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Update Any Room With a Closet Door Redesign

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestUpdate Any Room With a Closet Door Redesign

Closet doors are usually an afterthought when it comes to interior design. Whatever is inside stays out of sight and out of mind, but the outside doesn't have to be dull. Upgrade your space and mood with architectural details or bold colors on your closet doors. Choose elements that add height to low ceilings or textures that allow light into the darkest spaces. Whether you're overhauling an old home or updating your kids' bedrooms, design a fresh look, and add function to your closet doors.


Seamless design

Large closets are a convenience, but wide openings and sliding closet doors can take up valuable wall space. Rather than competing with them for surface area, incorporate your closet door design into a functional entertainment wall. Bifold doors are compact and easily accommodate cutouts for your TV. Ditch the cutouts to hide your screen when not in use, and decorate your doors with a mural instead.

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Out of sight

If security is your primary concern, consider a hidden closet door. Also known as a murphy, invisible, or hideaway door, the false bookcase appears built-in, concealing a safe or emergency shelter entrance. Push the door inward or pull a hidden latch to reveal its opening. The whimsical design also works in family and game rooms. Prefabricated bookcase doors can get pricey, but they take a lot of the guesswork out of construction. If you prefer a custom build, search online for a hidden door kit, which comes with all the necessary hardware.

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Japanese shoji screens

Shoji sliding doors are a traditional Japanese design, and their natural materials and clean lines make them an elegant addition to many decorative styles. The wooden lattice and paper construction provides privacy while letting light pass through. Even small rooms feel brighter and roomier with shoji closet doors. Find a sturdy set online or enlist the services of a woodworking professional for an ornate custom treatment.

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Added architectural details

Dress up a bare hallway with decorative molding or wainscoting along the lower wall, and continue the treatment across your closet doors' surface. The virtually seamless woodwork adds a chic element and makes coat or broom closets less obvious. If the bedroom and bathroom entrances feature elaborate door casings or medallions, apply the same trim to all the doors. The extra work is worth the luxurious effect.

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A little bit country

Barn doors are a rustic take on the classic sliding closet door. Wood panels move side to side on a track, leaving more space inside than swinging doors do. Rather than hiding inside the closet, the metalwork becomes a decorative element mounted on the wall. Natural and stained woods contrast nicely, though composite and metal variations are also available online.

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The window treatment

If you're on a budget, you can still create a stylish cover for your exposed or outdated closet. Curtains are a quick fix, with countless styles and colors from which to choose. Floor-length fabrics provide a neat appearance, and floor-to-ceiling cuts add height. Use sheers for an ethereal ambiance and to show off your stellar organization skills. Canvas is a sturdier option and comes in various lengths, or invest in a good quality set to match your window treatments.

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Crystal clear aesthetic

Glass doors subtlely divide a closet from the surrounding space, making a dark room or enclosed corner feel less cramped. Lattice wood frames with glass panels are a classic decorative choice for built-in cabinetry. For larger closets, look for accordion-style doors with glass or acrylic sections, or use frosted glass to leave the organization specifics to the imagination.

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A brighter perspective

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Updating your closet door doesn't have to be a complicated or expensive process. Even a bold coat of paint can uplift a hallway or transform the mood of a bedroom. Choose a luxurious finish since you only have a small surface to cover. Add authenticity with ornate fixtures and deliberate color choices, or paint doors stark white to contrast against a vibrant wallpaper.


Engaging design for kids

If you're redecorating your den or child's bedroom, let your closet do double duty with a coat of chalkboard paint. Available in green, black, and various bright colors, you can choose a hue that best suits your family's personality and interior design. Paint the lower half of the door for small children, mounting a corkboard on top for their artwork. Just take care if the closet is used for clothes — you don't want to constantly find chalk dust on your blazers.


An uncommon update

Mirrored sliding doors are common in many bedrooms. Floor-length mirrors are always convenient, so rather than replacing them, personalize the design with a few added details. Glue molding to create framed sections or make a unique sunburst or star design on the mirrored surface. For a more modern effect, paint a wide border around the edges of the mirror. A coat of white instantly brightens the room, while a dark shade adds drama.

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