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The Best Houseplants for Spring

By Staff Writer
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As the cloudy, cold days of winter slowly give way to a bright and sunny spring, the best way to welcome the season is with some new houseplants. Nothing livens up a home like fresh flowers, verdant greenery, and an explosion of color.

While most plants do well at this time of year, some species fare better with air conditioners blowing or in high-humidity areas. Plus, if you're making seasonal suggestions, why not choose a few that simply scream that spring is here?


Scented geraniums

Share to Pinterestred geraniums in pots on a windowsill

Though most people view scented geraniums as outdoor plants, they can thrive as houseplants. As spring approaches, container geraniums start taking up the shelves in pretty much every gardening section, for good reason. Scented geraniums sport brilliant red and pink blooms that embody the feeling of spring.

Make sure to give them plenty of light and these showy flowers are sure to bring you happiness. If you want even larger flowers, the Martha Washington geranium is a diva of a plant: incredibly beautiful, but a bit demanding.


Flowering maple

This evergreen perennial was all the rage in the Victorian era, then fell out of favor in the last century. It’s made a major comeback in recent years because of its delightful flowers, which bloom in every shade of orange and yellow. The petals even have a unique papery texture and slight transparency that has earned this plant the nickname “Chinese lantern.”

When planted outdoors, flowering maples can reach heights of 10 feet or more, but they remain much smaller and more manageable as houseplants. Make sure to provide plenty of light and maintain even moisture.


Peace lily

Share to Pinterestpeace lily potted in a wicker basket on the floor

If you take a peek at any list of the world’s most beautiful flowers, you’ll probably see the peace lily. With a single elegant petal on each bloom, a range of white to off-white colors, and lush foliage, the peace lily fits in with almost any aesthetic.

Plus, this flower is remarkably easy to care for because it will accept almost any amount of light. More light results in a more robust plant and faster growth, but it can still grow in a room with low light, and the foliage is striking even without blooms.


Golden daffodils

Share to Pinterestpotted daffodils in a sunny window

Few plants represent spring as well as daffodils. These dainty flowers decorate roadsides, meadows, hillsides, and garden beds across the world. In many countries, daffodils immediately bring thoughts of spring and festivals to mind.

Bringing them into your home means bringing all of those spring vibes indoors, as well. Remember to plant them at least three inches apart and water them regularly.


Kaffir lily

Share to PinterestKaffir lilies with ferns in the background

Lilies can sometimes come across as dated, but the Kaffir lily’s beauty ensures it’ll always feel modern. Each plant explodes with up to 20 trumpets per stem, with fiery orange and yellow petals. At maturity, the Kaffir lily can reach 18 inches in height.

They thrive in temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees, so feel free to keep the AC going in hot areas. Keep the soil evenly moist.



Share to Pinteresthibiscus flowers in a bright window

If you want large flowers, there’s no better choice of houseplant than a hibiscus. You do need strong light to achieve blooms, but they are otherwise simple to care for. People who live in colder areas may opt for a hardier variety like the rose of Sharon.

Because hibiscus plants love humidity, spring rains are incredibly beneficial. If you’re having a dry season, consider moving your hibiscus into the bathroom.



Share to PinterestAmaryllis flowers growing on a table in the livingroom

Many people think that bulb plants are exclusively for outdoor use, but that doesn’t have to be true. Bulb flowers are some of the most vibrant plants around and can bring a dramatic flair to any home. Amaryllis flowers come in a variety of shades and shapes, all of which are sure to stun you and summon feelings of spring.

Amaryllis plants tend to start blooming towards the end of the year and will produce flowers until the summer, so you’ll have something beautiful to look at all season long.


Coffee plant

Share to Pinterestcoffee plant in a pot on a kitchen counter

Over the last couple of years, edible plants have become some of the most popular houseplants. Coffee plants are incredibly easy to grow and are beautifully fragrant. Plus, while a single plant won’t replace your coffee buying, it could produce enough for you to occasionally roast and brew your own coffee.

The soil tends to get a bit dry in the spring, so make sure to water this one regularly. It prefers medium, indirect light.


Elephant bush

Share to PinterestElephant bush indoor plant pruning

Another plant that is more commonly seen outdoors, the elephant bush also makes for an incredible hanging houseplant. Because it’s a succulent, the elephant bush is drought-tolerant and can grow even in dry, arid areas.

If you provide the right environment, you might find that this already attractive and elegant plant becomes even more beautiful as it sprouts small pink and white flowers.


Lucky bamboo

Share to Pinterestlucky bamboo in a pot indoors

Though it’s not technically bamboo, lucky bamboo looks very similar and is easy to grow. Plus, its bright leaves and vibrant, green color easily brighten up any area. With time and care, you can even grow lucky bamboo into any shape you wish. Popular choices are curls, hearts, and braids.

While you can plant your bamboo in water, it has the longest life when planted in soil.



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