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Share to PinterestThese Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Will Spark Your Creativity
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These Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Will Spark Your Creativity

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestThese Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Will Spark Your Creativity

Think about it. Your bedroom walls are the last thing you look at before sleep and the first thing you see when you wake up the next day. For years we’ve known that the colors we choose for our sleeping chamber walls should be relaxing, soothing ones. But what about what you hang on them?

Experts say that being mindful of objects that bring you joy is a great starting place when choosing items or art to decorate your bedroom walls. Colors, textures, design styles, and lighting evoke specifics moods. This is your personal space, so make it your own. Unique and low-cost wall decor solutions can easily breathe new life into your bedroom.


Add color, patterns, and interest with wallpaper

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KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

The days of spending hours or days prepping, measuring, trimming, and pasting wallpaper are pretty much gone. Removing it was even more work than hanging it. But no more. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy to put up and just as easy to take down when you need a change. Cover the wall behind your bed to create an accent wall. Or, upcycle an old piece of framed art by covering what's inside with interesting wallpaper. Paint or distress the frame to add more dimension. Hang it above your bed for a personalized focal point.


A statement wall transforms your bedroom

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The focal point is where the eye travels first when you enter the room. Some people have architectural aspects like a fireplace that draw the gaze, but most of us need to create our own. In most cases, the wall behind your headboard is the feature wall. Experiment with textures and colors. Paint the wall in a complementary color. Or, stencil a geometric pattern behind the bed. If you want a rustic or nature-inspired look, try reclaimed wood panels or faux stone veneers, both available at your local home improvement store.


A wall of mirrors opens up your bedroom space

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Add elegance with a twist using mirrors in various sizes, shapes, and frames. Mirrors make a space seem larger, plus they help distribute the room’s natural light. Create a gallery wall by clustering a group of mirrors. Remember that when you’re hanging wall decor in a collection, treat them like one piece. When you step back, the arrangement should look cohesive. Plan your layout before hanging it on the wall — consider first sticking up brown paper cut to the size of each frame — and allow about two to three inches between the frames.


Create mini photo ledges

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Scott Van Dyke / Getty Images

If you’re a person who is constantly taking photos yet not sure what to do with them, consider displaying them on photo ledges. You’ll find a huge selection of ready-made shelves online, or create your own if you’re feeling crafty. One of the easiest and least expensive DIY ideas is to use composite plastic corner molding and velcro to create rows of changeable photo ledges. You’ll find a variety of molding widths available online or through hardware stores. This allows you to change out photos and shelving colors whenever you wish. Plus, the velcro shouldn't damage the walls.


Hang a patterned rug

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Some rugs are just too beautiful to walk on. You can still show them off, though; use them as an art piece to add color and texture to your bedroom walls. Textiles lend softness and warmth to wall decor, and the bedroom is the perfect spot. Creative DIYers use everything from PVC pipe to twine, tree branches, and repurposed curtain rods to hang rugs securely on the walls. Think outside the box when choosing the design style, color scheme, and material. If you’ve got some time on your hands, you could even hook your own rug with one of the many kits available online.


Jewelry storage is also wall decor

Share to Pinterestjewelry chicken wire frame earrings
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No need to hide all those beautiful earrings and other jewelry pieces in a box where no one can see them. With some repurposed photo frames and chicken wire, it’s easy to create a rustic-but-chic jewelry storage solution. Chicken wire is a crafter’s dream because it's versatile and cheap. Paint the frame in a complementary color or use a distressing technique for a more homey vibe. Then, spread the wire across the back of the frame and use a staple gun to attach it. Display earrings, necklaces, or other light collectibles as practical wall art.


Baskets add texture and color to bedroom walls

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Widely available at flea markets, garage sales, and online stores, baskets are excellent and stylish storage options. Whether your taste tends toward the natural feel of wicker or the clean look of wire, don’t discount the decorative attributes of baskets, as well. Start with a larger tobacco basket in the center of your display space, then arrange smaller baskets in various sizes, shapes, and colors around it. Hang rows of wire baskets on picture hooks attached to the wall for storage. You can even fill then with your favorite collectibles or other colorful items that complement your decor.


Light up your life with unique wall decor options

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There’s something cozy and reassuring about a softly lit bedroom. Lighting options don’t necessarily need to be on a ceiling or bedside table, though. Consider neon wall sculptures to add a unique and whimsical aspect. Or go the cost-saving route; install wall shelves and add lighting that you’ve created yourself. To get a firefly effect: make lanterns using emptied wine bottles or colored bottles from the craft store filled with LED microlights.


Wall decals are a simple decor solution with a big payoff

Share to Pinterestartistic reusable wall decal
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Low-cost, colorful, reusable, and removable, wall decals are a great solution for any space. Choose an elegant garden or vine theme to complement the colors and style of your bedroom. Or, add artistic appeal with watercolor landscape or skyline scenes. Display quotes and words of wisdom to inspire you. You’ll also find glow-in-the-dark decals, glitter confetti, and a long list of other options that allow you to express and celebrate your unique sense of style.


Live plant walls add vibrancy and a connection to nature

Share to Pinterestbedroom nature living plants
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If you don’t get to spend as much time outdoors as you’d like, or if you want to be surrounded by nature whenever possible, you can always bring the wild inside. Living plants add appeal, tranquility, and color to any indoor space, including walls. Embrace a full botanical theme for your bedroom to create a serene space. Keep it simple by adding shelves on a single wall to display a selection of potted plants. Hang succulent planters to create an interesting arrangement or use a repurposed ladder as a unique plant shelf. The internet is full of step-by-step instructions for interior vertical wall gardens so you can maintain your green decor no matter the season.



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