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Stunning Decor Ideas For Upgrading Your Bathroom

By Chris Jones
Share to PinterestStunning Decor Ideas For Upgrading Your Bathroom

When it comes to choosing wall decor for living spaces, the bathroom isn’t the first room that comes to mind. It’s generally a smaller space, and, when decorating, we tend to focus on the floors, countertops, appliances, and fixtures. But wall decor can take a functional-yet-ho-hum bathroom to a whole new level. It’s also a non-committal update that you can change without major renovations.

The first step is to determine what style you’re seeking. Are you going for a serene, peaceful oasis or energetic, modern, or playful? Consider the bathroom’s size, available wall space, ventilation, and surface materials. With a little planning, you’ll create a bathroom that you look forward to spending time in every day.


Beautiful graphics complement small spaces

Smaller spaces can be more challenging when it comes to wall decor. But, they also allow you to take things up a notch because it takes a smaller investment to make an inspired, unique statement. Vivid, bright colors complement wood cabinetry, stone or tile flooring, and shiny countertops. Maybe you’ve considered wallpaper, but have you seen hand-painted graphic wallpapers? You’ll discover a vast selection and a broad range of styles online, from traditional prints to bold geometrics and florals, perfect for personalizing your powder room.

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Enhance the aesthetic with well-placed wall art

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One of the top places to hang wall art in a bathroom is opposite your mirror if you have the space. Imagine looking into the mirror as you’re going through your morning routine, and seeing an inspiring piece of art in your rearview. Other prime spots are those that fall in your line of vision when you’re in the bath or shower. The space between double vanity sinks and mirrors is another great location for hanging art. Choose wall art with colors that echo those of the flooring, cabinetry, wallpaper, or tiling. All-white bathrooms are perfect for wall art in eye-catching, dazzling colors.

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Wall murals create maximum impact

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Even in a small space like a bathroom, a blank wall can diminish the overall decor. Consider covering that empty wall with a removable mural for maximum impact. No matter your style preference, you can find a mural that will fit the theme perfectly, or you can make your own. Art lovers can choose classic paintings, from Monet garden scenes to Picasso moderns. If you’re partial to pastels, consider a floral or beach mural. Dramatic black-and-white scenes, city skylines, and portraits are striking, as well. If you grow tired of it, remove the mural with little to no effort. You can also hand-paint something right on the wall — it will only take a bit of paint to cover it up.


Towels take on new life as a wall decor option

Think of all the colors and designs you’ve come across while shopping for towels. By displaying them in unique and interesting ways, you can transform towels from a functional necessity into charming wall decor. Repurpose an old wood ladder or garden shelves for creative storage and eye-catching appeal. Convert a closed bathroom cabinet into visually appealing open shelves for towel storage. Remove the doors and hardware and add a coat of paint in a complementary color. Shop for towels in interesting patterns and designs by independent artists.

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Repurpose old window frames

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There are endless ways to bring antique, romantic, or rustic charm to your bathroom. Old window frames are a DIY decor lover’s dream. Most people remove the old glass, then distress it or paint it with the color of their choice. If you’ve not been lucky enough to find one of these gems at a flea market, you can purchase one at your local craft store or online. Decorative wall hooks along the bottom of the frame add functionality. Or, mount a mirror on the back of the window frame to create chic, farmhouse-style, practical decor.


Wooden wall art is artistic and timeless

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Carved, painted, or stained, wood is a timeless art medium for home decor. Reclaimed, handmade, or framed 3-D wood hangings to carved, whitewashed wood sculptures; these unique pieces add dramatic appeal or rustic charm to your powder room. If you want more color, look for graphic art prints on wood. Discover a plethora of vintage-style, botanical, or comical prints. Or, choose a dimensional geometric design.


Cheeky art is a perfect fit for a bathroom

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Like any other room in your home, the lavatory should reflect your sense of style and personal taste. It can also express your sense of humor. Explore the vast selection of whimsical, comedic, and expressive wall art for the bathroom. From cheesy wordplay to high-quality, framed prints featuring superheroes on their bathroom breaks, there is something for every humor level. If your bathtub is your favorite refuge, declare it your own. Create a fun space using cute and clever wall art designs.


3-D wall stickers add pizzazz to bathroom walls

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Adding texture to bathroom walls can be tricky. The moist, humid environment can trigger mold growth in places that are difficult to clean. Instead, try colorful 3-D wall stickers to liven up the room. They create the impression of texture, without adding hard-to-clean additional surfaces for mold and mildew to grab onto. Geometric shapes, metallic butterflies, inspirational quotes, or nature scenes are quick and easy to apply. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth keeps them clean and looking great.


A collectibles wall adds a boho vibe

If you’re an avid collector, you probably have just what you need to create a boho-inspired wall in your bathroom. This is a gallery wall, but not your everyday version. You’ll have no need for an evenly spaced collection of square and rectangular frames. Instead, combine a variety of objects — baskets, mini wall sculptures, framed art or mirrors, antique items, and other collectibles — to create an interesting and one-of-a-kind display. Experiment with the layout, but show off only those objects that bring you personal joy.

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Create DIY framed mosaics for your bathroom

Sometimes the best decor results from items you find around the home. Mosaics are pictures or patterns created out of small pieces of glass, ceramic tile, or stone cut into pieces and glued to a plywood or stone base. Colored glass or wine bottles, chipped or broken ceramic dishes or cups, seashells, clay planters, and bottle caps are excellent sources for materials, and offer another great way to create unique bathroom wall decor.

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