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Take a Seat on Your Very Own DIY Bench

By Graham Hall
Share to PinterestTake a Seat on Your Very Own DIY Bench

Retail store benches are expensive, and sometimes you're paying more for funky design than quality materials. By designing and fabricating your own DIY bench, you're saving money and, if you do it right, ensuring your furniture is sturdy and safe. You also get to add that personal touch to your decor with a particular design aesthetic or a philosophy, such as only using recycled materials. Whatever your goals, a DIY bench is a fun project that brings function and personal style into your home design.


An elegant floating bench

Floating benches create excitement and sophistication in your decor. They add purpose to unused nooks and welcome guests into an open space. Wall-mounted benches are an especially excellent choice for small rooms because they seat more people comfortably. In the kitchen, a floating bench complements any table shape, and spills are much easier to clean without having to navigate chair legs.


A sophisticated minimalist bench

Share to PinterestMinimalist benches have clean lines
Vudhikul Ocharoen / Getty Images

A fine piece of furniture isn't always ornate or expensive. The simplicity and functionality of a minimalist bench are what makes it beautiful and allows it to blend harmoniously into its surroundings. Start with simple shapes, natural textures, and neutral color schemes, preserving the raw beauty of your materials. Also, keep in mind that most DIY minimalist benches prioritize comfort and durability, embracing metals, concrete, and hardwoods in their design.


A romantic patio swing

Share to PinterestA swinging bench is romantic
arisara1978 / Getty Images

If you've got a killer view from your patio, take advantage of the outdoor space with a hanging swing bench. Whether you're a novice woodworker or a professional DIYer, there are plenty of online tutorials from which to choose. Start with a simple design, like a sturdy plank of wood with a rope knotted through holes in each corner. If you need a more challenging project, look for an elaborate pattern with armrests and a chair back.


An urban industrial bench

Share to PinterestIndustrial design is versatile
VV Shots / Getty Images

Industrial designs take their cue from warehouses and factories; think exposed brick, metal fasteners, aged wood, and concrete. If you fancy a metropolitan vibe in your living space, look no further than an industrial-style bench for your next DIY project. Attach a plank of reclaimed wood to a base of old bricks, or add casters to the bottom of a metal frame for more versatility. Maintain laid-back charm by preserving all signs of aging in your materials.


A corner bench for many — or one

Share to PinterestA garden bench for one
EAGiven / Getty Images

Benches aren't just for flat walls and traditional conversation areas. A corner bench takes advantage of underutilized space and brings organization to a spot that may otherwise collect clutter. Measure out an L-shaped seating area in the corner of the kitchen or on the backyard patio. Or break with tradition and build a seat for one. A single wooden plank mounted at a 45-degree angle across the corner does the job. Use this simple design in a small powder room or out in the garden.


The bench of chairs

Breathe new life into old dining chairs by transforming them into a single bench reminiscent of stadium seating. You can use a selection of mismatched seats for a quirky touch, or incorporate an entire dining table set into the design. Either remove the legs from each of the chairs and mount every seat to a long plank of wood, or can keep the chair legs attached and remove each seat, replacing them with one long plank. Repurpose material from the tabletop to cut costs.


Upcycled bench made with pallets

Share to PinterestPallets use decent wood
Baloncici / Getty Images

Pallet benches are not a unique idea, but they are popular due to their affordability and the decent quality of the material. You can take your pick from the hundreds of pallet bench designs available online, many of which are beginner-friendly. Familiarize yourself with the various woods found in pallets. Some species, such as white oak, are quite durable and rot-resistant, while other pallets use more affordable materials.


A sleek retaining-wall bench

Share to PinterestA retaining wall bench
Iuliia Bondar / Getty Images

That retaining wall in your yard is the perfect spot for relaxing in the fresh air. Why not add some finishing touches and make it official? Measure boards of wood to fit across the top of the wall, sealing the timber with a stain or a bold color. Not only does the wood seating elevate your exterior design, but it also protects the backs of your legs from the stone's rough texture and the heat of the sun.


A custom library nook bench

Share to PinterestAn alcove fits a bench
Mod Quaint / Getty Images

A small alcove in the hallway or bedroom is an ideal spot for a reading nook. Usually located next to a window, these spaces come in various shapes and sizes. That means your window bench requires a custom fit that also looks good from the outside. Such a project may be overwhelming for novices, but it's a worthy challenge for experienced DIYers. Ready to step it up? Build a daybed for unexpected houseguests, with spacious drawers underneath. Finish with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves for a custom-built look.


A clever, upcycled headboard bench

Share to PinterestA headboard transformed to seating
christophertdumond / Getty Images

If your last DIY project left you with a spare bed frame, consider repurposing the material into a unique bench. Fashion a chair back from the discarded headboard, reserving any excess wood for the seat, legs, and armrests. Corner posts work well as legs, and two twin beds make an attractive pair of lounge benches. If you can get your hands on a metal headboard, pair it with a distressed wood seat for a rustic vibe.



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