorations. If red doesn't suit your scheme, opt for similarly deep hues, such as emerald green or navy blue.


Invest in a fireplace

Share to PinterestFireside reading
Zbynek Pospisil / Getty Images

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are quickly going out of fashion thanks to the number of pollutants that they produce. However, there are lots of eco-friendly alternatives on the market, such as electric and bio-fires, that add an authentic sense of coziness to your home. Once your fireplace is installed, place a soft rug and a comfortable chair in front of it so you can indulge in some fireside reading sessions.



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