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Upgrade Your Powder Room to High Class

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestUpgrade Your Powder Room to High Class

Thanks in part to their diminutive size, powder rooms are often overlooked when it comes to renovations, but there are plenty of benefits to spending time and money on a chic and practical powder room ideas. Firstly, making changes to a small room is much less risky than overhauling a kitchen or dining room, as you can address many problems at minimal cost and take a few style risks that will probably end up looking absolutely stunning. Secondly, powder rooms are designed to be luxurious sanctuaries to unwind in — it would be a shame to disappoint them!


Invest in some luxury wall lamps

Share to PinterestPowder room wall lamps
TerryJ / Getty Images

Wall lamps are considered a powder room staple and will help you and your guests focus on applying their makeup, shaving, or plucking their eyebrows. Make sure to place at least two lamps on either side of a large mirror above the sink, adding more in other parts of larger rooms. Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful wall lamps on the market for you to choose from, guaranteeing a fantastic end result.


Ditch the porcelain sink

Share to PinterestMarble sink
rodho / Getty Images

Don't get us wrong — porcelain sinks work fabulously in most bathrooms, and powder rooms and are particularly suited to a traditional esthetic. However, if you're willing to break the mold, installing a sink made from an alternative material like marble or glass will inject your room with class and originality. Raised sinks are especially striking.


Add a fluffy rug

Share to PinterestUpgrade Your Powder Room to High Class

After a long day, there is no greater feeling than wiping off your makeup, applying a face mask, and scrunching up your toes on a fluffy rug. Allow for this simple pleasure by investing in a soft rug comprised of wool, silk, cotton, or olefin. Just remember to wash the rug on a regular basis as powder room floors are frequently exposed to liquids and dirt.


Arrange some beautiful pebbles

Share to PinterestPebble display
Spinkle / Getty Images

Try to avoid viewing your powder room as purely functional — it is an excellent place to get creative with art and decor, too. If posters, paintings, or vintage ornaments aren't your thing, why not add a plate or vase of pebbles? On top of looking great, pebbles add a real sense of freshness and cleanliness to a room. This is great news if you're trying to achieve a minimalist esthetic that calls to mind relaxing spa sessions. If you're a plant lover, add a few succulents to top off the look.


Include a space to sit

Share to PinterestLuxury powder room with seat
JodiJacobson / Getty Images

To ensure you get as much use out of the powder room as possible, remember to add a luxurious seat. If you're room is big enough, the seat can be placed in front of a stylish vanity table complete with a mirror and other items designed for pampering. If not, position it in the corner of the room as both a decorative and functional piece.


Cover your walls in ornate wallpaper

Share to PinterestGlossy golden wallpaper
TerryJ / Getty Images

Beautiful wallpaper can be very expensive, which is often a deterrent when redecorating the living room or a bedroom. If your powder room is very small, however, you have the perfect opportunity to try an ornate wallpaper at a fraction of the cost! When shopping for your wallpaper, consider supporting artists by purchasing a bespoke design from a small online boutique. It's a superb way to ensure originality.


Include a hairdryer

Share to Pinteresthairdryer holder in powder room

Adding useful appliances such as a hairdryer will be much appreciated by any guests that use your powder room. It does not have to be costly — there are plenty of perfectly serviceable options that will blend in subtly with your interior design. Just make sure that the plug socket is a good distance away from the sink.


Make some potpourri

Share to PinterestPotpourri
giodilo / Getty Images

Potpourri may seem a little old-fashioned, but it is quickly becoming a trend among millennials and the "zoomer" generation because it smells fantastic and can help to relax the mind after a stressful day. Although potpourri is available for purchase, it is really easy to make on your own. All you need is some flower petals, an oven, and your favorite essential oils. We recommend lavender, lemon, orange, and bergamot, but feel free to experiment.


Install a heated towel rail

Share to PinterestHeated towel rail
percds / Getty Images

Heated towel rails are fairly popular nowadays, but you would be remiss to overlook this simple essential if you don't already own one. A heated towel keeps bathroom linens warm and dry throughout the day, preventing them from smelling and taking toweling off to a new level of comfort. What's more, heated towel rails look great and come in a variety of styles.


Splash out on luxury tiles

Share to PinterestOrnate tiles
_jure / Getty Images

Similar to luxury wallpaper, a powder room offers a special opportunity to invest in lovely tiles that might be in your price range if you only need to fill a few square feet. If you've been pining over a set of intricate tiles for a while now, take the plunge and use them to decorate your walls or floors. The right tile has the potential to add a real sense of class and wonder to a small space.



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