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Share to PinterestUnleashing Your Grown-Up Creativity With Crafts for Adults

Unleashing Your Grown-Up Creativity With Crafts for Adults

By Chris Jones
Share to PinterestUnleashing Your Grown-Up Creativity With Crafts for Adults

Sometimes the day to day grind of work or school —  adulting, in general  —can get a little mundane. Setting aside a little time to get creative on a rainy evening or over the weekend can be therapeutic. Remember being a kid and proudly bringing home a snazzy homemade bowl or art piece? There's no reason to stop just because your teacher isn't dictating the project anymore. Unleash your artsy side and create something beautiful to display or use.


Paint a masterpiece

Share to Pinterestpaint night
SrdjanPav / Getty Images

Working with paint comes with a bunch of challenges, like using the right paintbrush, or making a figure recogniseable. The good news is, there are so many options for new and experienced artists. Hit up a local art store and pick up some paints, canvas and brushes, and just have some fun.

If you need a little help getting started, there are endless options for art classes or paint nights that can be done alone or with a group of friends.


Custom planters and pots

Share to Pinterestpainted planters

Whimsical and chic planters are simple to craft at home, sometimes using the most basic tools. Using waterproof paint, add some colorful stripes or patterns to a terra cotta pot. Try using a stencil to add a quote or simple design.

Not into painting? Gather some thick rope, and, using hot glue, wrap it around the pot to create a basket-like look. You can also use yarn or embroidery thread for different textures.

Zyabich / Getty Images


Customized footwear

Share to Pinterestfloral shoes
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Grab a pair of simple sneakers, flip flips, or rain boots that have just been warming the shelf, and create something you'll really want to wear. All you need is a hot glue gun or some strong all-purpose glue and a selection of craft items to begin.

Try adding small pompoms to sandle straps. Add big, bright faux flowers to any footwear to dress them up. If you're feeling adventurous, adding sequins or glitter to sneakers will make them sparkle and shine. Squeeze-on fabric paints come in lots of fun colors and make it easy to add designs.


Dyed napkins

Share to Pinterestdyed napkins

A cheap set of white or natural napkins can easily be dyed to create a special one-of-a-kind item. Add fabric dye to some water, and dip dampened napkins into the mixture. You can submerge the entire cloth, or just one edge for a watercolor look. Allow them to dry naturally before use.

For a little extra whimsy, tie off areas of the napkins tightly with elastic bands before dying them for a more grown-up take on the classic '70s tie-dye look.

Natouche / Getty Images


Glamorize your desk

Share to Pinterestglitter pencil holder
Aleksandra Pavlova / Getty Images

Whether you work at home or in an office, your desk may look a little drab. Why not add a little bling to spruce up your workspace, while keeping the area organized and tidy? Start with a clean tin can or glass jar and coat the outside with a generous layer of glue. Working quickly, roll the container across a plate covered with glitter or sand. Alternately, you can put paint inside the jar and swirl it around to coat the inside in beautiful colors. Finish it off with your favorite ribbon at the top. Fill the jar with pencils or pens, or a tea light for a soft glow.


Rustic hook board

Share to Pinterestrustic hook board
Helior / Getty Images

Whether its a coat, a purse or a towel, having a place for these items can be added anywhere. Find a weathered piece of barn board or a new cedar plank, and screw in some hand-painted knobs or antique drawer pulls for a unique look. Often, one-of-a-kind hooks can be found at flea markets or artisan stores. Affix the plank to the back of a door or over a bench in the entryway and use it to hand hats, extra shopping bags, and more easy-access items.


Creative coasters

Share to Pinteresttile coaster
sharpshutter / Getty Images

Foasters help protect furniture from destructive water stains left by hot coffee mugs or perspiring cold drinks, and you can make them from just about any material. Grab a selection of small ceramic tiles from your local hardware store. Glue a felt square to the bottom to prevent scratches on furniture. You can leave them as is, or modge podge artwork on top to really make them your own.

You can also glue stones or mosaic tiles to squares or circles of cork for truely customized coasters that make great gifts.


Colorful wind chimes

Share to Pinterestwind chimes
andrewginns / Getty Images

Wind chimes are a simple way to create a colorful and musical addition to any garden. Depending on the materials you use, the sounds vary, so try out combinations to see what works well for your space.

Harder materials like sea glass, beads, or stones will make more subtle melodies. Test out metal bells or tin jar lids for a more robust sound. Dangle multiple strings from an antique colander or a rustic branch and place your creation somewhere breezy for occasional hand-made melodies.


Wood birdhouses

Share to Pinterestbirdhouse
Grant Faint / Getty Images

Building a birdhouse is simple, and can be made with all sorts of items you picked up outside. Collect handfuls of twigs and cut them to similar sizes. With rope or glue, tie them together into a box shape. Give your future feathered guests a floor, walls, and a roof, and they'll take care of the interior design. Don't forget a hole!

For a simpler project, pick up a birdhouse kit. Often, all you need is a few nails and a hammer, and then you're free to decorate your project however you wish.


Hanging shelf

Share to Pinteresthanging rope shelf
Viktor_Gladkov / Getty Images

Whether its a large space or a tiny home, we all need storage. Create a hanging shelf for any room with just a piece of wood, some sturdy rope and a drill. Use a piece of lumber or rustic wood and securely tie your rope around each end.

Hang the shelf on a hook on any wall to store a few books, create a spice rack or display a small plant. Add some extra charm with paint or stain on the wood. You can drill holes or notches into the wood for extra security, or hang the shelf with two nails for a different shape aesthetic!



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