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Turn Your Living Room into a Minimalist Paradise

By Max Day
Share to PinterestTurn Your Living Room into a Minimalist Paradise

If you're tempted by the minimalist lifestyle but don't want to throw away all your living room furniture, you can always incorporate aspects of this aesthetic into your home without hosting an estate sale. Minimalism encourages people to think about what they own and find ways to reduce unnecessary clutter. As a result, the design style is airy and open, bright, and spacious. Your living room can be all these things, while still showcasing special memorabilia and plenty of seating.



Share to PinterestWhite walls and furniture
Sisoje / Getty Images

All-white walls and furniture will create a clean, modern futuristic feel for that chic, city-living style. Incorporating a few bold accents or textures will keep the space from feeling cold. For example, add plants and nature-inspired elements to liven up the monochromatic theme. This contemporary minimalist style also pairs well with modern art on the walls, a well-placed knitted throw, or a single furniture piece in a striking color.


Bold accents

Share to Pinterestbold accent in minimalist living room

When redecorating your living room into a minimalist paradise, you don't have to go all out on new furniture and decorations. That's why minimalism is great when you're on a budget! If pastel colors already rule your living room, all you need is a few statement pieces — like a marble coffee table or a plush rug with a luxurious pattern — to liven up the space. Incorporating some greenery, such as a tall house plant or a bright, ever-changing flower arrangement, will add the final colorful and enlivening touch.


Personalise the basics

Share to PinterestPersonalised minimalist living room
JZhuk / Getty Images

If you're ready to reduce and make a change, look over your existing furniture. Choose the pieces that are most important to you and donate or sell the rest. You'll be left with a highly personalized, cozy space that evokes fond memories and comfort. For example, hang onto your bright-colored sofa from college, that coffee table from your parent's rec room, and the animal-print rug your bestie gifted you. Once you see the area with just these historically relevant items, you can decide whether to stick with what you've got or purchase a few more pieces that compliment your existing, pared-down decor.


Rustic minimalism

Share to PinterestMinimalist living room with wooden elements
imaginima / Getty Images

Clean and polished minimalist design doesn't have to look cold and uninviting. If you're after a cosy style in your living room, add wooden details and mix textures and patterns with pillows, rugs, and furniture. For example, an all-white coffee table atop a beige rug will instantly lift up the space. Your key pieces can remain white and pastel as long as you play around with decorations.


Spacious and airy

Share to PinterestBright and spacious living room
asbe / Getty Images

If you're not intimidated by large empty spaces and have a huge living room, go for an ultra tidy design, creating the ultimate minimalist experience. You don't need to decorate every corner with furniture and design elements to achieve this look. Quite the opposite — less is more, here. Instead, choose compact furniture and experiment with different curves and shades of the very few accents that will go into your living room. This method creates a personal space that is still very light and airy.


Minimalist with the view

Share to PinterestBeautiful view in a minimalist living room
NelleG / Getty Images

When you've got a killer view, who needs anything more than a place to sit and admire it? Leaving the view to do the talking will create a spacious living room free of unnecessary decoration. This aesthetically pleasing living room will look great with a white and black color theme and a few green details to create a beautiful outdoor living room, almost blending in with nature outside.


Dark furniture and white walls

Share to PinterestWhite walls and dark furniture
Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

A simple way to keep it minimal yet not boring is to pair white walls with dark furniture. The contrast will add depth, creating a sleek, modern design. A colorful rug adds a splash of playfulness to the room, warming up an airy space. A bright coffee table arrangement and a bold painting will complete the design, unifying the color scheme, and adding some personality.


Scandinavian-inspired living room

Share to PinterestScandinavian-themed living room
CreativaStudio / Getty Images

A pale and pastel color palette will pair well with cosy beige and wood elements. This modern Scandinavian-themed living room is a perfect blend of contemporary and cosy, minimalist and idyllic. Earthy undertones add some light and warmth. To achieve this, wall art and the rest of the decor should match the overall color scheme, without any one item standing out on its own. It's a perfect mix of natural and modern minimalism. Notice the bare branches in a vase that work well with the room's design.


Ocean blue and grey

Share to PinterestOcean-themed minimalist living room
ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images

This pastel blue and grey minimalist living room with a few green elements has relaxing beach vibes that you can enjoy all year round. Antique books scattered around and exquisite glassware on the coffee table keep the space from feeling too cabin-like, adding elegance and chic glamour for a luxurious beach holiday theme. A tall greenhouse plant against the backdrop of a monochromatic white brick wall adds interest to the airy space.


Minimalist lounge

Share to PinterestMinimalist living room / lounge space
ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images

Minimalist design is often considered to be very strict and clean, but it can be completely the opposite. A focal furniture piece such as day bed sofa will turn your living room into a cosy lounge space without overcrowding the area and breaking the "rules" of minimalism. Pair it with a stylish pastel coffee table and a plush patterned rug for an ultimate minimalist chill zone in your house.



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