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Stylish Front Door Colors to Enhance Your Home

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestStylish Front Door Colors to Enhance Your Home

If you need some front door decor inspiration to enliven your house, color can be a great way to express individuality. You can make a bold statement or simply enhance the character of your exterior. The front door is the first thing guests will see, so you'll want to make a great impression. More importantly, it's what you'll come back to at the end of a long day, so choose something to lift your spirits and make you feel glad to be home.

Consider the age and type of property, its exterior color, and the general feel of the neighborhood. Try to imagine how each color will work at different times of the year and with different seasonal decorations. Depending on the climate, anticipate how would it look in bright sunlight, surrounded by autumn leaves, or in the snow.


Fly High with Dove White

Share to PinterestFront of resort with door and window on blue backgroundFront of resort with door and window on green background
WINEXA / Getty Images

Floating somewhere between pale grey and white, this soothing, minimalist shade is particularly good for country homes and older properties. As a neutral shade, it has the potential to be combined with many different color schemes, but it works especially well if the rest of your exterior has warmer tones.


Spirited Salmon

This is an energetic hue that suggests a warm climate but could work equally well to bring color to a colder location. You could incorporate contrasting accents of turquoise nearby — perhaps in the form of planters around the door — for maximum impact. For a subtler look, keep it neutral by combining with a gray, sand, or simple white exterior.


Drift Away with Open-Skies Blue.

Share to PinterestBlue door and whitewashed exterior
ArtShotPhoto / Getty Images

A deep sky blue conjures up the sea and sky of the Mediterranean, especially when contrasted with a crisp white surround. It could also be softened with a more muted color scheme, for example, with a light blue-grey exterior, or with warmer tones like pale gold. You could complement the look by planting some citrus or olive trees close by.


Add Some Warmth with Welcoming Red

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Laurie Rubin / Getty Images

Red is bold, timeless, and cheery. It's a great way to bring some personality to the front of your home, without making it appear too unconventional. A classic option for a gray or white painted house, it also looks great with steel blue or moss green. Brick red and burgundy are more understated but equally stylish options.


Paint it Black

Share to PinterestUnderstated black front door
TriggerPhoto / Getty Images

If you're looking for something truly classic and guaranteed to lend gravitas to your home, black is a perfect choice. It's ideal for the buzz of a city home as it looks good with practically everything.

The temptation is to go for a traditional hi-gloss finish, but matte charcoal black is an easy way to update the look, particularly if your property has a more rustic exterior. Your choice of accessories will have a considerable impact on the effect you achieve here: gold-effect or brass levers provide an elegant finish, or you could co-ordinate them in black for more subtlety.


Calming Cottage Green

Share to PinterestCottage with pale green door
HDKam / Getty Images

A muted green hue instantly evokes nature in an urban environment or blends seamlessly into a country setting. For a laid-back vibe, surround with climbing flowering plants, or shrubs in haphazardly spaced planters. This color works well if you have a warm-toned brick or natural stone exterior to your home, but also looks amazing with a white-painted backdrop.


Sun-Drenched Yellow

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Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

For instant brightness wherever you live, consider this eye-catching option. Dandelion yellow is endlessly positive and ensures you'll stand out from your neighbors — in a good way. It looks particularly stylish if the rest of your exterior is somewhat muted. You could soften the edges with some careful planting nearby. Try adding a sprinkling of red flowers to planters or borders to accentuate this radiant look.


Try Versatile Eggplant

With regal, culinary and spiritual connections, this multi-faceted color is a good compromise between being vibrant and being subdued. It's somehow both eye-catching and subtle. Eggplant works well with other dark shades like slate-blue, or with earthier neutrals. You could surround it with lots of dark green plants for a sophisticated look.


Look Sharp and Sweet with Florida Orange.

Share to PinterestNew Orleans quaint shotgun houses with gingerbread trim and front doors painted orange.

This shade of orange makes no apologies — it's confident, welcoming, and guaranteed to get your home noticed. A bold, citrus hue is ideal if you happen to live somewhere sunny, but it will also bring some welcome heat to chillier climates. Combine with a pure white exterior for maximum impact. To rein it in a little, surround with cooler-toned grays.


Lustrous Turquoise

Share to PinterestTwo turquoise doors in the old town center

Use this gem-like color for instant vibrancy, especially if your home's exterior is white, or has warm, earthy tones. It's also one of the best colors to choose if you're thinking of creating a weathered look, being reminiscent of the oxidized copper sometimes seen on older buildings. Or take your inspiration from the front doors of traditional Central and South American houses and contrast with bold pinks and terracotta.



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