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Tricks to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxury Hotel Room

By Max Day
Share to PinterestTricks to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxury Hotel Room

Hotel rooms are designed to accommodate you in every way when it comes to comfort, privacy, and relaxation. When you walk in, you know you can just shut the world out for a bit, because you've entered a luxurious getaway. What if you could get this feeling at home? It's not hard — or too expensive — to recreate a boutique hotel experience in your own bedroom without spending thousands.


Up your sheet thread count

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One of the quickest ways to add some hotel luxury to your bedroom is by buying sheets with a higher thread count. Cotton sets with extra-long fibers breathe well and are so decadent to sleep on that you won't want to get up. While many will tout thread counts of 600 or more to be the best, the fact is well-made sheets with a 300 or 400 thread count work just as well, if not better. Check outlet stores and sale racks for decadent sheets for less.


Use the triple sheeting trick

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Triple sheeting is a hotel trick that you can quickly implement. Here’s how it works: place a blanket or comforter between two crisp, clean flat sheets and neatly tuck the edges under the mattress. This type of layering makes the bed look big and comfy, but not bulky. Another benefit is that you won’t need a duvet that you’ll have to constantly launder.


Create your own linen spray

Share to Pinterestfreshen any room with room spray

The is nothing more upscale than walking into a room that smells sweet, fresh, and inviting. It's even better if such a smell wafts up whenever you lay your head on your pillow. Creating that kind of aromatherapy is easy. You can make your own DIY linen spray with essential oils like lavender, which is great for decreasing anxiety and improving restfulness, or rose oil, which protects against harmful germs. Just spritz it on the sheets and pillows between washing.


Wireless speakers for touchless ambience

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If you’ve decided to not have a television in your private space, wireless speakers can add a subtle touch of hotel luxury. There are plenty of trendy styles to fit your taste, but essentially, they can go anywhere, including in recessed wall spaces to provide that all-encompassing sound. Sync them up to your computer or smartphone to broadcast your favorite podcasts, books, or music playlists.


Add a soft area rug

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Wiggling your toes through plushness is a moment to revel in. A well-placed fluffy rug is a little piece of luxury that's easy to manage. High pile rugs are the shag types with longer fibers, while low pile rugs are softer and easier to vacuum. As a compromise, you want to go for medium-pile rugs, which offer a soft feel, but can still be vacuumed with ease. For ultimate luxury, splurge on a faux or real sheepskin rug.


Get long European pillows

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Whether you want to sit up and read your book or watch some TV, scrunching and folding the pillows to get them just right is a feat. That’s one of the reasons to opt for extra-long European pillows. You can lean back and get comfortable without the hassle. And when you’re drifting off, they make good body pillows. Yes, you need to get specially sized pillowcases for them, but their contribution to the look and functionality of your bed makes the extra cost worth it.


Incorporate warm lighting

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Have you ever noticed that hotel rooms seem to glow at night? Most have hovering lamps or sconces with specially designed shades that provide a softer light. If you need something brighter, you can always flip on the overhead lights, but when you’re looking to wind down, gentle lighting creates a cozy atmosphere. You can even use colored bulbs to further enhance the mood.


Follow the window treatment formula

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One way to score that luxurious getaway at home is by incorporating a blackout window treatment. Achieve this by layering a sheer curtain and a blackout curtain. That way you can keep it nice and dark when you want to sleep, and filter thelight during the day. One important tip for those with allergies: heavy swags collect dust easily, which can aggravate your sinuses. Opt for washable synthetics.


Choose a serene color palette

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Notice something about hotel rooms: their color schemes are usually a combination of neutrals or pale shades. That’s because those more subdued palettes induce a tangible feeling of serenity and peace of mind. Plus, neutral tones soften lighting. If you don’t want beiges or creamy whites, go for paler blues and purples. And keep that theme with your furniture and sheets to tie it all together.


Functional bedside table

Share to Pinterestfunctional stylish bedside table

It’s no fun to go hunting for your reading glasses or a specific book when you’ve just come off a hectic day. That's why, like a hotel room, you need a fucnctional bedside table that will keep whatever you need close at hand. If you have a favorite lotion you love to use at night or a fancy aromatherapy collection, a trendy bedside table can keep everything tidy and compartmentalized.



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