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Update Your Space With These Green Decorating Ideas

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestUpdate Your Space With These Green Decorating Ideas

Chic, charming, and always on-trend, green is a wonderful way to update your space, making it one of the most popular decorating shades on the market. Ranging from pale to intense, this versatile color is a go-to for those craving a change, whether you're just adding a pop of brightness or want to renovate the entire room. These inspiring ideas will encourage you to think outside the traditional green box.


Add some nature

No green decorating discussion goes far without mentioning the outdoors — the versatile color recalls nature's verdant beauty, which is conveniently the easiest, most budget-friendly way to incorporate green into your abode.

A small lineup of potted plants on the windowsill helps your home spring to life, or you can go for the full forest feel with an array of cast-iron planters that double as floor decor. From aloe to palm trees, there are countless ways to spruce up, quite literally, the appeal of your home.


Seek out that statement sofa

From lush jewel tones to effervescent brights, green is a statement shade that's sure to impress. Go big or go home with a sofa that takes center stage, or reupholster your existing one in a fresh hue. Regardless of which colors fill the rest of the room, bringing green boldly into focus adds instant appeal.

Not ready for a full couch makeover just yet? Imitate the effect with piles of pillows and a coordinating throw in your favorite tone.


Try tonal trim

Update your bathroom in a single afternoon by painting its accents in your desired shade of green. Jewel tones are trending here, bringing elegance to your space without requiring too much work.

Paint the mirror and shower trim in a high-gloss emerald hue, then seek out equally upscale hardware in a coordinating shade for an instant cabinetry upgrade.


Go full artichoke

For bohemian ambiance, consider a soft artichoke shade. This hue has a serene vibe that recalls peaceful times in the country, and with natural light drenching in, you'll feel instantly more relaxed. For full immersion, paint all four walls, and hang thick shades in a matching tone. Play up the look with wicker furniture and plenty of soft touches in coordinating colors, such as striped throw blankets, pillows, and nick-nacks. Whether it's just a few touches or you go all in, artichoke maintains its traditional, yet trendy, status.


Create a crayon-toned closet

A classic bottle green reminds us of primary school cubbies, and that's exactly the vibe we're going for here. Flashy and playful with a dose of the unexpected, grassy green will instantly bring your closet to life, acting as a bright backdrop so that your wardrobe can take center stage. Since such a bold tone could easily overpower a whole room, it serves best in small spaces like this one.


Sample some retro/modern wallpaper

If wallpaper hasn't crossed your mind since the 80s, you're missing out. This easy-to-install decorating tool ups your room's aesthetics without the time or budget commitment of traditional paint — and there are removable versions for renters now, too.

What's trending? Bold, bright patterns with green as the primary color. Head to the country with a minty floral design, or make a forest the forefront with an intense, scenery-style look.


Rev up your shelving

Green tones complement each other well, and they bring something unexpected to any kitchen. Paint shelves in varying verdant shades, and you'll suddenly have a whole new room. A top tip? Go big with open shelving, putting those bold shades on full display. We recommend alternating shelves painted in pairings of pistachio and citrus or olive and mint - both looks you can easily take to the next level with monochromatic dishware.


Bring in some stools

Shaded stools are another way to make your kitchen go "pop," so purchase a set in the same color duos noted above. Alternating pistachio and citrus or olive and mint stools bring a dash of sass into the kitchen; paired with a matching accent piece on the primary countertop or table, it will ensure that the whole space makes a statement.


Play with fabrics

Green can completely reset your bedroom with just a few switch-ups. Fabrics are key here, so consider curtains, throws, rugs, and pillows in coordinating shades and textures. Think lush jade silks, cool mint cottons, or elegant emerald velvets. Whichever you choose, take it and run with it, then use one accent piece to take it over the edge. An upholstered bench or bedroom table will tie everything together while boosting function, and options are available at any price range.


Go for the green backdrop

A backdrop canopy ups the ante in any bedroom, adding a touch of distinction that's impossible to resist. Deep shades of silk or velvet have a dignified ambiance, and no canopy bed is required. Purchase enough fabric to hang against your bedroom's back wall, and work your magic: install it in a cascading style, draping downwards like a curtain.

There are multiple methods for placing this backdrop; we recommend installing a rod at the top of the wall and hanging it curtain-style, but an alternative option is applying starch to the wall using a paint roller, then applying the fabric while the starch is still damp. It should drape downwards in a waterfall style.



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