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Timeless Home Accent Pieces That Are Always Fresh

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestTimeless Home Accent Pieces That Are Always Fresh

Accent pieces allow you to dip your toes in the latest interior design looks without spending an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, rushing out to pick up the latest piping hot trend can result in going cold on it after a year or two.

If you invest in pieces that will always look fresh, though, you get the best of both worlds. Some home decor styles have been time-tested; they'll never go out of style. They have weathered changing tastes and stayed fresh for decades, even centuries. That means you’ll probably love them as much in 20 years as you did the day you bought them — and your bank balance will love that, too.


A classic chest of drawers

Share to Pinterestchest of drawers in a room

A beautiful chest isn’t just for the bedroom. When it sports a simple silhouette, a simple chest of drawers or dresser is a perpetually stylish storage solution for any room — from seasonal tableware in the dining room to a TV-stand-and-tech-organizer in the living room.

While upgrading worn-out chests with a lick of paint has been trendy for a while, paint removal is a pain, so proceed with caution. When in doubt, remember that bare wood is good, so keep it timeless with mahogany or cherry instead of cheap pine.


A barrel-shade lamp

Don't throw shade at that old lamp just yet — especially if it's a barrel shade! Sometimes a new lampshade is the only thing you need to take a floor or table lamp from tired to timeless. Whether your lamp is antique or Ikea, the clean lines and cylindrical shape of this lampshade will take your lighting situation to a whole new level. (Talk about a light bulb moment!)

If you're buying a barrel-shade lamp brand new, choose one with a solid color to better ensure it stays stylish for ages. Timeless Tip: Make sure the shade you choose is the right size. It should be roughly two-thirds of the height of the lamp.


Something rattan

Nature will never go out of style, and rattan is all the proof you need.  The vines of this climbing palm have been woven into home furnishings for thousands of years. Accent pieces constructed from these fibers can last for generations.

Rattan chairs, baskets, and side tables are lightweight and easy to move around so you can switch your room up with ease. And you can never go wrong with a rattan rug.


An accent chair

While seating area trends change over the years, the accent chair remains a steadfast staple in home design thanks to its limitless versatility. A single-seater is one of the easiest ways to introduce a pop of color or texture to any space. While "in" styles do change, of course, you're usually pretty safe with something classic and simple.

Sure, form over function is an option, but attractive and comfy is more likely to remain a favorite in your home for decades.


Subway tile backsplash

Despite how long it's been around (almost 120 years!), subway tile repeatedly keeps backsplashes on track with the latest kitchen and bathroom trends. The glossy all-white tile was first used to brighten up New York’s dark subways in 1904, and it has made its way into countless homes all over the country ever since.

Its ability to blend in seamlessly with any home decor style, from Scandi-minimalist to farmhouse, has contributed to its "sub"stantial popularity.


Live plants

Without live plants, living spaces can feel rather dead. Bringing the outside in takes you closer to nature when you're trapped indoors and will always keep your space looking fresh. Potted indoor plants never go out of style, and that’s a good thing because some types live for decades with proper care.

Plants deliver a myriad of health benefits too, both physical and mental. Not only do they improve indoor air quality, but they’re also good for the soul. This makes them especially vital for apartment or city-dwellers with minimal access to greenery. And if you're scared to commit? Store-bought bouquets of fresh-cut flowers in a simple vase have the same effect, on a more short-term scale (and lots of vases stand the test of time, too).


Brass fixtures

You can bet your brass that this hardware trend isn't leaving any time soon. The copper-zinc alloy has been popular since it first became widely available in the Victorian era.

We’re not talking about shiny 1980s faux gold doorknobs here. Keep it subdued with brushed brass faucet and light fixtures for a warmly organic, timeless look. And if the rest of your space requires updates, brass works well with other metals and a wide range of colors and themes.


A Windsor or bentwood chair

Legend has it that the first Windsor chair was crafted back in the 16th century when a farmer decided to add a seat back to his stool to make it more comfortable. The ergonomic curves in the chair are often made using wood that has been steamed and bent.

This simple fix revolutionized chairmaking, and the Windsor — and similar bentwood chairs — remain classics to this day.


An Oriental or Persian rug

Oriental and Persian rugs are striking works of art that have adorned the floors of nobility and commoners alike for millennia. In other words, they aren’t going to bite the dust anytime soon. Their colorful patterns blend in with any color scheme to tie a room together — timelessly.

Ready for the rug life? The real handwoven wool ones might not be in the budget for everyone, at a few grand a pop, but these days, you can find some excellent knock-offs.


A tuxedo-style sofa

On the lookout for a new living room set? You might want to ride the coattails of this timeless trend. Despite its buttoned-up name, a tuxedo sofa can be dressed up or down to suit any space. It's just as fitting in a formal dining room as a casual den. There are a range of looks; the only rule for this style is that the back has to be the same height as the arms.

This hundred-year-old sofa style gets its name not from its resemblance to men’s formalwear, but from the place it was invented: Tuxedo Park, New York.



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