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The Top Paint Color Trends for 2022

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestThe Top Paint Color Trends for 2022

2022 is here, and there’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint to symbolize a fresh start and breathe new life into our spaces. Clinical grays and cold whites might have dominated decor trends for the past decade, but this year we’re finally ready to welcome a bit of color back into our lives — and onto our walls.

Organic gray-greens, warm earthy tones, and bold mineral pigments are taking over as we transform our living spaces into personal sanctuaries that keep us blissfully in touch with the natural world. The top paint colors of 2022 might be trendy right now, but they’re timeless enough to stay fresh for years to come. After all, nature never goes out of style.


Pantone Very Peri

Best for: Art studios, workshops Pairs perfectly with: chartreuse, emerald, off-black

Are bland neutrals giving you the blahs? Revive your rooms instantly with a vibrant pop of Very Peri, Pantone’s 2022 Color of Year. This vivid shade of blue-violet adds opulent optimism to spaces where you wish to rouse the imagination and spark creativity.


Farrow & Ball Tar

Best for: Small spaces, accent walls Pairs perfectly with: Citrons, jewel tones, warm metallics

Not ready to part ways with last decade’s grays? Update your walls with this season's soft charcoal. Farrow & Ball’s Tar is an on-trend off-black that makes the biggest impact in small doses, providing a bold backdrop for beautiful works of art and decor.


Valspar Delightful Moon

Share to Pinterestyellow kitchen
Richman21 / Getty Images

Best for: Kitchens, Breakfast Nooks, Playrooms Pairs perfectly with: Warm grays, pale creams, rich violets

Valspar chose Delightful Moon, a creamy yellow that evokes the warm glow of moonrise, as one of its 2022 shades of the year. Yellow is known to lift spirits and boost mood, making any space feel summery all year round. This soft buttery caramel cheers up any space that could use a little more sunshine.


Benjamin Moore October Mist

Best for: Bathrooms, laundry rooms Pairs perfectly with: Charcoals, deep browns, cool whites

Benjamin Moore chose October Mist, a shade inspired by the delicate stem of a flower, as its 2022 Color of the Year. Not quite green and not quite gray, this diffused silvery shade lends a spa-like atmosphere to any space where self-care is central.


Sherwin Williams Aleutian

Best for: Bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices Pairs perfectly with: Chocolate browns, warm whites, pale wood finishes

If you’re looking for a color that’s as soothing as a calm sea, look no further than Aleutian. Part of Sherwin Williams’ 2022 Color Collection of the Year, this fresh faded indigo gets its name from the remote Aleutian Islands in the North Pacific. Studies have shown that blue reduces blood pressure, so this on-trend pastel works wonders in spaces where you want to unwind.


Farrow & Ball Faded Terracotta

Best for: Dens, libraries Pairs perfectly with: Blue-grays, deep pinks, oranges

Clay plant pots washed out by the strong California sunshine inspired Farrow & Ball to bake Faded Terracotta into their 2022 paint palette. This muted apricot is an easygoing yet earthy choice for any area in your home where you want to add a wash of natural warmth.


Sherwin Williams Cocoa Whip

Best for: Home offices, living rooms Pairs perfectly with: creams, pewters, lavenders

Snow white walls leaving you cold lately? Cocoon your room in Cocoa Whip, a comforting hot chocolate shade featured in Sherwin Williams’ Colormix® Color Forecast for 2022. Surrounding ourselves with brown grounds us and brings us back to our roots, encouraging relaxation and repose.


Glidden Guacamole

Share to Pinterestbedroom with green wall
Ryan McVay / Getty Images

Best for: Bedrooms, guestrooms Pairs perfectly with: Linen whites, clear blues, carmine reds

Ready to go green? Our enduring affinity for all things avocado is the inspiration for Glidden’s 2022 Color of the Year. Like a side of guac, this organic shade adds zing to any space, but its buttery softness keeps it zen. It’s perfect for transforming any sleeping area into a restful retreat. A hodgepodge of potted plants, natural fibers, and brass accents complete the look.


Valspar Sunset Curtains

Best for: Playrooms, kids’ bedrooms, nurseries Pairs perfectly with: Soft whites, copper accents

Valspar’s Sunset Curtains is a rich peachy pink that’s perfectly on-trend for 2022. Like the setting sun gleaming through sheer curtains, this youthful hue lends a friendly warmth to any play space for an instant glow up.


Behr Lingonberry Punch

Best for: Dining rooms, family rooms, game rooms Pairs perfectly with: Cool grays, rich blacks, brass

If you want to liven up your living area, this confident berry red packs a punch. Inspired by the sweetly sour Scandinavian fruit, Lingonberry Punch is one of the boldest additions to Behr’s 2022 color palette. Research has shown that red rooms raise adrenaline levels and stimulate conversation, so let this juicy crimson create a convivial atmosphere wherever friends and family gather.



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