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These Tiny Furniture Rearrangements Have a Big Impact

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestThese Tiny Furniture Rearrangements Have a Big Impact

Sometimes you need a change but aren't up for completely redecorating your home. Small furniture rearrangements can have a huge effect on a room. Rather than spending a fortune to redecorate, work with what you already have instead. You will be surprised how repurposing your end table breathes new life, or how funky your space becomes just by moving the sofa. Set aside an afternoon to rework the rooms that just aren't doing it for you anymore.


Float the Sofa

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Most people push their sofa against the wall, thinking it creates more space, but pulling furniture away from the wall can significantly impact a room. Floating your sofa toward the middle of a room makes the area feel more spacious and even looks more thoughtfully arranged. If you have enough space, adding a rug behind the couch gives the illusion of a larger area.


Rearrange Artwork

Share to Pinteresthome artwork
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Rearranging artwork is a super-easy and impactful way to reinvent your surroundings. Play around with your favorite pieces to see where you like them best, or add a gallery wall to keep your faves together. You could even take some off the walls and pop them on a shelf or mantel. Sometimes just swapping around which pictures are in which frames leads to wonderful new discoveries.


Repurpose Furniture

Try getting creative with your furniture and repurpose certain pieces. It's surprising how a little shift in function can change the way a room feels. Try swapping something small at first, like your nightstand — replace it with a colorful stool, instead. Turn an old desk into shelving, or make your five-year-old's crib into a cute drying rack, blanket ladder, or plant hanger.


Add Some Color

Share to Pinterestcolorful dining room chairs
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Bring in pops of color or a trendy pattern to breathe life into dated spaces. This trick works really well in the dining room or kitchen and can be as simple as reupholstering or painting a few chairs. Colorful chairs or stools that match the rug or wall art have massive impact on a room's vibe.


Adjust Your Desk

We often place a desk in the corner or up against a wall, but why not switch things up a bit? Instead, bring your desk to the center of the room or facing a window. Even better, point your desk towards your favorite part of the house, whether it's near a cozy fireplace or to catch the view from the balcony door.


Clear the Clutter

Share to Pinteresttidy home
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Sometimes all it takes to rework a room is clearing out the clutter. The idea behind feng shui is that energy flows freely in open spaces, so opening up your home can make a big difference. Get rid of anything you don't love, then everything around you will be something you cherish.


Bright Ideas

Lighting sets the mood in your home, so try moving around your lamps or even switching out the bulbs. If you like things brighter, experiment with higher wattage or white light. For the living room, reposition ambient lighting to create a blanket of light over the area.


Bedroom Breakaway

Sometimes all it takes to make a bedroom feel exciting again is moving the bed a few inches. It's common to center the mattress in your bedroom, but try moving it around first then shifting any other furniture to match. To open up more floor space, push your bed lengthwise against the wall rather than outwards in the center.


Reposition the Television

Most living rooms center around the television, so moving the tv can significantly impact your space. Consider mounting your tv on the wall to open up extra space, or move it from one room to another. Turn the den into your own little movie theater and enjoy a living room without a television set.


Move Your Mirrors

Share to Pinterestliving room mirror
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Like the TV, mirrors significantly impact a room, and repositioning one or two can refresh a space quickly. Because they bounce natural light through the room, moving them changes the ambiance. If you have many, created a mirrored gallery wall. Start with the largest in the center, working outwards to the smallest.



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