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Share to PinterestStick 'Em Up: Creative Uses for Adhesive Hooks

Stick 'Em Up: Creative Uses for Adhesive Hooks

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestStick 'Em Up: Creative Uses for Adhesive Hooks

Most people are familiar with adhesive hooks for hanging artwork and other decorations without the hassle of drilling holes in the wall, but this rent-friendly, versatile option can do much more than that. The hooks are strong enough to hold a lot, and they come in many sizes and colors, so they're great for handling difficult organizational projects or maximizing storage space in small areas. Best of all, they can stick to almost any hard surface, so you can use them in every room of the house.


Clear Up Cord Clutter

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With all the electronic devices we use today, it can sometimes feel like we're buried in cords. Adhesive hooks are a great way to help minimize the tangles. Mount them on the back of your desk to run cords from different computer components through, or use a wall-mounted one to coil up your cell phone charger between uses.


Organize Under the Sink

If you store cleaning supplies or other odds and ends under your kitchen or bathroom sink, it might feel like it's impossible to find anything. Cut down the clutter by using adhesive strips to mount small baskets to the walls or cupboard doors to maximize your vertical space, or use them to hang a dowel for towels, dish gloves, and cleaning cloths.


Keep Your Counters Clear

While you're in the kitchen, consider where else adhesive hooks might come in handy. Try using them on the walls to hang strainers, pots, and pans, or tuck them inside cabinet doors to hold large utensils. You can also use them to mount rolls of aluminum foil or plastic wrap for easy access.


Safely Store Your Jewelry

If you're always dealing with tangled necklaces or find yourself digging through piles of jewelry for your favorite bracelet, use adhesive hooks to create an easy and attractive jewelry display. Use larger hooks for necklaces and chunky bracelets, while small hooks are great for large dangle earrings or more delicate pieces.


Add Some Festive Decor

Since adhesive strips don't leave a mark, they can be ideal for party decorations or short-term seasonal decor. Hang one upside down on the back of a door and run a ribbon over the top to hang a summery floral wreath, or use small ones along the wall or mantel to hang evergreen garlands during the winter. They can also hang banners and streamers during birthday parties and other one-day events.


Keep Your Car Clean

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It's easy to let trash and clutter build up in your car between cleanings, but an adhesive hook can help. Mount one under the dashboard to hang a small trash bag from, which lets you avoid tossing things onto the floor as you drive. Just be sure to put it in a location that won't interfere with your driving.


Help Your Houseplants Thrive

If you have an indoor herb garden or other plants that love the sun, it can be hard to find a location where they get enough of it. Adhesive strips can be a good solution for smaller plants. Try mounting them along the sides of your windows or on walls that get plenty of light. This is also a great way to add extra greenery in smaller rooms where floor and shelf space is limited.


Keep Measuring Cups Handy

Whether you're doling out pet food for your furry friends or making oatmeal for your own breakfast, you may find yourself frequently using a measuring cup for a particular item. Rather than having to search one out every time, consider picking up an extra one in the correct size and using an adhesive hook to mount it to the container. That way you always have the right one handy when you need it.


Streamline Your Shower

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Shower caddies are a great way to organize your toiletries, but many of them attach using unreliable suction cups or sling over your showerhead so you have to reach through the spray. Consider replacing those old suction cups with a more durable adhesive hook — they are generally water-resistant enough for use in the shower, and they even sell bathroom-specific ones these days. They're also great for hanging individual items, such as washcloths, loofahs, and towels.


Give Your Windows a Makeover

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If you want to hang a new curtain rod but aren't so handy with a drill, there's no reason to fret. Larger adhesive hooks can replace old-fashioned screws or other mounting hardware. If you have long or otherwise heavy curtains, though, make sure that your hooks are rated for that much weight, or use more.



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