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Stylish Front Door Decor Ideas for Every Season

By Max Day
Share to PinterestStylish Front Door Decor Ideas for Every Season

Greet guests to your home with a unique and chic front door. Your style choices can celebrate a change in season or just express your creativity. Spending just a few dollars to freshen up an entry offers impressive curb appeal and warmly welcomes newcomers. Test front door decor ideas throughout the year and update when the mood strikes to give your home some renewed personality.


A new color

Share to Pinterestred front door
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Nothing changes up an entryway like a new pop of color for the front door. Bold hues, like black or red, can make a big statement against a dull stone or brick building. A pastel shade brightens up a dark porch. For those in colder climates, a change of color will illuminate the entire home during those chilly months.

Test out colors by painting small portions of the door, or grab test strips from a paint store, first. Be sure to also check your neighborhood association or condominium rules before making any significant changes to your exterior.


Highlight the windows

Share to Pinterestfront door glass
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If your front door has a window, use it to highlight the entire space. Something as simple as a fresh, bright white curtain will freshen up the look, inside and out. If you want to spend a bit more, a standard window in a door can often be easily replaced with a new panel. Think about stained glass, a modern mosaic, or a frosted portion. To save time and money, instead of replacing the glass, coat it with an adhesive vinyl sheet for an opaque or etched look.


Fall and Thanksgiving

Share to Pinterestthanksgiving door decor wreath
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As the leaves begin to change and temperatures drop, it's a nice to time to liven up the front door with a new burst of color to usher in the season. A wreath of fall leaves or bright yellow and orange flowers will give your entry a nice pop of autumn spirit. If subtle earth tones are your preference for fall, slip on a door hanging that incorporates dried corn-on-the-cob, small gourds or pumpkins and wheat stalks. A simple sign that says thankful is an impactful addition.


Spread the Christmas cheer

Share to PinterestChristmas door decor
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The Christmas season is a time of celebration, one that often involves outdoor holiday decor. Use freshly cut cedar or pine boughs and holly to create a natural wreath for the front door. If your climate is warmer, or your front door opens into a hallway, opt for a synthetic decoration that embraces the red, silver and green of the season. Affix a garland around the doorframe for a warm, inviting entryway. If you prefer a bit of whimsy, a cute snowman, Santa, or elf will showcase your inner child.


Show some love

Share to Pinterestvalentine door decor
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Depending on where you live, winter can be a long season. Take the time to celebrate the people and things you love with Valentine's Day front door decor. Adding a pop of red or pink to the entry will brighten up the area and bring a smile to everyone who knocks. It isn't necessary to embrace the kitschy pageantry of this day. Small hearts or carved wooden words that express your love of love go a long way, and if it isn't blatantly February 14th-esque, you can even leave it up into March.


Spring has sprung

Share to Pinterestspring door decor
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With leaves unfurling and flowers bursting, it's easy to get caught up in all the joys of spring. Decorate your front door with the colors of the season — cheerful shades of pink, yellow, blue, and green. These can be incorporated with flowers or decorative eggs. Young children would be delighted to see a small stuffed bunny or chick. If you're going for a full-door makeover, spring could be the perfect time to try a pastel or other bold color.


Beach themed decor

Share to Pinterestsummer shell door decor
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There is nothing quite like the sound of waves crashing against the sand, or a warm summer pool party. So why not bring some of this summer fun to your door decor, at home or at the cottage. The great thing about seasonal decor is that you can go a bit over-the-top for the short-term with oversized seashell, sun umbrella or ocean-inspired hangings.

For something more subdued and chic, make a willow door hanging adorned with smaller beach finds; stay on trend by maintaining a white or cream shade throughout.


Light it up

Share to Pinterestdoor decor lighting
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Whether in an apartment corridor or a house, there tends to be overhead or side lighting near door entries. As such, we can forget that the doorway itself is a welcome spot for lighting, too. Micro-LED light strings around the door frame will brighten up the entrance. Or consider twining fairy lights through a wreath or other door hanging, or zig-zagging them along the inset window for a warm glow after dark. Many options are available with small battery packs, so you don't have to worry about cords getting in the way.


Simple and elegant

Share to Pinterestsimple door decor
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While we tend to think of door decor as theme-based, there are many options for simply personalizing the entrance of any living space. A monochromatic decoration in a basic square or circle offers clean lines that please the eye and set your door apart. Sometimes a little bit goes a long way.


Show off a little personality

Share to Pinterestsports door decor
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Do you have a family hobby? Make this a part of your front door decor so the neighborhood can learn a bit about what makes you unique. Whether it's hockey, dance, rock 'n' roll, or cats, a subtle (or all-out) nod to your passion can be a fun way to really own your entrance.



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