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Step Up Your Staircase Decor Game

By Sean Martin
Share to PinterestStep Up Your Staircase Decor Game

Staircases are often overlooked by homeowners looking to revamp their properties. As a kind of in-between space where it might feel we don't spend as much time, halls and stairways may feel less important than, say, the living room or bedrooms. Neglecting your staircase could represent a missed opportunity, however. You walk through this area every time you leave or enter your home, so making it eye-catching is a win for homeowners, guests, and resale value alike.


Give your banisters a fresh lick of paint

Share to PinterestPainting the staircase
sturti / Getty Images

You'd be surprised at the difference a quick painting session can make to your staircase, particularly considering how easily banisters get scuffed. If you have a traditional wooden staircase, the job shouldn't be too difficult. Simply invest in some high-quality wood paint and commit a couple of hours to brighten up the rail. If you're feeling daring, you could even try covering the banisters with a vibrant new color that adds a fresh twist to your landing.


Add a few plants

Share to PinterestPlants on individual steps
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Keep your staircase feeling fresh and well-maintained by adding a few potted plants on open steps or surrounding ledges. If your hallway is a little cramped and lacks natural light, make sure you choose species accordingly or opt for some quality faux plants. This tip is not recommended for those with young children or pets, however, as plants placed on or around the staircase can easily be knocked over or tripping hazards.


Paint the steps

Share to Pinterestpainted staircase

If your staircase is plain wood steps, go one step further than painting the banisters: paint the steps themselves an exciting new color. This cutting-edge way to add a pop of color to your hallway area could save you from having to invest in a totally new staircase or costly new carpeting.


Invest in a chandelier

Share to PinterestChandelier and staircase
YinYang / Getty Images

Many homeowners believe that chandeliers are the preserve of royalty and Gatsby-like mansion-owners. This couldn't be further from the truth. There are thousands of scandalously affordable chandeliers on the market that, when hung next to your staircase, will look absolutely stunning. If you want to find a model that shimmers perfectly and oozes class, it is well worth shopping in your favorite vintage retailers. Some chandeliers only get better with age!


Lay an intricate carpet

Share to PinterestBrightly colored carpet
Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

Intricate carpets can feel a little gauche or overwhelming when installed in living rooms or other major spaces of the home. On staircases and in hallways, however, zany carpets can add a limited sense of playfulness and mystique. If you commit to a carpet that is markedly quirky and features a range of colors, try to pare back the rest of the staircase decor to avoid visual overload.


Make the most of the space underneath the stairs

Share to PinterestStaircase fireplace
cunfek / Getty Images

Many homeowners fail to appreciate the versatility of the space underneath the stairs, and it winds up remaining unused. However, there are various ways to exploit this space. If you lack storage options around the home, you could install a spacious cupboard to stash away clothes, board games, household appliances, and more. Alternatively, if you're keen to think outside the box, you could invest in a recessed electric or bio-ethanol fireplace.


Create your own mini art gallery

Share to PinterestStaircase with wall art
lechatnoir / Getty Images

Does the blank wall next to your staircase look a little empty and underwhelming? The solution is simple — create your own mini art gallery using prints of classic masterpieces, old family photos, and even your own artistic attempts. All you need to do is place the pieces in a collection of frames that suit your overall esthetic. Buy matching, simple surrounds if you're going for a minimalist look or, if your tastes are a little more bohemian, combine various styles and colors.


Paint the walls

Share to PinterestOrange walls
asbe / Getty Images

This is a simple change that could end up completely rejuvenating your staircase. If you're willing to take a slight risk, try painting the walls a bright color such as yellow, orange, or pink to perk the space up and add a modern twist. Alternatively, you could cover the walls in a wild new wallpaper to enjoy every time you climb the stairs. If the stairway is in an open area, think of the space between the bottom and top stair as an accent wall.


Get creative with lighting

Share to PinterestWall lights next to staircase
ah_fotobox / Getty Images

Increasingly, contemporary staircases are featuring cleverly arranged lights to improve visibility and atmosphere. If you already have a modern set of wooden stairs, consider installing some recessed lights at the bottom of every step to achieve a kind of spotlight effect. Alternatively, you could include small LED lights next to every few steps. Get creative and ask a professional lighting specialist for advice if you get a little stuck.


Add a special stair runner

Share to PinterestStair rug

If you're not quite ready to commit to new carpeting but would like your stairs to be soft and comforting, lay down a special staircase rug or runner. They are widely available online and in stores and come in all sorts of exciting patterns. Some are even sold on rolls so you can purchase exactly the length you need, though your options may be more limited in this case. Be sure to research how to properly affix the rug at each step so it doesn't become a tripping hazard.

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