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Bringing Nature Indoors: Mushroom Decor Ideas

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestBringing Nature Indoors: Mushroom Decor Ideas

Cottagecore is everywhere on social media these days, and the star of the show is the humble mushroom. You may associate mushrooms with bland brown, but these fun and often vintage-inspired design ideas will introduce you to the mushroom's wild side.

Whether you've gone full granny chic or just want a hint of the organic, bits of mushroom-inspired style can work in any space, and the display potential is endless.


Cook up some style

Match your mushroom risotto recipe to the pan with a cute and colorful mushroom pot. The 1970s was the era of the mushroom, with the iconic fungus bedecking any and all kitchen-related items. You can easily find these pieces front and center in any vintage shop worth its salt.

If you prefer to hunt for your retro treasures on your own, check your local thrift stores for unique mushroom-adorned items at affordable prices.


Whimsy on a shelf

Want to build a shelfscape that would make a Hobbit proud? Most people think of grandma's ceramic angel collection when they hear the word "knick-knacks," but a well-selected grouping of mushrooms can add a touch of fantasy to your space.

Mix and match them with other organic pieces or place them among your potted plant collection to create a mini forest floor right in your living room.


Crochet away

Crochet is back in a big way, especially when it comes to home decor. Everyone loves the cozy feel of a crochet blanket, but crochet stuffed toys, or amigurumi, make great additions as shelf-fillers and add a homey feel to a room.

Since a machine cannot replicate crochet stitches, you won't find crochet mushrooms in your local big box store. Consider supporting an independent craftsperson by purchasing directly from them. If you'd rather make your own mushrooms, crochet is beginner-friendly, and you can be on your way to making cute little yarn mushrooms with only a few lessons.


The scientific method

Mushroom decor doesn't have to be cutesy to be effective or stylish. If you're looking for a more sophisticated aesthetic, antique horticultural prints add interest to an empty wall. These delicate, elegant drawings make an excellent showpiece for that hard-to-fill space.

Originals can be a bit pricey, but high-quality, modern prints are much more affordable and easy to find. You can even purchase one already framed so you can hang it right out of the box.


A fun(gus) container

Add a pop of color and interest to your countertops with mushroom canisters. These popular kitchen accessories have been around for decades, and it's easy to find both vintage and modern versions. Use a large one as a statement piece, or choose a matching set to add more drama. These fun and functional containers do double duty as storage and decor.


Shine on little mushroom

Real mushrooms thrive in the dark, but a blown glass mushroom can be a great way to brighten up a room. These little gems shine brightest near a window but would look great anywhere they can reflect light. Find completely clear ones for a neutral accent, or choose one swirling with color that will stand out against a gray or tan wall.


Bring back the linens

The minimalism trend did away with linens, but the modern cozy core look is bringing them back. Mushroom-printed linens add a homey and comforting feel to a kitchen or dining area. Linen designs range from cute and cuddly to clean and modern, ensuring there's a mushroom print for every style.

Mushroom dishtowels will be enough for some, but a flowing mushroom print table cloth will leave a stronger impression.


The great out-spores

You can check out our article to learn more about cultivating your own real mushrooms outdoors, but even if you're not a green thumb, you can still score fairytale garden. Choosing larger-than-life mushroom statues or yard decorations gives you all the allure of the mushroom without any of the regular upkeep.

Natural wood pieces will blend in for a more cohesive design, while prominent stone figures can create a whimsical appeal.


Your perfect mush-room

If knick-knacks and kitchen towels just aren't enough mushroom for you, consider adding an accent wall in your living space with some mushroom print wallpaper.

Gone are the days of boring, faded floral wallpaper that is impossible to remove. Today's wallpaper comes in a vast array of prints that are easy to apply, with some even as simple as peel and stick. It's so easy you might even dare to do all four walls in your favorite mushroom design.


Holding it all up

There's nothing better than a piece of decor that is both beautiful and functional. Adding mushroom-shaped hooks near an entryway or in place of a basket to hold keys is a great way to add a little fungi if you're not ready to commit fully to the shroom life.

Some designs are so subtle that they may appear to be ordinary hooks until you look close and see that characteristic mushroom shape.



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