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These Color Schemes Will Make Any Bedroom a Happy Place

By Sean Martin
Share to PinterestThese Color Schemes Will Make Any Bedroom a Happy Place

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place where you feel calm and relaxed. Having the opportunity to unwind in a calming environment is the key to a good night's sleep, but getting an adequate amount of restful sleep is something many people find hard. While the interior decoration in your bedroom cannot cure insomnia, well-thought-out blues or yellows can provide tranquility and help diminish some anxiety. You can make your bedroom feel brand new and improve your sleep quality just by changing the color scheme in your room.


Muted blue

Blue is often considered the best color to paint a bedroom. Sleep experts claim that painting your bedroom pale or pastel shades of blue can actually reduce your blood pressure and heart rate, which helps improve sleep quality. Aside from its health benefits, blue never goes out of fashion, and there are so many shade options to play with. For a calming nautical color scheme, try pairing light blue and white. For a modern look that's at the height of fashion, you could even add yellow accents.

Share to PinterestBedroom with blue walls and white bed.
Dana Hoff / Getty Images


Buttercup yellow

If you're in search of bedroom colors that are uplifting, then yellow might be the best option for you. Sleep experts claim that yellow bedrooms are comforting and help people feel happier. Yellow is also fresh and light, which makes waking up in the morning far more pleasant. If you think painting every wall yellow is too much, this color is the perfect choice for a feature wall or as an accent color. Use neutral tones like gray or white to balance the vibrancy of yellow, or place some green plants in your room to create an outdoor atmosphere.

Share to PinterestBedroom with yellow walls and greenery
Artjafara / Getty Images


Sparkling silver

Unlike most other colors, silver is metallic and shimmers. The sparkling effect that a silver bedroom produces is not only calming but it also adds a luxurious element. If you prefer neutral tones in your bedroom, using silver furniture, artwork or wallpaper could be the perfect stylish addition to your room decor. Another benefit of using this color is that it goes with almost any other color, so you don't need to go out and buy new furniture or accessories when adding silver to your bedroom.

Share to PinterestGlamorous bedroom with silver wallpaper and chandelier
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Bold orange

Orange may seem like an unusual color to use in your bedroom, but its warm tones are ideal for creating a soothing atmosphere. Like yellow, orange is associated with happiness, and the color can quite literally brighten your day. Pops of bright color always make a bedroom look more stylish, so try choosing a wallpaper with hints of orange, or pick an accent wall for this cheery color. If you don't want your bedroom colors to be too bold, lighter shades of orange might be the right choice for you.

Share to PinterestBedroom with orange wall and orange pillows
Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images


Fresh white

White walls and furniture look clean, fresh, and help brighten your bedroom. Painting your walls a white make the room seem lighter, so this is the best option for bedrooms that don't receive much natural light. When you choose white as your color, the furniture and accessory options for it are endless. White bedding and pillows are perfect if you want to create a crisp look, while pops of bright colors like pink or blue can add some fun to your interior design. Whatever you decide to complement white walls, make sure to keep them clean to maximize natural light.

Share to PinterestBedroom with white walls, bed, and furniture
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Pleasing green

If blue or yellow colors don't suit your style, perhaps green would be perfect for you. Green is one of the most versatile bedroom colors; from olive green to emerald, the options are vast. Lighter, pastel greens are the best shades for relaxation and mood improvement, whereas darker greens are recommended for improved sleep quality. Organic colors like green often remind people of nature, so if you have succulent plants or flowers in your bedroom, green walls are the perfect complement.

Share to PinterestBedroom with green walls and wooden bed
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Perfect pink

Pink is one of the most popular bedroom colors for all ages. Baby pink and pastel pink are soft shades that aid nighttime relaxation while also maximizing natural light during the day. If lighting is your priority, match pastel pink with white or light gray bedding and furniture. Darker pinks can look great too, but they don't provide the same relaxing atmosphere as lighter colors. If darker shades of pink are your preference, try using them in smaller pops of color.

Share to PinterestBedroom with pink walls, a wooden bed, and a pink bike
ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images


Luxurious gold

If luxurious decor makes you happy, gold may be the color best suited for you. In a bedroom, gold furnishings and accessories look imposing and stimulating. Choosing a metallic gold bed or bedside table is the perfect balance of luxury and soothing tones that promote good sleep. If you wanted to use gold to decorate your walls, using wallpaper with golden flecks is the best option for bedroom decor.

Share to PinterestWhite bedroom with golden drapes
Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images


Low-key monochrome

Monochrome is a classic color scheme that works flawlessly in any room of the house. If you can't decide on your bedroom decor because bright colors aren't your style but you still want a soothing bedroom environment, monochrome will work for you. Monochrome bedroom color schemes are particularly great for couples who can't agree on a color. To maximize the relaxing atmosphere that a monochrome color scheme can bring, use predominantly white and gray colors with hints of black.

Share to PinterestBedroom with black and white furnishings
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Subdued beige

Beige ages well and never loses its appeal. Subdued beige walls work in the same way as muted orange tones and provide a calming ambiance. You won't need to spend hundreds of dollars revamping your entire room if you choose this color scheme, as you can pair beige walls with any color furnishings. Although, if you do have the choice, wooden decorations work well with beige walls to promote a calming bedroom environment.

Share to PinterestBedroom with beige walls and wooden four-poster bed
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Navy with multicolor accents

Share to Pinterestnavy and multicolor bedroom

Navy blue creates a classic look that is soothing to the eyes. It's an easy addition to any bedroom space because it pairs well with other colors — both light and dark hues. Consider navy paint with multicolored accents like pillows or a bright carpet. The dark and subtle walls will make bright colors come to life.


Sage, bright blue and white

Share to Pinterestsage and blue bedroom

Sage is a subtle green defined by its silvery, grayish undertones. It's a tranquil and calming hue that is gentle enough to be neutral yet brilliant enough to brighten any space. Bright blue is another serene shade that can look stunning paired with sage and white. Consider painting your bedroom space in a bright blue and adding splashes of sage and white throughout.


Royal purple

Royal purple is a striking color that can add a sense of vibrancy to any space. It fuses great in the bedroom and looks fabulous paired with a softer shade, like lavender. Contrasting pillows are a fantastic way to work these two colors — with one large and one small of each color. Because lavender is softer, it suits large decor better than the louder royal purples.

Share to Pinterestpurple bedroom decor
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Black, burgundy, and animal print

Animal prints are bold and fun — certainly enough to lift your spirits. Consider adding a leopard or cheetah bedspread with black or burgundy pillows for a wild and exciting combination. Burgundy is a darker shade of red — similar to maroon — often associated with luxury. Black might not be your go-to for happy decor, but subtle black accents make animal prints come alive.

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Paha_L / Getty Images


Peach and pewter

Share to Pinterestpeach pink bedroom

The peach and grey color scheme has a six-color pallet, which includes ash gray and peach-orange. Peach-orange brings spring to mind thanks to its brilliant warm and fuzzy vibes, while a soft peach adds warmth without being too intense. The former is considered a feminine color, and pewter can help balance it out a bit more of a neutral space.



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