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The Hottest Home Decor from Selling Sunset

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestThe Hottest Home Decor from Selling Sunset

What's not to love about Selling Sunset? This hit show has all the glamour and drama a series needs, beautifully tied together by some of the most stunning residential architecture the world has ever known. But you don't need to be a celebrity millionaire to bring this sophisticated and exciting style into your home.

Inspired by Selling Sunset, these ideas are all the rage in contemporary design. Energize your ambiance. Breathe new life into any area with these tips and tricks.


Invite nature into your home

It might seem counterintuitive, but there's no better place to start with interior design than the outdoors. Cross-breezes, majestic views, and natural lighting are all standard elements featured on Selling Sunset. Custom windows, dormers, and skylights allow nature to enter, but not every house has these costly features.

For contemporary organic inspiration, consider patio doors to create inside-outside unity without having to completely renovate a large portion of your home. If a whole new entry is too much, then get a similar effect by emphasizing your windows. Don't cover up the view: allow nature inside.

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Neutrals setting the tone

Minimalism reigns supreme in modern design. A crisp look is always a welcome way to display grace and class. But if you don't want to be subtle, use neutrals as an enhancing feature. By investing in furniture and other big-ticket items with natural tones, you'll be able to carry them throughout the ebb and flow of design trends.

Then, simply add pops of color, striking art, and bold accents, changing them at will.

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Japandi style highlights

Yes, the women on Selling Sunset showcase the latest eye-catching fashions as they walk in their stilettos, but their look balances the minimalism of many rooms. Japandi works similarly.

A hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian style, it features clean lines, plain decor, and overall simplicity, but counters it with cozy spaces, fun textures, and plenty of accent tapestry. The best of both worlds, Japandi is great if you're into diverse design.


Kitchen: the home's focal point

Size matters in today's kitchens; it's a selling point. Kitchens are now a true living space, the lifeblood of an open plan. More and more, realtors are showing them first because they're the hottest and trendiest spots in these opulent residences.

Pay attention to your kitchen when designing or remodeling. Even if it's not big, a smart setup will give you more space. Turn it into the heart of your home.

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Kitchen: clean and pristine whites

Click on any given episode, and there's a good chance you'll catch a cooking space decked in true white. White-on-white is in vogue for kitchen colors right now, especially those with a lot of natural light.

Of course, you'll need some accent features so the room doesn't look like a sterile commercial space. A bit of granite, concrete, metal, or wood grain will add an industrial element of fun. And don't forget to incorporate some stylish pendant lighting.

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A reflection of your taste

Mirrors can turn nothing into something. They're one of the best sources for optical illusion. If you have a small room, adding reflection to the walls will make the area appear so much larger. It's all about the mirror's size and positioning.

Floor-to-ceiling styles are the go-to choice, offering exaggerated height for lower ceilings or sky-high sensations to tall rooms. Wide mirrors offer an expansive atmosphere. Slim and tall designs provide a unique and elongated vanishing-point perspective. Or simply hang a collection of small mirrors for a modernist accent display.


Lighting: statement fixtures and lamps

Don't be left in the dark — never underestimate the power of lighting. From a muted ambient glow to a bright white spotlight, the way you shine makes all the difference in a home. Funky lamps, elegant chandeliers, modern fixtures: you name it, and it has its place in modern decor.

You can find an endless supply of budget friendly lights at department stores, online discount outlets, and thrift shops.

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Lighting: neon makes a glowing statement

Selling Sunset certainly can sell the concept of neon lighting. It's back and better than ever before. Now using LED lights, this look is affordable without being overbearing: fixtures are lightweight and less prone to damage.

Adding a modern spin to yesterday's glowing look, an electric sign is sure to make a statement: neon's a quiet scream. It's an instant way to make a bare area pop with uncontested style. Whether you go with a simple shape or a playful or powerful word, a neon sign gets the message across. Take one look at the Oppenheim office and you'll see how it dominates.


Go with what you like

You aren't obligated to follow everything. It's important to select the styles right for you. Find a piece you adore and build your design around it using what you've learned. Pick a minimalist theme, or go crazy with color choices. Decorate with abstract sculptures, or keep your shelves neat. Get creative. Look at a room as a blank canvas: you're the artist.

An interior look that doesn't embody your personality will feel uncomfortable in the end, however stylish. Fortunately, the contemporary flair of the 21st century captures a range of decades and just gives them a modern twist, so you'll find a style that fits both you and the current fashion.

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Selling Sunset inspiration

West coast design and wild antics are what make Selling Sunset so much fun. It's big in drama and even bigger in style. The Oppenheim Group's passion never fails to amaze both casual and dedicated viewers.

Tune in to be amazed by wow-factor homes. See what sparks your curiosity. But if the interior design you see on the show feels just to the left of perfect for you, dive into that same inspiration. Look for other west coast styles and ways to add just a touch of flair or whimsy and who knows; maybe Chrishell will come knocking!



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